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The Ways of Horus and Seth
The Aquarian Conspiracy of Ramesses II

The Age of the Reeds of Egypt and the struggle between the Two Lords.
The Age of Aquarius is the Monism of the Two Lands bound by the Gordian Knot

In the process of preparing for the sanctity of 2012 we are caught in an ancient struggle for CHANGE and CONSERVATION. However, we struggle in darkness as Modern Science fails to get a grip on its own consciousness. Scientists like Amit Goswami, Ph.D. write books debating the reality of consciousness. But, such monistic idealism (all is one) is bound by the monisticism (oneness) of material science from which they are conceived. Dualism versus monism is the struggle between the reality of mind and body and tyranny of dreams. As such, we can never expect modern science to reveal through monistic idealism the cause of the struggle for consciousness. At best science will conclude that the struggle is caused by unknown forces. With this "wisdom" science will fly to Mars in search of life and deny the lives saved by death in Iraq.

But, when Egypt was founded over 5000 years ago they knew that the struggle was that of self and other. They built the pyramids with nanotechnology they could not even name. By trial and error they had learned how to create virgin sandstone, and probably other stones as well. Today we have Portland Cement that lasts maybe a century and a half. Had the Giza pyramids not been used as a rock quarry for the streets of Cairo, the virgin casing stones of the pyramids would still be intact and impervious to natural weathering. At the same time the modern science of Egyptology declares that the Egyptians were superstitious fools who knew nothing about science, much less modern superior concrete construction. Why? Why must modern science defend the quest for monistic materialism against all other religious beliefs? The answer is simple. Modern science is superstition of numbers derived from the teaching of Thales and the divergence of his students the Pythagoreans. All such philosophies came after the reconstruction of Egypt after self destruction.

Hunefer Papyrus: Seth, the Soul of the Self, Seti I returning to Osiris after confession of the fratricide of his own repressed memories.
Being led by Horus the pharaoh faces reality and honors his elder, and the guardians of sentiment and sensibility, Isis and Nephthys.
Having received forgiveness, the Self Soul ascends to the realm of the gods and becomes a sharing witness of Creative Intent.
The gods are; Ra, Tem, Shu, Tefnut, Geb, Nut, Horus, Isis, Nephthys, Utterance, Perception, Southern, Northern, Western Ways.
This sequence represents the Way of Horus as the chapters of Coming Forth by Day unfold the spiral of creation.
Ra-Tem = First & Last — Shu-Tefnut = Mind & Emotion — Geb & Nut = Material & Spiritual — Horus = Conscious
Isis = Sentiment — Nepthys = Sensibility — Utterance = Self Talk — Perception = Communication
Southern, Northern, Western Ways = Journeys of Life
One Thin Dime

The debacle of the Monistic Idealism of the 18th Dynasty was initiated by a religion based upon rational science cleansed of sentiment for the history of Egypt. The loss of sentiment for Osiris and his family was replaced by enforced sentiment for the new Light of the World, which was embodied in the effeminate king Akhenaten. The character of the king suggests that he was potentially a fabric of the minds of the Priests of Aten. But, the place of his Moment of the First Occasion was at the Navel of the World. The problem was that the Navel of the World was not to arrive for another 3400 years. In the ancient Camelot the loss of allegiance resulted in the destruction of Egypt by its neighbors, and more importantly, the destruction of the ancient temples that had held Egypt together for 1700 years.

After the destruction of Egypt and the elimination of the intolerant Monistic Idealism of the Amarna Period at the end of the 18th Dynasty there was a great period of rebuilding. First was the reign of Seti I, whose most famous gnostic work is the Hunefer Papyrus. The Judgment Scene before Osiris represents a confession of the sin of unbalanced self desire and a return to honoring the dead fathers of Egypt and the record of their experiences of life, Thoth. The keeper of the Great Hall of Records provided the true rationale of Judgment Day. On the scene Seti I is shown being escorted westward by the Lord of the Ka, Anubis, to the judgment scene where a balance of the heart and the head is determined. The papyrus pictures Seti I passing the test of the head and the heart and being guided with a new conscience between Thoth and Horus to the plateau of the throne of Osiris. Thoth was the neter of rational science, and Horus, the son of Osiris and Isis, was the neter of true cognition by virtue of the experience of the death of Osiris. At the step the papyrus shows the hieroglyph for truth, or more properly reality. The action of Horus is telling the wandering rational self to face reality and remember what has been done. In short, Seti I is on the record for having said, "Egypt, face reality!" This he did after Monistic Idealism and Monistic Science were joined on the throne of Egypt for the sake of CHANGE. The problem that brought down the greatest empire known to man was the belief system that righteousness is a property of self awareness and the righteous are worthy of the blessings of the All Mighty Aten. Humanity had gone on a course that took the elite of Egypt on an ego trip of destruction.

The moral is simple. If we are to ever understand our past we must return to it by facing reality. This is the ultimate quest of all rational souls who pursue an emotional balance with the Feather of Truth. It is a quest because rationalizing souls are incapable of measures of the heart. Through the experiences in life, the proverbial hand of Anubis, judgment in the Afterlife has a basis for balance. If the experiences in the material domain show an imbalance of the head and the heart, the soul is given to the Eater of the Dead, Amemet, because an imbalance of the head and the heart cannot be a true experience, being a lie caused by dysfunction of the mind and body relationship. The Way of Horus requires that Seth atone for the sin of individuation, which is the modern psychological ideal. And Seth’s repression of the experiential wisdom of the past (Osiris) is the cause of lack of comprehension of the real.

There can be little doubt that runaway liberalism in the mind and desires of the heart, which was the essence of the Aten religion advocating the Love of Light, caused a total loss of the comprehension of reality and upset the delicate balance that made Egypt what it had been. Such was the case in the late 18th Dynasty Egypt. Such is the case with the modern world again. Monistic materialism is the New World Religion, but it is void of the means to measure the heart because monistic materialism is heartless. It evaluates the material existence of consciousness using a rational material standard that does not accept the ways of the heart. Monistic Materialism and its child, Monistic Idealism, are in the queue for Judgment Day with the Islamofacists, whose monistic sin is the rejection of plural reality, as well. All righteousness is self righteousness, for the primordial intent is life for all. Modern Monistic Idealism has loose metaphysical ties, just like the Monistic Idealism of the Atenists. Modern Monistic Idealism and the ancient Atenism are not and were not wrong. The problem is that the forms of consciousness coming out of the cult structure are self conceived in an ignorant universe. The metaphysics of Egypt did not force meaning onto the neters of Egypt. Rather, the Egyptians who fabricated the great monuments to life listened to the Intelligent Universe and accepted that which was revealed.

Tomb of Seti I: Kings List being shown to Ramesses II

Assume for the moment that what has just been stated was the cause of the confession of Seti I. And then consider how he raised his son, Ramesses II, the Great. The Egyptologists claim that Ramesses II was the most prolific builder Egypt had ever known. Yet, it is rare, if ever, we are told that the essence of the Kings List in the tomb of Seti I means that the rulers of Egypt had faced reality and Ramesses II was not building monuments to his ego, but restoring the greatest culture known to man. In the annals of Egypt we have the unmistakable proof that Ramesses II was the architect of the Aquarian Conspiracy that restored the glory of Egypt. It was these two kings that brought back to Egypt the compassion for its founding ancestors that was lost during the reign of Akhenaten as the worship of Self Enlightenment prevailed. They, Seti I and Ramesses II, personally witnessed the death and resurrection of Osiris in Egypt at the hand of the neter of Rational Self Consciousness. Seti I saw the resurrection in the flesh, and Ramesses II saw it in the destroyed legacy of ancient Egypt that he restored. The restoration efforts of Horemheb, Seti I and Ramesses II represented a compassion for the wisdom recorded in ancestral Egypt, and it was the kings who supported that wisdom that are recorded on the wall in the tomb of Seti I. The King List in the tomb of Seti I represents a line of conspirators who dedicated their lives to the Aquarian Conspiracy. Clearly, Akhenaten, Smenkhkare, Tutankhamun, Ay, and to lesser extent Horemheb were not Aquarian Conspirators. At first this may seem to fly in the face of history. But, when we acknowledge that what Egypt stood for was rejected by Western Civilization, then we must visit the motives of those who rejected Egypt. When the Roman Empire developments reached the level of world dominance it was the worship of Perseus that became the sacred religion of the empire. This religion focused on Perseus and the dispassionate killing of the bull, which was the heavenly Father, El. Killing the Lord of All meant that the Roman Emperors were the Gods of reality. One fact even Roman propaganda cannot change is the total lack of compassion in the empire. The elimination of the Aquarian Conspiracy was relatively slow and it took the better part of eight hundred years before the last of the Aquarian Conspirators, Cleopatra, was destroyed. So, it should not come as a surprise that the New Avatar of the Aquarian Conspiracy should come on the scene after the death of Cleopatra. John 4:14 reveals the Aquarian in Jesus; "But whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life." Go back now 1250 years before Christ and visit the War Memorial constructed by the priests and architects of the greatest monument builder the world has ever known.

Abu Simbel, a Mountain Moved to Preserve the Legacy of the Greatest Schism in Western Civilization,
the separation of knowledge from the wisdom regarding the creation of Intelligent Matter.

Today, in the United States a great struggle is being fought by the conservative and liberal dichotomy that was revered in Egypt for most of the 3000 years before the Christian Religion restored the Aquarian Conspiracy of Ramesses II. Around the world the Monistic Science and the Monistic Idealism are at war. The attack by the Islamofascists on the United States on September 11, 2001 was a resurgence of the war fought by Ramesses II at Kadesh against the Hittites. Abu Simbel is a War Memorial to the greatest schism of human civilization.

There is substantial evidence from the reign of Akhenaten and Tutankhamun to suggest that this battle represented the fundamental split between the Occidentals and the Orientals regarding rational knowledge and the cognitive experience of wisdom. Egypt clearly looked to the east for wisdom, while the Men from Ur and Greater Mesopotamia looked to the west for knowledge. The difference is profound, and that is a good reason for the priests of Ramesses II to carve the memorial at Abu Simbel. They felt it was absolutely necessary that the world, especially Egypt, never forget what the Monistic Theologies of Mesopotamia did to Egypt after Thutmosis I and Thutmosis III conquered most of what is known today as the Middle East and established the real Kingdom of David. The grandson of Thutmose III, who was Thutmosis IV, took a wife of the rival kingdom of Mittani. The rivalry and the spouse swapping for the sake of peace continued to the point that the wife of Tutankhaten-amun, Ankhesenpaaten-amun wrote the following chilling words in a letter to the principle enemy of Egypt. "My husband has died and I have no son. They say about you that you have many sons. You might give me one of your sons to become my husband. I would not wish to take one of my subjects as a husband... I am afraid." The message is chilling because she, being without a conscience, was selling out Egypt.

The evidence of the Monism of Mesopotamia suggests that it was the Mittani and the Hittites that fathered the last pharaohs of the 18th Dynasty. The Aten, which means "Light," as in true knowledge, has many of the aspects of Shamash. This Mesopotamian deity represents the knowledge (enlightenment) required to empower a judgment seat. The Wikipedia article on Shamash is quite revealing.

"Hammurabi attributes to Shamash the inspiration that led him to gather the existing laws and legal procedures into a code, and in the design accompanying the code the king represents himself in an attitude of adoration before Shamash as the embodiment of the idea of justice. Several centuries before Hammurabi, Ur-Engur of the Ur dynasty (c. 2600 BC) declared that he rendered decisions 'according to the just laws of Shamash.'"

We should not be blind to the Laws of Moses and the Sharia Law of Islam when we consider the struggle between Egypt and Mesopotamia. The Books of Moses leave no room for doubt that the Hebrews were the sworn enemies of Egypt. If we listen to the ancient echoes of Mesopotamia calling George W. Bush the Great Satan and the modern Pharaoh, their veil has been lifted entirely, as well. The Hunefer Papyrus demonstrates a confession of conscious (Seth) regarding the denial of experience (Osiris) and the realization that experience is always the judge in the Hall of the Last Judgment to those who are guided by conscience (Thoth-Horus = Science-Conscious), for cognition is the result of the true experience of reality. The papyrus is declaring that the mind must not dominate the heart and neither should the heart dominate the mind. In Mesopotamia the heart is repressed for the sake of the sanctity of Sacred Books of Seth, the third son of Eve.The Mesopotamians found the Laws of the Rising Sun and followed Shamash down to earth in the west and that is why the culture that came out of Mesopotamia became Western, i.e., rational.

Egypt declared from its very beginning that the Sun rose by the powers of Khephera, and Khephera gave the power of enlightenment to all the rising dead. Life in Egypt was recursive. This is a metaphor for cognition of the temporal nature of death, and the resurrection of each prior embodiment of human experience as Osiris, even if consciousness was not cognizant of consequences. This is why the mummification process was required for all in the Egyptian code of ethics. Cognition was paramount to judgment, for without cognition, judgment is a mockery, and it was the Rising Sun that demonstrated cognition as an essence coming out of the darkness of the past as the neter of the Preconscious, Khephera. All experience was recursive even though the recursivity was that of a spiral in the Eye of Hathor after the Second Coming of a First Impression.

The Mesopotamians stopped the Sun, Shasmash, from setting by holding the western orientation in highest esteem and establishing civil behavior by law regardless of ethical propositions or the passing of time. Virgin consciousness was lost by these actions of the Men from Ur, as a consequence. Conscience is essentially irrelevant in legalized cultures, for to do something under the law simply required that the Master create a law to support his on quest. Saddam Hussein and Joseph Stalin and Hitler are modern examples of rational order guided without the aid of the experience of conscience. This rationalization is the essence of any legal system based upon a set of laws. The laws always serve the Law Makers when conscience is set aside.

This is the essence of Monistic Science, where the Laws of Science are known and they tend to be intolerant of cognition of any entity outside the Laws of Science, i.e., metaphysics, sorcery, religion. Conscience is hidden behind the blindfold of Justice and the common sense is hidden behind the deterministic Scientific Method. But, Monistic Science changed profoundly when quantum mechanics said, "It is a possibility." The removal of conscience and possibility can be said for Sharia Law and the Laws of Moses for these laws have already determined the essence of all ethical propositions yet to come. If this proposition is fact, then it would explain the reign of Akhenaten and the restoration of Egypt by Seti I and Ramesses II and the need to create a War Memorial that represents the boundary marker between the Oriental and Occidental cultures of Europe and Asia. From its very beginning the Egyptians believed that the Asiatics would eventually come to destroy them. Seti I and Ramesses II put off the repression of cognitive conscience for approximately six centuries. But 666 years before the calendar of Christ, Thebes was destroyed by the Assyrians. Over two thousand years later the Sons of Shasmash have lifted the Kadesh War Memorial above the rising waters of the Aswan dam and in doing so, saved the most important War Memorial of Western Civilization that blamed the Sons of Shasmash for the crime of Impiety. Raising the War Memorial at Abu Simbel was not done as an act of conscience; it was done to preserve the History of Arrogance that is the modern science of Egyptology. When a great nation suffers a defeat of the right to follow one's conscience, it is not ego that causes monuments to be created to a Golden Age, it is conscience. Lack of conscience is why modern civilizations curse Egypt with the branding iron of slavery and the Aborigine before Egypt with the bliss of ignorance. The Egyptian and Aborigine spirits in modern civilization do not live on the rational surface of mankind. They live in the collective unconscious of us all because, though we act unconscionably, we are not without conscience; we have simply forgotten who we are.

I said above, Seti I and Ramesses II were restoring the principles that made Egypt the greatest culture known to man. Thus, if we go back to the pyramid builders we should also see signs of the Aquarian Conspiracy they restored.

The Aquarian Conspiracy of the Pyramid Builders

The architecture of Giza demonstrates the very same focus on Aquarius. To see it we must necessarily give Egypt credit for having wisdom that has been rejected. The "air shafts" within the Great Pyramid have been demonstrated by many authors to point to stars that tell the story of the fall and rise of Osiris. The three great pyramids contain the reflection of the belt stars of Orion in 2450 BC as Seth (Lepus) came down the Grand Gallery. The six little pyramids are markers for the rising of Orion in the east and the setting of Orion in the southwest. This is not an event of twenty four hours. This is an event of 13,000 years. In 2378 AD, the belt stars of Orion will rise in the east, and Osiris will have risen, again as Horus (Columba) is welcomed down the Grand Gallery. Half a cosmic day earlier in 10,622 BC the belt stars of Orion set in the southwest. The epoch of the return to the summer solstice by Alnitak occurs in the Age of Aquarius. The Egyptians were not the first to consider the Aquarian Conspiracy, but through their Bible, The Chapters of Coming Forth by Day, they demonstrated that a compassionate kingdom would survive all other forms because through compassion faults could be corrected and a legacy restored.

How did the ignorant superstitious Egyptians come to understand the longest measureable cycle known by human eyes? It is really quite simple. They built temples to their ancestors as a means to keep the wisdom of the ancestors from leaving reality. They read the intelligent matter of the ancestors and rediscovered intelligence in the stars. As time passed the stars that marked the temple dedications moved. By comparison of the movement of the temple stars from the star lines built into the architecture of the temples they could identify the number of years that passed. From this simple relationship they came to understand the true measure of time in reality was the precession of the equinoxes. The movement tells more than time, for it is the Path of Horus leading to the resurrection of Osiris. Knowing this it was immediately imperative that they record the most important moment in the cycle. That moment is not the top where wealth and glory are abundant. That moment is at the bottom where the falling sun stops and begins to rise again as it enters the House of the Good Samaritan, Aquarius in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Journey to the Four Corners of the Created Soul and the Ascension into Light

Around the Great Pyramid the builders buried five boats. These five boats carry the spirits of the five sides of the pyramid and the spirits of its five apexes. They parked no boat on the west or the north because to find one’s soul is to follow the Journey of the Sun as it returns from the Valley of Death at the Winter Solstice in the southeast to the Height of Heaven at the Summer Solstice in the northwest. The boats were parked on the corner of the Rising Sun nearest the winter solstice rising. The need for the journey comes in the south and the east where the sun rises on the horizons of the Four Sons of Horus. The Eastern Way is guarded by Qebehsenuef in the form of the hawk of the rising sun and the spirit soul of the living dead.  The Southern Way is guarded by Hapi, who is also the Egyptian Aquarius, and the physical or body soul. The Northern Way is the rational way of Seth and the funerary neter Imsety is the guardian of the journey of the name soul. The Western Way is the return to the Ka and Duamutef guards the journey to the material soul.

The fifth boat is not along the side of the pyramid. Rather it is specifically placed alongside the causeway to Rasalhague. The metaphor is that this boat carries the Light of the World back to the father. This orientation is in the direction nearest the Rising Sun of the Summer Solstice. The first four boats take the soul on the journey to the ends of creation. The fifth boat takes the soul on the journey to the Father of Many Nations that is the constellation Ophiuchus. It is Ophiuchus that raises the serpent in the wilderness, and this means he is the primordial bringer of cognition to the Light of the World to Come.


Casting Geopolymers

By Joseph Davidovits's Group, showing how one would cast a geopolymer concrete block

Recently the debate over whether the pyramid stones were cast or carved has received a measure of truth that the Monistic Sciences have blindly hidden from it for so long. The National Science Foundation funded research on the statements made by Davidovits regarding the reconstituted stonework at the Giza complex. In email communications provided below a sequence of thoughts and links that led the EyeOfSiloam to the article The Surprising Truth Behind the Construction of the Great Pyramids. At the same time work was being done on an essay "The Sacred Time of 2012" in anticipation of the next great calendar moment for civilization in 2378 AD. In the process the book The Self Aware Universe: How Consciousness Creates The Material World by physicist Amit Goswami, Ph.D. was reviewed. The EyeOfSiloam preliminary review is presented at The Material World: How Universe Consciousness Creates The Self-Aware.

In his concluding statements Goswami brought up the idea of the Aquarian Conspiracy indicating that it represents the oldest conspiracy of Western Civilization. This was not a conspiracy that saw the light of day outside Egypt and the Orient until the assassination of Cleopatra by Caesar Augustus (Octavian) resulted in the Mesopotamian legal system dominating the world with a land area including and exceeding all of the land area conquered by the 18th Dynasty of Egypt fourteen centuries earlier. The primary element of the Mesopotamian legal system was dispassionate law that quite often was nothing but tyranny, and in most cases eventually broke down under tyrants.

It was not until George W. Bush sent the military forces of the United States of America into Iraq that the Mesopotamian region witnessed true compassionate government. After more than 10,000 years the peoples at the heart of Mesopotamia were given the opportunity to compassionately share the Lands of their forefathers. This was the mistake that Bush made. He assumed that all people would prefer freedom and compassion over tyranny and dispassionate rule. History has demonstrated very clearly that the peoples that left the Hindu Cush and established the cities of Ur did so without the desire for freedom and compassion and egalitarian principles. They did it by the rule of law based upon elitism and they created deities that reflected the same elitism as justification through the adage “as above, so below.” That is why legal principles based upon rational perceptions always create cultures of bondage. Until the Men from Ur can comprehend the Intelligent Mater within the Material Universe that is the Mother of God, they will create irrational tyrannical systems of government disguised as Rule of Law. The Intelligent Matter had been found without resorting to quantum mechanics, just as superior nanotechnology rock cement was not waiting for the invention of Pratland Cement. Intelligent matter can be found by common sense and a perpetually recursive cycle of the vision of the First Time. If the universe was created by Intelligent Matter, then the evidence would be recorded in the substance for all to find. The Egyptians demonstrated that the universe was created from intelligent matter and it was the Great Hall of records representing reality.

Unfortunately for the relationship between Iraq and the USA, the attempt at liberation did not come before the memorial intent of Abu Simbel was long forgotten and the Laws of Hammorabi, and the Laws of Moses, degenerated into the evolved Roman Law, where the West is today. Sharia Law has to do with the coming of Judgment Day after 50,000 years of death and the Night Journey to Seventh Heaven on the irrational beast Al Buraq. And yet, the journey on the back of Al Buraq is not less than the journey on the sleigh of Santa Claus from the North Pole on Christmas Eve. These journeys are irrational in a tyrannical mind that sees no intelligence in the cosmic material all around. These journeys are journeys in the realm of Light, the Wisdom of Intelligent Creationism. Just like the causeway to Rasalhague leads to the head of First Father, so do the journeys of the other celestial visions, including the coursers of Santa Clause and Muhammad. The spirit is freed from tyrannical bondage to self identity by these astral journeys. Until an individual comes back from one such journey they cannot tell that they have always been on a celestial journey. It is in the second coming that truth is rationalized. If truth is rationalized before the imaginative journey through the territory of virgin experience, then tyranny rules, for we cannot know what we have not experienced.

The Amarna Heresy, Aquarius before his time in a Golden Age of Egalitarian Elitism
(Absence of conscience and consequence)

Should modern civil code be derived by tyrannical intent, or should modern civil code be derived from conscience and spiritual cognition derived from all celestial potential? If the civil code is based upon tyrannical intent, then it is clear that a police state exists. If the civil code is based upon the Aquarian Conspiracy then faith in each other becomes the means for civility. That was the message written in the monuments of Egypt. Rational Civilization has stripped humanity of its Egyptian soul. As a result, faith in human nature is now a recipe for disaster. Unbalanced desire dominates the human organism and a state of balance is beyond the capacity of the feeble human mind and rule of law is the only from of order that will work. For that reason the pyramids of Giza were created. Like Teotihuacán, and Mecca the Cities of Gods all reflect upon the Way of the Dead to Heaven Above.

Goswami presents his case that what is required is a replacement of the battle between Horus and Seth with Monistic Science (materialism) and Monistic Idealism (self awareness) redfining the universal laws. The dualities that Goswami accepts represent the journeys on the boats of Imsety and Hapi as mind and body. But, his duality merges the Ka boat of Duamutef with the mind boat of Imsety in a materialistic rational legalism called Monistic Science. He merges the Spirit boat of Qebehsenuef and body boat of Hapi in an inspired organism called Monistic Idealism. These verifiable elements of reality are separated into the four parts of the essence of created existence, earth, water, air, and fire, the Four Sons of Horus. Goswami's redaction is essentially the same as the Aten priests of Akhenaten. It is a "good idea" that is not based on Intelligent Matter. The Aten religion was the most elitist of all Egyptian religions because it forbid the adoration of other spirits of God in favor of the Word of God as delivered from the mouth of Akhenaten and the ears of Nefertiti. The intolerance demonstrated by the Aten cult is comparable to the communist culture under Stalin. Akhenaten spoke the truth and Nefertiti heard the harmony of the spheres and they lived in a place called Akhetaten, which was on the axis of the galaxy at the Moment of the First Occasion. It mattered not that the actual Moment of the First Occasion and the next cosmic alignment would not come until 1998 AD, or some 3380 years after all the temples in Egypt were destroyed by the soldiers and priests of Aten. They had the Monistic Idealism that was supported by the measures of their Monistic Science. This was totalitarianism just like in the minds of Marx and Lenin produced in the early 20 Century. Camelot is a place in the heavens, as was Akhetaten. Although the heretical legacy of the Aten cult was intolerance, they defined their City of the God in precisely the same manner as Giza and Teotihuacan. Goswami and Marx and Lenin have no cosmic identity from which to derive their Divinations. They were, and still are, figments of a rationalized Journey to Heaven absent of an External One. The Aquarian Conspiracy was one in which compassion was the remedy for broken hearts and dreadful emotions. Rational intolerance is the exact opposite of the irrational compassion. Compassion provides the life giving waters to raise the spirits of the dead, while intolerance destroys the spirits of the dead and prevents resurrection as a means of purging undesirable intent.


The Great Pyramid of Egypt was designed to show a measure of an invisible irrational using a visible rational means. In the 17th century John Wallis discovered π/2 = 2/1 × 2/3 × 4/3 × 4/5 × 6/5 × 6/7 × ...; in which the numerators are the even numbers given twice, while the denominators are a similar pattern of odd numbers. In other words, if we took all the even numbers from one to infinity and divided their product by the product of all the odd numbers from one to infinity we could calculate the square root of Pi divided by the square root of two exactly. Yet what the pyramid builders of Egypt did was they took a perfect square and stretched it into a pyramid such that the height of the pyramid above any elevation had the same relationship to the perimeter at that elevation of the pyramid to the top of the pyramid as the relationship of the radius of a circle with the same perimeter. They created a virtual circle out of a real square. They joined the rational and the irrational into an edifice that was intended to last until the Age of Aquarius, some 380 years after the Moment of the First Occasion in 1998, and beyond. They represented the irrational by the rational and recorded the measurement in the stars as the measurement of time and they did it using matter to record the intelligence that true wisdom is not bounded by space-time but by the capacity to witness the irrational in the rational and the rational in the irrational. That, by their definition was the relationship between the rational material creation and the spiritual embodiment of it. With the vision of this enlightenment all children could find their way back to the Creator of the Universe. If we can visualize the spiritual in rational terms, we can communicate with God on earth and know, as above, so below. The essence of the legal systems that came out of Mesopotamia have declared that anyone who was so arrogant as to talk to God would be struck by a proverbial lightning bolt and killed. The royals of the Amarna Period at the end of the 18th Dynasty had done just that. Adam and Eve had come to Egypt where Eve declared the knowledge of Good and Evil through the man she had created of her own hand and mind so that Eve was equal to Adam and man was no longer the master of woman. When the Love of the Benevolent Light finally saw the Light of Day, Egypt had been destroyed. The problem that the Atenists and all Monistic Idealism create is the incapacity to tolerate partitions of the One.

The Eye of Hathor, who was the goddess associated through Nefertari at Abu Simbel, represents compassion for the Sea of Reeds. The reeds are the lines of the fish in Pisces, and the Tears of Hathor. The first is death and rational rigidity at the Aries boundary in east Pisces. Death comes to all rational identities as a result of a mummified First Impression. This Moment of the First Occasion gives identity to the vision and that identity will be recorded as a rigid tear where the tear drop cannot be moved. This is the lock of Scientology and the "hang up" that analytical psychology attempts to reveal. The second tear is the west line upon which the circlet of Pisces sits as a seven pointed star known as the magic wand of Seshat, the consort that taught Thoth how to right. Seshat is the spirit of imagination and she stands in New York Harbor with the seven points as a crown on her head. She is the primordial impression of a Fairy Godmother. This tear was rationalized as a spiral, a geometric shape with no straight lines, an irrational impression. Such is the Uchat's design and its rational purpose is to count to one. The glyphs produce the count of one by taking what is before the pupil first, what is in the pupil second, what is above the pupil third, what is behind the pupil fourth, what is trailing the pupil beneath as the evolving light, and what is at the pupil as the incomparable first light.

The Eye of Hathor demonstrates that the only rational number is 1.

The 1/2 message says that what is before our vision has the most value. What we actually visualize is of secondary value (1/4). What we hold highest is of tertiary value (1/8). What is behind our vision, or hindsight, is of fourth value (1/16). The experiences of our vision (1/32) are of fifth value, and our first imressions (1/64) are of least value and in need of change. The six rational fractions identify an order that illustrates the priority of enlightenment and they tend ad infinitum to the most rational of all rational and irrational numbers, one. One is only divisible by itself once. And, all the parts of One accumulated to make up One add up to an infinite series of rationalizations of half steps. The Utchat indicates that the way to accumulate the vision of one is to identify the six spirits of reality and intuit the last, which is the first, the Alpha and Omega. The winged Utchat from the Hunefer Papyrus has no tears and it carries the implement of shade away. In other words, in the true light there are no tears and no shadows just the Light of Day. The Sacred Cow is the genetic wisdom and the material knowledge recorded in the Mountain of Creation beyond the Sea of Reeds. The tear emotes and it enlightens the emotions. The Eye of Hathor is the Eye of Horus, her son, and it means “e pluribus unum,” out of many, one.


In 2000, George W. Bush ran on the ideal of a more compassionate nation. Before his first year was nine months old, the Sons of Mesopotamia struck a blow that was intended to cripple all compassionate nations of the world for the sake of the radical Monistic Theology of Islam. The Holy War that was sealed in the memorial at Abu Simbel had come out of its tomb and it began in full force, again. But, because the Sons of Columbia, Liberty, Freedom, America, and Justice were not told the truth about the Land of the Father of Many Nations, the children living in America called it an unjust war. At stake were the freedom principles of the only truly compassionate nation still on the earth. No nation stands with America when it comes to compassion for the Children of Hathor, Mother Earth, not because there is no will to be compassionate, but because America is their fall guy, and has been since World War II. By the same token, the Monistic Science in America is guiding the rape of Mother Nature because the Children of Columbia do not know the ways of Horus and Seth any more.

The loss of the comfort zones of the sons and daughters of America was a small price for the world to pay. And since a world without compassion cannot feel the pain of 9/11 in America, it was acceptable to let these children who lost their innocence on 9/11 fight their own war for a more compassionate world as the bystanders reaped the benefit of not being responsible for the salvation of civilization. In the meantime, Islam was on the march and taking over most of Europe waiting for that day when the sleeper cells of Islam would be given their call to Jihad. The technique of invading the religion of a culture and then undermining that culture by liberating the pilgrims from the bondage of reality is the oldest trick in any sacred book. The trick works for a very simple reason. The children of compassionate ancestors expect compassion and they cannot fathom a dispassionate world until they see the Twin Towers of their own home town falling to the ground. Until the dispassionate Father's Sons from Ur bring down the Tower of London and the Eiffel Tower on their way to bringing down the obelisk of Thutmosis IV at the Vatican, they will not rest. They may conjure the demise of compassion in their sleeper cells for centuries, but they will never abandon their Islamic version of Monistic Idealism. And after they bring havoc they will crawl back into their burrows and sleep for generations until the children of the Aquarian Conspiracy drop their guard again. The sacred rite they follow is that which desires death and abhors life, their avatar is the Angel of Death.

The sons of the Father of Many Nations by Ishmael are taught that 50,000 years of death are required after life before Judgment Day. Then, they will be judged by whether or not they served Holy Islam. Clearly that kind of terrorized mind does not see the destruction of monuments to compassion as a form of terror. They see it as the Jihad necessary to preserve the Monistic Idealism of Allah, as did the Atenists 3400 years ago. If the Liberation of Iraq had introduced compassion to the Men from Ur, then the holocaust of German Tyranny would have looked like a severe automobile accident. The radical Islamic dream is not protecting the future of the living Sons of Abraham. The radical Islamic dream is to protect the rights for a Judgment Day hearing for all the Sons of Ur who have already started the 50,000 years across the void of death upon the Bridge of Sirrat. When Osama bin Laden declares that Americans love life and Al Qaeda loves death, he means that the ancestors of Islam must be protected for 50,000 years, or eternity. Americans are taught through their Christian heritage to believe in everlasting life. In all human religious traditions the worst sin is to destroy the souls of the ancestors and take away from them the opportunity for Judgment Day. The Hunefer Papyrus representation of Judgment Day is without compassion, but it is not without heart. That was, and still is, the difference between the righteousness of the Men from Ur and the righteousness of the Daughters of Egypt. The Ways of Horus and Seth flow through all mankind and the whole of mankind reacts to these ways when the advocates come out of their closets or sleeper cells; Horus to conserve history and Seth to kill history for the sake of change. The dream of Ramesses II was for a more compassionate conservative nation open to all peoples of the world. Bush’s dream was an echo that opened sleeper cells all over the world so that the tyrannical cult of Islamofascists could free the Angel of Death.


Thutmosis IV is given credit for placing the so-called "Dream Stele" between the paws of the Great Sphinx with words to the effect, "uncover my body and I will make you the king of Egypt." To understand this message we need only look at the circular zodiac in the temple to Hathor at Denderah to understand that the lioness Sekhmet was the Egyptian "teacher of righteousness." As such, to uncover the body means pay attention to the feelings that come from the senses. In the modern Western cultures by the repression of the messengers of the senses, our feelings are treated as if they are taboo and signs of insanity. Therein lays the problem between Egypt and it daughters, and Mesopotamia and its sons. Abraham is a metaphor for the fact that the paternal nature of Western Civilization came out of Mesopotamia as the “Father of Many Nations.” This must be a metaphor for it cannot stand in reality. By the same metaphorical process, Jesus was brought out of Egypt as the proverbial Mother's Son in whose body all compassionate civil order exists. These are the two Great Ones. They battle for control of the organism of civilization, the human masses. That organism is the collective unconsciousness (Osiris and Lazarus) and the theological belief of the unified living body of man, the Living Christ. The Father's Sons are the rationalizations of the heartless mind. The Mother's Sons are the compassionate emotions of the non-rational heart. Like the image of Seth and Horus they keep the axis of the world upright and stabilize the rationalizing spin of the human world by the friction brake at their feet. The Aquarian Conspiracy is that too much power is given to the rationalizing mind and it would be better to give the Avatars of Compassion, Aquarius, Hapi, Ganymede, the reeds that control the Two Lands of the North and the South. By so doing, the Princes of Peace becomes the Kings of Kings rather than the Princes of War. The misunderstanding of Bush’s War is that as a Prince of Peace he gave the Angel of Death a place to accomplish the Perseus Conspiracy beyond America’s shores. This act would have gone down in history as a truly heroic accomplish were it not that the Angel of Death has conspirators within America’s shores preparing for the next slaughter of the innocents.

If there is a viable answer, then how do we test its viability? If we give due respect to the longest lived culture that came out of India, that of Seth and Horus, Seth was born in Mesopotamia as the adversary of the India god Mitra called Ahriman. Horus was derived from the acknowledgement of the acts of the Angel of Death in Mesopotamia to revivify the lost spirit of Mitra. Horus, whose record before Christ lasted for 3000 years and whose legacy lives on around the obelisk of Thutmosis IV at the Vatican and the obelisk on the mall at Washington, DC after an additional 2000 years, leads compassionate hearts to believe in the Salvation of Compassion. But, 9/11 showed us very clearly that compassion can lead to addiction to the comfort zone of Hathor, the Sacred Mother. The dream stele of Thutmosis IV gives us the best possible answer. We must care enough not to let our bodies be buried in the sand regarding the foolish evaluations by the rationalizing sciences of archeology. The mind must serve the body during life and it must serve the perpetuation of the body of ancestral experience after life. This is the purpose of a brain and the memories in the mind. If we do anything less than that, we are stillborn as we await the coming of Judgment Day when we will empower free will with cognitive Synchronicity. This is the message of the Apocalypse of John and the meaning of the Maya 13 Baktun. On December 21, 2012, the stillborn will be live born as the northern winter solstice rises above the Milky Way at its womb. The concept of a Self Aware Universe without Intelligent Matter has no meaning if Synchronicity is not Cosmic Intent. The battle between the Perseus Conspirators and the Aquarius Conspirators is the battle between the Lords of Xibalba and the Hero Twins of the Maya. The Hero Twins, Hunahpu and Xbalanque are the mind and body. When they work together they defeat the Lords of Xibalba in the Cosmic Ball Court in the stars. That ball court is the Milky Way and the field of play is the solar system. These are the boundaries of reality as perceived through the natural senses and conjured in the celestial oriented mind. This dream was a cosmic dream and the Dream Stele of Thutmosis IV tells us that the body is more relevant than the mind in the dream of reality. This is the secret of all sacred scripture. The mind is device created by the body that possesses it for the purpose of identifying and directing the game of life. Denial of the mind body duality is the sand that covers the righteousness of common sense that must be cleared away by a mind compassionate to the needs of the body.

Shadow of the Cross of Freedom

For eight years the party of the Donkey of Seth denied reality in an attempt to restore what they believed was their righteous place on the hallowed grounds of the shadow of the cross of freedom that is the Mall in Washington, DC. This righteous indignation was performed without any compassion for the sons and daughters of Columbia who gave all they had to keep the most compassionate nation on earth from being vanquished by the Followers of Seth. Fools see Seth as the modern devil, but Seth is simply the self identity of a soul that would place progress above sentiment for a collective unconsciousness as it pursues self will. This is precisely what brought Egypt down at the end of the 18th Dynasty and at the End of Days when Cleopatra was vanquished.

For the same eight years the party of the Elephant of Horus hid reality by not representing the true reason why the Liberation of Iraq had to come to pass. The objective of the Liberation was not the elimination of Saddam Hussein; it was the restoration of compassion to a global system that had become divisive and disrespectful of human history. Iraq became the battleground where the Islamofascists could fight for the tyrannical mindset that represses the Sacred Mother and her Son. The insanity that is Islamofacism needed a battleground upon which its youth could die for the sake of Judgment Day and the elimination of compassion on Earth. This was the battleground of Assyria and it was the battle between the children of Egypt and the children of Assyria. However, the children of New Egypt gave few children, while the children of Assyria gave many. This is the dream essence of Osama bin Laden’s statement, “they love life and we love death.” The easiest way to defeat people who desire death is to give them a place to die. That is what ancient Ur and Assyria became after September 11, 2001. Iraq became a place to prepare the advocates of the Angel of Death to meet their Maker in the Afterlife.

Amit Goswami, Ph.D. attempted to show in The Self Aware Universe that through quantum consciousness it is possible to resolve all matters regarding ethical propositions of mind and body. This he does in the mirror of scientific foresight and as a result he confuses the Sphinx with the sand. The Dream Stele clearly acknowledges the power of a Higher Force to choose the course of Reality. Had Goswami comprehended the meaning of the nanotechnology in the reconstituted stones of the Giza Complex, he would have been less likely to favor the blind progress of science and see that science has been struggling with repression and regression since the Exodus from Egypt and the captivity in Assyria. The ideas of Goswami are quite important in bringing the ivory towers of science back up to earth. But, like any other religion, when we believe what our mind tells us or what our body tells us independently of the other, we are doomed to the belly of the Eater of the Dead because we are dead in the heart or the mind. The objective is to get all four parts of the created soul into the daylight individually and not merged in a confusion of heart and mind. Then we can take the journey back to the Heavenly Father being true to ourselves and the Master's Creation. Goswami proposes that through Monistic Science and Monistic Idealism the ethical issues of man can be resolved. History clearly flies in the face of such idealism.

The proof that the Pharaoh's Palace is a White House at the Mall in Washington, DC is revealed in the Tale of Foggy Bottom. It was not love of death that caused the War for Iraqi Freedom, for the shadow of freedom is the cross of green in the District of Columbia. It is a one armed cross, designed to honor those who gave their right arm so that those who gave their lives would not have died in the vanity of a Judgment Day beyond life. The American casualties are in the mangled bodies of those who gave their right arms and other limbs to save the people of America from the holocaust that Osama bin Laden dreamed.

It took 31,700 hours (1321 days) for the Sons of Columbia that died in the War for Iraqi Freedom to reach the number that the Islamofascists killed in two hours on September 11, 2001. Had the War for Iraqi Freedom been fought on the rational terms of Al Qaeda, then the battleground would have been the Green Cross of Columbia, and the consequence would have been the death of Freedom and the destruction of Liberty, which was and still is their stated goal.

Because an initiate of the Society of Skull and Bones was in the White House, the sacred dream of Osama bin Laden’s followers was achieved; they died in the ancient Holy Land of their ancestors by numbers too high to count, and more Islamofascists accomplished their death wish during that Jihad than any Jihad in recent history. Except the massacres by Saddam Hussein of his own innocent people, no loss of Muslim lives has come close the massacre of Muslims by the Mongols 800 years earlier. Thus, it was not a war in Iraq, it was a war for Freedom fought in Iraq by Americans and a few British for the sake of life and a myriad of Muslim Faithfull who reached out to find death rather than seek compassionate coexistence in life. The dead Al Qaeda souls also achieved the Freedom they fought for. In the sacred visions of the two diverse cultures of Seth and Horus, a Great War for Freedom occurred in Iraq between March 2003 and June 2008. But, it was not World War III; it was the ancient War of the Worlds described in almost every sacred scripture known to man. It was, and still is a Holy War between the Two Great Ones, Seth and Horus.

And any man, woman, or child who does not take up the Sanctity of the shadow of the One Armed Cross under the Statue of Freedom on the Capitol Building is not an American mother's son. Compassion was the Aquarian Conspiracy sanctified by the Pyramid Builders 4500 years ago, and by Seti I and Ramesses II over 3200 years ago, and by the innocent lives lost in the Twin Towers and the Pentagon and on a lonely Pennsylvania Field on September 11, 2001. It was the Memorial of those lives that required a battlefield where the Islamofascists could begin their 50,000 year journey to Judgment Day.

Evil is measured by how it is spelt. To live backwards is evil, and those who worship death more than life are an abomination to the Living God revealed by the Ways of Horus and Seth and saved by the Aquarian Conspiracy. The only way to combat evil is to turn it around. It is a never ending struggle that survives by the compassion given for Eternal Life. The priests of Egypt understood the principle of the Aquarian Conspiracy and they created a monument at Abu Simbel to remind the world that compassion restores the souls of the dead. The dispassionate memories embedded in the Muslim Peoples have come to them by virtue of their Allegiance to the Angel of Death.

Today the party of the Donkey speaks of exchanging sons and daughters in an attempt to gain peace by intercourse between the children of Columbia and the children of Persia. This they do whith no comprehension of the meaning of Abu Simbel. Like Thutmosis IV and Ankhenesenpaaten they foolishly believe that the Islamofascists will negotiate to share in the Aquarian Conspiracy. And like Neville Chamberlain they propose to sell out the Land of Liberty on personal righteousness, the same mistake made when Egypt lost its place in World History. Neville Chamberlain premiership was dominated, and destroyed, by his handling of foreign affairs. He had no grounding in the subject but was driven by a belief in his own rightness. Believing he could handle Hitler in Germany, he pursued a policy of appeasement, returning from Munich in 1938 with a signed agreement that was popular but ultimately worthless.

This is always the way the advocates of the Aquarian Conspiracy come to Judgment Day. Their desires for benevolence lead to the belly of the Eater of the Dead. The Monistic Idealism of the Aquarian Conspiracy rises until it fails to see the truth, and then it is always taken down by its own advocates due to the arrogance of self divination. Those who love death more than life are always in sleeper cells waiting patiently for the Angel of Death to call upon them to strive for Judgment Day. That is when Hades arrives with his bountiful chariot and abducts the daughters of heaven.

While the War for Freedom in Iraq winds down and the democratic state of Iraq approaches maturity, the Angel of Death has moved from Iraq and returned to America’s Shores. The Sethian advocates in America established a no compassion attitude toward the sacred goal of the injured and dead Americans who fought for America’s Freedom in Iraq. These home grown Angels of Death used the innocent hearts of the youth of America and the arrogant hearts of those who deny the Aquarian Conspiracy. The numbers of naïve Flower Children who answered the call for CHANGE exceeds the number of Aquarian faithful who have defended America with their works and commitment to a more compassionate conservative nation. America now awaits the Judgment Day of November 4, 2008 when the naïve Flower Children will hop on the Chariot of Hades and initiate the next War of the Worlds.

Naïve Children Casting Flowers to the Wind on the Chariot of Hades

History does not repeat itself because times are constantly in CHANGE. However, children raised by a compassionate benevolent mother always believe that the Angel of Death is like the Goddess that bore them nurtured them protected them and allowed them to let go of the vision of Judgment Day as they cast off the yoke of personal responsibility. These children hear the cry,”A Change we can believe in.” They do not hear the cry that poor judgment will bring when the Angel of Death sends his advocates to steal their souls.

Who is the Angel of Death?

This is the Perseus Conspiracy
The woman under the feet of Perseus is the All Seeing Mother,
who let Persephone wander in lust for dreams a Flower Child seeks.

Hades abducts the daughters of Heaven, but Perseus puts his sword to the neck of the compassionate goddess. This is what the priests of the 19th Dynasty of Egypt saw when they created the War Memorial to the Battle of Kadesh at Abu Simbel during the reign of Ramesses II. If you do not believe what has been said above regarding the murder of the Aquarian Conspiracy initiated by George W. Bush and the initiates of the Society of Skull and Bones, then join the Perseus Conspiracy and decapitate the goddesses of America. That is the choice that Abu Simbel memorializes.

This is what you must due to Mother Nature to join the Perseus Cult.
You must flaunt your own insanity as you destroy your soul and its maternal bondage.

This is what the Perseus Conspiracy stands on. It is the decapitated body of Mother Nature,
denied and cast into Hades, as her child destroys her only son, and tells stories of David and Goliath.

Have you ever seen this head before?

Maybe this will help?

When the Winter Solstice rises above the Milky Way,
that is when the resurrection of the Earthly Body Occurs.

Raising one's arms in support of the Aquarian Conspiracy
is insufficient to survive the Slaughter of the Innocents

The Body must be surmounted with a head
capable of cognition of paternal Wisdom and Truth
before Judgment Day of Mother Nature can reveal a place
where the Feather of Truth balances a Heart filled with Compassion.

If you have the slightest inkling to believe what has just been shown to be irrational nonsense, then consider where Barrack Hussein Obama gets his funding. The evidence presented in the blogosphere on the Internet reveals the wealth of Perseus LLC as the financial machinery behind the destruction of the Compassionate Conservative Nation that George W. Bush envisioned before and after Septemeber 11, 2001. Now, as New Egypt approaches Judgment Day on November 4, 2008 the George Soros funding groups are using Perseus LLC to decapitate the Sons of America and abduct the Daughters of America on a chariot to Hades.

The New York Times headline lead for June 14, 2008 reads, “A $150 million lawsuit against the Hunt brothers of Dallas went to trial yesterday in Manhattan, with a lawyer representing the leading Peruvian mineral company accusing the Hunts of engaging in an elaborate scheme in 1979 and 1980 to manipulate silver prices.”

Forbes Silver Strike: Billionaires Gamble as Flower Children get Caught in their Wake
“Now the business has attracted the likes of George Soros, Asher Edelman and Laurence Tisch. These three are among the investors financing a colorful 37-year-old historian who says he has come across one of the biggest silver finds in history.”

Consider the jump in crude oil prices six months before the Judgment Day of 11/4/08. Who will benefit from the oil speculation? Who has enough money to drive up the oil prices by speculation? Who has sat in front of the Democrat run committee on Energy Market Manipulation to tell them it is out of his control? Can you see a name you know in this group?

The Head of Perseus

  Name Title Org.      

Cantwell, Maria U.S. Senator -
Cooper, Mark N. Director Consumer Federation of America
Greenberger, I. Michael Director Commodity Futures Trading Commission
Ramm, Gerry Treasurer Petroleum Marketers Assn. of America
Soros, George Founder and Chairman Soros Fund Management
Watson, Lee Ann Deputy Director Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

America is being fed to the Sea Monster by the financial head of Perseus LLC, George Soros. The sad thing about this information is that the Radio Head of Andromeda, Rush Limmbaugh, is totally unaware of what Perseus stood for and could not even pronounce the name of the Angel of Death. As the savior of Conservative Values Rush has lost his head as did all the defenders of the Aquarian Conspiracy over the last 5000 years. In defending the goddess the ancient's called the Crucified One, Rush has inadvertently empowered the sword arm of Perseus because he failed to comprehend, or more likely, even be aware of, the War Memorial for the Battle of Kadesh. It was at this battle that the Followers of Seth, whose name in Asia was Perseus, captured the Head of Western Civilization. The goal was to eliminate all emotions and force creation into a perfect fitting box of Asiatic rationalizations belonging to the same decapitated celestial goddess with the name Pandora.

The investment strategies of George Soros and Saddam Hussein are the same myth,
for the beasts and the maiden are the desires of a conquering man.

Now, 3200 years after the Battle of Kadesh America is considering the decapitation of the Bound One, again. How does the modern Angel of Death accomplish the objective of insane heartless tyranny? It offers a Land Flowing with Milk and Honey to the participants of Judgment Day November 4, 2008 just like the offer given to the Isra-Elites 3200 years ago. All that is required is that the virgins get on the Chariot of Hades and accompany him to the depth of Hades by casting a ballot for the destruction of a More Compassionate Conservative Nation in favor of an advocate of the Angel of Death. When the beast has the wings of a sea monster it is the Medusa, especially if it rides the white horse of a mythological hero whose sole objective is to become the King of Kings and rape the bound one. Boundless ambition is the power of a self made man.

Hades on Earth

The Crucified One went to Hades and found the severed head and reunited the body so as to restore the balance of mind and body. America has prepared itself for destruction by yielding the virgin territory of the minds of youths to the propaganda calls by Obama, whose only claim to fame is that his birth father and his adoptive father were worshipers of the God of the Persians. This story has played out many times in the history of human civilization. This is the battle between Horus and Seth, Mitra and Ahriman, Hunahpu and Seven Macaw, Pharaoh and Moses. After the Battle of Kadesh the Wandering Tribes of Earthlings got lost in the Wilderness because they had listened to the Angel of Death and denied all the Sons of Egypt, their day in the Sun.

The modern Angel of Death is none other than George Soros. He is so confident of his plan to take control of the goddesses of America that the entrance to his den of iniquity is marked by the Angel of Death in all the glory of one who would kill the benevolent goddesses of America just for control of the Most Powerful King of Kings. The Greek myths and all the ancient myths of Perseus told the story of the Angel of Death. When Perseus was lost, Athena and Hermes told him to seek the head of the Medusa and she will show him how to become King of Kings. Hermes, whose name was Thoth and Mercury, gave Perseus wings for his sandals and Athena gave Perseus her winged helment of war. The symbols of the ancient myths speak of the realm in which Perseus must go to find the head of the Medusa. The wings tell us it is in the element of air, or rationalized dreams. All Perseus needed to do was use his rational imagination to acquire the consensus of vision that the serpents of the Medusa give to the body of emotions from which they grow. The goddess and god of Greek wisdom said to Perseus, “Get the whole picture visible to the All Seeing Medusa. However, it is apparent that Perseus did not receive the caduceus of Hermes because the Angel of Death has no rational basis to heal the organism that causes him to think. When an organism has no head for thinking about multifaceted ideas, it is Monistic Idealism. In 2008 we are about to see the decapitation of Columbia, Freedom, Justice, Liberty, and America, and here is the evidence of the body decapitated under the winged feet of Persus.

America as Wisdom

America as Rider of the Abyss

On the Eccles Building housing the Federal Trade Commission in Washington, DC is the image of "America the Wise" created by John Gregory (1879-1958), as sculpted bas-reliefs on the exterior of the C Street entrance. Gregory was not asked to specify the symbolic figures; rather, they were to be "merely figures holding the official emblem of the U.S." What is shown on the bas-reliefs are renditions of the goddess Athena and the Medusa. Both goddesses are embodiments of Democracy. Although the US Democracy has a Supreme Court, anyone who as ever watched the workings of Congress has witnessed the Living Medusa depicted on the same building as Andromeda riding Cetus with the two fish of Pisces at her feet.

The whole idea of democracy is insanity in action. But, the tyranny of the Followers of Perseus, a.k.a., Followers of Seth, is that the way to achieve order is to deny consensus. Democracy is the dream of the Medusa that is a multiplicity of ideas for a consensus to the body politic. Is that accomplished by wearing a burqa? Is that accomplished by speculation on the oil prices so as to create a crisis the incumbent president's party cannot overcome? Is a consensus of pleasure seekers, who will believe whatever a silver tongued devil’s advocate says, a measure of good judgment? Good judgment is what Perseus was striving to prevent as the God of Life dreamed of Life Everlasting and the Angel of Death dreamed of Death Everlasting. That is also what the Asiatics were attempting to accomplish in the Battle of Kadesh. That is what Alexander the Great was attempting to defeat when he took down the Persian Empire, as in empire of Perseus. And let us not forget that the Mithrasians held underground services in the tomb of a sacred bull killed by Perseus. These two images from the architecture of Washington, DC carry exactly the same messages as the two great edifices at Abu Simbel; Judgment to the left and Freedom to the right. This is the song of Rush Limbaugh. This spirit was the source of the Battle Cry of George W. Bush when he witnessed the destruction of the World Trade Center in New York City and standing upon the grave of a fire truck he uttered the words that sent a chill up the decapitated the spine of the Sons of Perseus that they could not comprehend.

As rescue efforts continued in the rubble of the World Trade Center, Bush put his arms around firefighter Bob Beckwith while standing in front of the World Trade Center debris, Friday, September 14, 2001. Bush is standing on a burned fire truck. (AP Photo/Doug Mills)                    THE WAR ON TERROR

When the United States was attacked on September 11, 2001, Bush the populist went to work trying to reassure a country shaken by death and destruction. He visited the "pile" in New York where emergency personnel worked feverishly to rescue survivors, recover the dead and dismantle the rubble. During his visit he stood atop the hulk of a New York City fire engine, which was partially buried in the rubble, and addressed a group of construction workers. One of the workers yelled, "We can't hear you." To that, Bush responded, "I hear you, the rest of the world hears you, and the people who knocked down these buildings will hear all of us soon!" With that and the echo of Flight 93, the battle cry “Let’s Roll” inspired hundreds of thousands of volunteers to beat the Sons of Perseus at their own game, as America became the Angel of Death in the lands of Perseus.

Speaking six days later in a joint session of Congress, Bush said, "our war on terror begins with al-Qaeda, but it does not end there. It will not end until every terrorist group of global reach has been found, stopped and defeated." So began the war on terror. It came first to Afghanistan in the fall of 2001 when U.S. forces embarked on a manhunt for Osama bin Laden his al-Qaeda network.

With a megaphone in his right hand and his left arm around Bob Beckwith on September 14, 2001, George W. Bush became the most powerful advocate for the Aquarian Conspiracy since Alexander the Great. It was a war cry from America; the Wise telling the Sons of Perseus that the daughters of America would drive them off the shores of her land. To keep America the Beautiful standing with Liberty, George W. Bush pulled off the greatest upset the Sons of Perseus had seen since Alexander the Great, with the single exception of the Mongol Hordes that destroyed the dream that once was the Aquarian Conspiracy according to Muhammad. Like Alexander the Great, George W. Bush gave the sons of the Angel of Death a place to die. He drove one unrepentant tyrant off the Parade Grounds of Perseus and opened the doors for all who would die to get to Seventh Heaven. And they came. And they came. And they came. But, with losses barely more that the souls lost on September 11, 2001, the volunteer army of America showed compassion on a people who rejected Aquarius for over 10,000 years after Ahriman slaughtered the Bull of Heaven and abducted the daughters of the Mother of God.

Now we know what is happening in America in the election cycle where the Queen of America, Hillary Rodham Clinton, was decapitated by a Prince of War disguised as the greatest Hero of Change the world has ever known and the most liberal senator in America. George Soros and his cohorts are playing the ancient game of the Sons of Ur that destroyed Greece and Egypt before her and Egypt again after her. The Egyptians warned throughout their reign as the most religious people on earth that the Asiatics would come and destroy the Two Lands, of heaven and earth, of mind and body. The Asiatics were known to them as the Followers of Seth.

That vast Right Winged Conspiracy, that Hillary Rodham Clinton often cried about is the Compassionate Conservative Nation of Ramesses II, Alexander the Great, Mark Antony and Cleopatra, the Forefathers of America, and George W. Bush. Although the peoples of Aquarius did not approve of the infidelity of Bill Clinton in the Sacred House in Columbia's District, their children are running in droves to support the advocates of George Soros and his henchmen. His new hatchet man, Scott McClellan’s hatchet job, What Happened, is published by The Perseus Book Group. Soros is a man so arrogant that he shows the destroyer of Christ and America standing on the Altar of Hades declaring victory over compassion and consensus. Soros does not understand the mythological treachery of Perseus that caused him to decapitate his own body and repress the messengers of the senses, his lost feelings for Mother Nature’s daughters and sons.

Daniel Pearl an investigative reporter for the Wall Street Journal entered the Lands of Perseus and on January 23, 2002 he lost his freedom. His kidnappers gave their demand, “We give you one more day if America will not meet our demands we will kill Daniel. Then this cycle will continue and no American journalist could enter Pakistan.” On February 1, 2002 he became a victim of the Sons of Perseus in Pakistan. In July 2002, Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh, a British national of Pakistani origin was sentenced to death by hanging for Pearl's abduction and murder. In March 2007, at a closed military hearing in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed said that he had personally beheaded Pearl.

The MYTH OF PERSEUS is not a fantasy. It is a CODE OF CONDUCT that declares that monistic idealism has the absolute right to destroy other perceptions. America’s motto E PLURIBIS UNUM means OUT OF MANY, ONE, the EYE OF HORUS. Anyone who claims Perseus as their monistic ideal has the obligation to destroy the Eye of Horus. George Soros is not a fool. George Soros is a Son of Seth and Perseus.

America Beware!
Things are most often what they seem.
By his artwork, Soros says, I am the Antichrist.
He does so to steal the Soul of Democracy by denial
of the compassionate consensus upon which she was founded.
Devil advocates do demonic works because virgins fail to see what they do.

America Know Thy Self!

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Judgment Day in a 1957 Chevrolet

Email communication leading to the analysis of the
Ways of Horus and Seth and the Aquarian Conspiracy

Thie essay was a fallout generated by a series of email communications that forced the detailed analysis provided above. The analysis is far from complete. But, if the reader has just a little better grasp of the consequences of negotiating with a dedicated enemy, they can appreciate the need for War Memorials such as the one at Abu Simbel for the Battle of Kadesh.

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From: vanflight Reply to 6/5/08
To: EyeofSiloam
Sent: 6/4/2008 6:30:50 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time
Subj: Re: Love makes the world go round
Again you have provided me with another lesson which I will integrate sometime today. I did read your insert and its very clear to me. I especially enjoyed your giving the paper to your wife. That is a real testimony. Please say thank you to her for obliging you to read the paper. I am sure she was kind to accept and I hope her understanding came without any confusion as this writer stuglges with this domain everyday.
I think its getting close to conceptual completion. I did notice in all my words after reading your last I did not once mention the word love. I am thinking about that a lot. Easy word not an easy expression to interpret. Love makes the world go round. It makes me think.
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On 6/5/08, EyeofSiloam <EyeofSiloam> wrote: In reply to 6/3/2008 9:49:55 P.M.
The astroarchaeologist Rush Allen picks up where Hamlet's Mill leaves off by showing the direct correspondence of the precession of the eqinoxes and the ancient legends and star stories revealing the ancient model of the dance of the gods. Perhaps Allen is the only author who has been as exacting in explaining the meaning of the ancient star stories offering his insights to reveal the Egyptian and Mayan cosmologies which are unequalled in their explaining the sacred truths the ancients used when reading the language of the stars. Specifically, Allen's explanation of Osiris, Horus, and Seth is especially insightful. To him Osiris in Jung's collective unconscious that carries instincts and archetypes. Horus the Elder is consciousness without cognition of consequence, i.e., judgment. Seth is rational self consciousness preceding external awareness. After the repression of the collective unconscious by rational self conscious the adolescent Horus comes to his senses and acquires judgment and cognition from Osiris through the sentiment of Isis. The Maya legends tell precisely the same story using different personalities and celestial graphics derived from the movement of the equinoxes. This process is recursive in spiral form, and the consequence is adaptation and learning. Hamlet's Mill touched on the fact that the ancient cultures received from and projected to the stars this same learning process as the Sacred Way. The location of the solstitial cross in 2012 represents the return of the dead, whether the name of the First Father is Osiris or Hun Hunahpu. All of our ancient monuments are reflections of the solar journey of Hamlet's Mill.


One area I am still parsing out is the door or the gateway. "I am that I am", is the rationalists mantra is it not? And the I is not what we want is it? I am you when asked indicates that the person at the door has lost his ego and is one with the questioner of whom is on the other side i.e. god himself. This to me is the area we mortals can reach by words but I know it's we mortals so I am cautious at the Pearly Gates.
I am this I am is internal consciousness that creates an identity by personal experience.
I am that I am is the external identity. If cognition is to mature it must walk out of the House of Seth and allow itself to become equal to the Universal Identity. The path is quite simple, although it is through a swamp. I started by asking if I am what is within my mind. When I accepted that my mind was irrelevant without a body I took the first step. In this step it was clear to me that what I am is what gives me the ability to be cognizant. This is my true self. Moving out further I was a Sooner, being born in Oklahoma. Then I was an American being born in the United States. Then I was a Occidental being of the West. Then I was an Earthling being of the planet. Take away any of these assets and I am not a cognizant being.
Being an earthling meant my body was the solar system and I was a Son of the Sun. Being a star I was part of the Milky Way. My whole being was the Milky Way. Then, along came the Big Bang and now I was the Universe. But, that connection seemed very tenuous because it did not reveal a dependency. I could exist and be cognizant without other galaxies. But, then as that idea faded on the next spin of Hamlet's Mill I realized that to exclude any galaxy would leave my less than hole. I could not see what I needed all the other galaxies for, and that almost stopped the journey to Holistic Consciousness and Monistic Reality.
Eventually it came to me that being Everything was not enough to produce an Holistic Identity. Where did the cosmic body come from and why? This is where the Gateway of Gods comes into view. I had traversed the Gateway of Men and the fire of Prometheus. When I have concerns about my body it send feelings knocking at the door of cognition.
Then I did what most mortals consider crazy. I did it once and it worked. I did it twice and it worked. Every time I did it, it worked. What I did was ask, actually I told, my cosmic body to talk to me. Where the insanity comes in is I expected to here from the cosmic body. But, where the sanity came is was I said to the cosmic body you must make sense first then I will listen to what you have to say. The act of requiring sense input meant I was no longer Occidental. I was now Oriental. I was not listening to the Language of Men, I was listening to the Language of Birds. All my cues were coming through my senses before they became rationalized.
Here is a story that may be helpful to understand what I did. While coming home from work outside Boston in 1972 and pondering the cosmic lingo I said, "Ok, God (I called the Cosmic Being God.), if you are there, then show me a 1957 Chevrolet before I get home." Understand I only lived a few blocks from work, so it was a tall order, or so I came to believe. At the next intersection there was a road I had never been on. So, to give God a chance I turned to the west and expected to get home since my home was west of where I was. After turning the corner and about a block down the road it occurred to me that I was compromising my demand. If God could move stars, how difficult would it be to move a 1957 Chevrolet?
I immediately turned around in the middle of the block. Traffic was coming so I pulled into a driveway of a residence on the block. Looking over my shoulder to avoid an accident I backed up and turned into the street. Then I looked into the driveway. Parked in the driveway not more than ten feet from where I turned around was a 1957 Chevrolet. Now I had not said a convertible, but that was what I saw when I gave God the challenge. The car was a 1957 Chevrolet convertible. God had met the challenge.
God had also demonstrated that He did not have to move the 1957 Chevrolet to get it in front of me. All God had to do was take control of my mind and cause me to move to the 1957 Chevrolet.
The point of the story is that it is not about moving photons and matter, it is about cognition of intent. I established the intent and God saw to it. WOW! I cant' say that made a believer out of me, because there had to be at least a hundred, nay a thousand, other such encounters. It was not a test of faith. It was a test of intent.
If I can lift my right arm, then my arm is under my control and it is part of me. If I can cause God to "obey" my command, then God is part of me in the exact same way. But, it goes beyond all that because the organism that accomplished this Cosmic Cognition did not exist forty year before the cognition. And yet, I existed because I had just proved that I was God. This was an "out of body experience" of the Divine Form. It was part of the tests I performed to determine if the "I am this I am" was, in fact, the "I Am That I Am." Was I separate from the All, or was my true identity the consequence of the Being All. The answer was obvious to me and the most humbling experience of my life. I had not been forsaken by First Father because I proved that the Father and I were One. Had I not done so, who would have been forsaken, the consciousness without consequence or intent, or the Universal Intent? Understanding this question is the crux of all sacred perception. My being was real, and the Universal Being was real. At that specific moment cognition passed through these two beings as if they were just one being. Like telephones in Bangkok and Los Angeles, they were one being because they communicated. The key is communication.
When the individual I Am This I Am communicates with the All there is but one being, one phone system, one E.T. phoning home, as they join in the relationship "I Am That I Am." The inner soul and the outer soul have always been One. It is just that Horus the Elder does not comprehend the consequences of consciousness. Once the adolescent consciousness reveals itself to the external being it comes out of the closet, or tomb, and participates the Call to Judgment. The external being did not know what was in the closet because cognition was not there, and without cognition there is no potential to know. But, when Mithras lunges the knife into the Cosmic Bull so as to kill the Cosmic Bull----get me a 1957 Chevrolet---the young prince realizes that he is now the Cosmic Bull. It is a right of passage for young bulls to test the reigning bull. If the young bull is too afraid to test the Cosmic Bull, then the young bull is just a hefer.
If someone attempts to accomplish this feat based upon self knowledge alone, they will forsake the Universal Father and no communication will occur. Without the communication there can be no knowing. Without the knowing there can be no cognition. Self knowledge does not require an I Am That I Am to prevent communication.
In the words of Goswami I created my own universe. An in my own words I created my own universe. But, until a person crosses the line between judging themselves and judging God, they have thought at all. True they were conscious of self identity, but in comparison to commanding a Universal Being, what does it matter that we can lift a finger.
Now don't print a word of this in your annals. This is where the Code of Silence comes in. Who is going to believe the story in the First Place? Instead tell them that I was on a chariot with Promethues standing beside Phaeton when we sailed past Jesus and Moses on the way to Seventh Heaven. They won't believe that story either, but they will recall that Muhammad claimed to have done the same thing, which will in some small way make it more plausible.
Maybe for you it is the Buddhi level. You can be sure of only one thing. When you go through that door, every mortal on earth will look at you with rosy glasses. Even so you will spiritually be in the Land of the Rising Sun and for you the dead on earth will be seen in Heaven Above.



When you are ready you will go. For me, I would not have tried except I was knocked flat on my face having lost every reason to live. Trying to decide if I should choose life or death I went into a church to review what I knew before making the ultimate decision. Alone in the vestibule I tried to buy some pamphlets to remind me of what I had forgotten. But, they all cost a quarter and all I had was one thin dime. I put it back and said maybe another day and started to walk away. Then I spotted a pamphlet that cost my one thin dime. So I reached in and pulled the dime out of a hand full of change and bought the pamphlet.
Then it hit me, in this world of pamphlets I was wealthy. I went back into my pocket and what I had found had doubled again. Not thinking that I could get wealthy doing that I simply said, "Ok, you got my attention." From that day forward I strived to listen to every nuance of sensation. Five years later I was telling God to show me a 1957 Chevrolet. Twenty four years later I am writing a monument to the night Virginia saw Santa Claus. Four years latter I am tracing the paths of the Intent that resulted in four airplane taking down the Twin Towers. Another four years and the Behemoth of Job is saying, I am the Eye of Ra. Another four years and I am telling you about 1957 Chevrolets and the need to reinitiate awareness of the Moment of the First Occasion.
Will this process ever result in the human race witnessing the voice of a single star again? On that question I am still a virgin, I simply do not know. I have not told God to send a Hopi Blue Star, but I did find one. Should I tell God, or should I help another traveler to see that the flittering spirit of The Sacred Time of 2012 needs to be revealed.
When you asked me for my ideas, I said, "Good God, it is happening!"
And that is where we are. When you write I edit, not as I Am This I Am, but as I Am That I Am. I think as if you were walking the walk. My words are your words because you gave them to me. Your words are your words in the same way that that thin dime was the sum total of my wealth forty years ago. Do you have to step up to the threshold of death to see the Other Side, or do you simply have to do what I did when I walked away from it. I paid attention. And that is what my thin dime is worth. It is worth Everything.
You have witnessed the serpents. Now lift them up and the wilderness will be gone. If there are too many serpents, then focus on the most important one and I Am That I Am will bring a 1957 Chevrolet Convertible to carry all the rest until the one you have is lifted up.
Eventually you will be looking back on your way to Nirvana like Danny and Sandy in the movie Grease.
In a message dated 6/3/2008 9:49:55 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, vanflight writes: IN reply to On 6/4/08
Indefatigable, prolific, copius, an endless stream of awareness in the domain of the gods is your god given gift to this world there can be no question to that.
Firstly, I find it quite incomprehensible how this paper has made it to the light of day. Roaming around gods backyard and being able to talk about it is surely something not allowed by mortals. But granted the door was open to walk through and then out ought to feel like no door what so ever would ever be available to walk through given the rate humans are disregarding their home.
Secondly,  I find your editing to be most unusual. There is a difference between and edit and if I may pose the inverse with the word edit I would offer credit. You have credited the meaning of a sentence with additional prepositions. You have bridged sentences to the next sentence and added a clarifying meaning making the transition not only in a sentence take flight but also setting up the reader to see the logic implied with sentence which follows the previous sentence.
I am still overwhelmed by it all as I have to curtail my awe and be sure I'm not a wild kid riding his horse throught the streets yelling The British are Coming, The British are Coming. Instead I am going to accept what is before me as truth and sense all that truth through words so I can add your truth to my sense of truth albiet a high degree of ignorance still prevails.
I have intentionally or with other biases of deferences avoided certain concepts, phrases, etc but their not forbidden. Noble Savages, Christians, Haples Intruders  and concepts which the mind immediately conjurs up when those  words are sounded, or a bell is clung. But on the whole, having eaten a fair share of spicy Thai food they all add flavor and its your flavor which has led me adding after the Santillana insert your work reading thusly:
The astroarchaeologist Rush Allen picks up where Hamlet's Mill leaves off by showing the direct correspodence of the precession of the eqinoxes and the ancient legends and star stories revealing the ancient model of the dance of the gods. Perhaps Allen is the only author who has been as exacting in explaing the meaning of the ancient star stories offering his insights to reveal the Egyptian and Mayan cosmologies which are unequalled in their explaining the sacred truths the ancients used when reading the language of the stars. Specifically, Allen's explanation of Osiris, Horus, and Seth is especially insightful. To him Osiris in Jung's collective unconscious that carries instincts and archetypes. Horus the Elder is consciousness without cognition of consequence, i.e., judgment. Seth is rational self consciousness preceding external awareness. After the repression of the collective unconscious by rational self conscious the adolescent Horus comes to his senses and acquires judgment and cognition from Osiris through the sentiment of Isis. The Maya legends tell precisely the same story using different personalities and celestial graphics derived from the movement of the equinoxes. This process is recursive in spiral form, and the consequence is adaptation and learning. Hamlet's Mill touched on the fact that the ancient cultures received from and projected to the stars this same learning process as the Sacred Way. The location of the solstitial cross in 2012 represents the return of the dead, whether the name of the First Father is the Osiris or Hun Hunahpu. All of our ancient monument reflect the solar journey of Hamlet's Mill.
You said ther paper stands alone and that was a welcome comment after wading through Roger,s life raft you threw to him and the high regard I have of your scholarship.
One area I am still parsing out is the door or the gateway. "I am that I am", is the rationalists mantra is it not? And the I is not what we want is it? I am you when asked indicates that the person at the door has lost his ego and is one with the questioner of whom is on the other side i.e. god himself. This to me is the area we mortals can reach by words but I know it's we mortals so I am cautious at the Pearly Gates.
Could you please elaborate on your conception of the passing through this door. I have studied Coomaraswamy's work and the Hindu scriptures I have touched upon where the manifest and unmanifest combine into one essence (Zimmer). This is a prodigious area of scholarship and filled with beautiful expressions and I feel we have to be as poetically grand as possible without obfuscation but a simple truth. Teaching complex English in a simple form to Thai students is most likely the source of this request and which we both have given our hand to. Siva is quite an amzing construct if ever you decide to go there but for now his dancing will have to suffice.
I am still reading. I've yellow marked all your work and I am reminded of the film contact and the cipher mentioned in the film when trying to understand an alien document.
If you only look at the yellow ,or the red in your case, it is a story on its own mirroring the story its embedded in. To me this is your genius (credit) I am referring to. You are still able to speak through the spoken word.
I very much enjoyed the clarity and understanding you have been able to effortlessy it seem to add. I also found some incomplete sentences which I fixed
I suppose there is no more guny rail on Jason's boat to hold onto and the sea is open now and I'll just have to be washed into the next life. It's nice to know I'm not the only one in the deep waters of eternity.
PS I  have printed all the new material Bruce and you have sent. I will again read Horus and try to feel this more directly as a lot of my feelings, as you recall when we first talked, was about Vedic star stories. Now I can see where Vadavamukha went to in the depths to retrieve the Vedas for Brahma and why she went there. It was a mares mouth that begot fire and the whinny that scared the asuras.
However, if you tell the story of Horus at the insert point this will be another aspect of the abyss and perhaps I can get Vadamukha in with the cosmic ball court. It just keeps expanding and as I said it's an essay and not a chapter nor a book but certainly has all the ingedients for both and then some.
Soft Gamma Repeater graphic wes beautil as were the 4 globes and the others along with the Mayan world tree. Tha caimens mouth might be a good graphic to use.
It's 11:46am. I've been to class at 8:30 atended a Presidental speech at 9:00 and hurried back for this email.
It will be another night of reading before I can begin to find the time to work again with text and graphics but the launch is close and hopefuly fully launched in time for the Thai-Indo conference in Bangkok in July.
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On 6/4/08, EyeofSiloam <EyeofSiloam> wrote: In reponse to 6/3/2008 6:38:26 A.M.
Hi Willard,
In a communication with Bruce Raphael I received a link that you must take the time to review.
This is the link Bruce sent, but what is behind the link is critical to review.
The last link is Dr. Barsoum's Pyramid Presentation as a Webcast of 2/23/07 Seminar.
Here is why this webcast is so critical. It demonstrates beyond scientific doubt that the Egyptians were casting limestone and granite. That means that the pyramids were not constructed by slaves as tombs but as sacred monuments to a Sacred Time.
What time?
The time of the resurrection of Osiris, or the time when life returns to the dead.
This is the essence of your essay "The Sacred Time of 2012."
What is happening is the Hesperian Culture thatdenied and then ran away from Egypt is being confronted by the unimaginable truth regarding the relationship between Osiris and Seth. And the Socratic culture will not accept the obvious. They would rather drink a hemlock potion than admit that they have conjured untruth.
What does it mean to run away from the relationship of Seth and Osiris?
Osiris is the Body of Human experience. It is a form of bondage that existence in reality cannot be released by death or imagination. When the Exodus from Egypt occurred after the 18th Dynasty it was the consequence of Sethian domination of the mind of Western Culture. The desire to make rational the Cosmos required the death of the physical body, Osiris, and the elevation of the self aware mind, Seth, at the expense of Intelligent Matter.
How does this connect to the casting of the pyramids stones over a thousand years before the Exodus?
The pyramids were constructed to memorialize a death that had not yet occurred. This is not voodoo or sorcery, it is simple experiential reality. Humans had captured the essence of Divine Cognition over ten thousands of years earlier and they understood from experience that human sensibility would be destroyed by imaginative human desire. Because we broke the bondage to our senses and escaped the animal existence of the Neanderthal, we were on a path that required the complete conquest of Mother Nature to prove that our dreams were reality. As an example consider the building of levies in New Orleans so that the Big Easy could live below sea level. Civilization in the Hesperian Cultures (Western, Occidental, Law and Order, Rational) has had one consistent goal and that goal is the control of nature. Hesperians desire to conquer emotional spirit (Osiris) by empowering the self conscious mind (Seth). The means to truth in humans is emotional, and that is now taboo.
The Giza complex was designed to preserve the Divine Cognition in the pharaoh using an initiation process that taught the pharaoh how to speak to the Creator and become One with the Creator through celestial cognition. This is precisely what the city of Teotihuacan was designed to accomplish, as well as, the monuments in Greater Asia over 20,000 years ago. In the design of Washington, DC there is the exact same City of God emphasis, however, the initiation process is not out in the open and it is subject to corruption because "to be silent is repression." A rational culture cannot reveal the source of its rational being because it does not want it to be known that the source is emotion! So, it creates monuments to preserve the roots that must be repressed in order to sustain the rational culture.
But, how can the Body of Osiris, one that communes fully with nature, be understood without the rational mind conjuring itself? It cannot. Thus, the earliest Egyptians understood that to create civilization was to destroy Mother Nature (intelligent matter, emotion) in pursuit of Father Nature (primordial intent, conjuring). If the Egyptians were successful in raising humanity to divinity the destruction of the World would necessarily occur. Knowing this, and also knowing that the stars laid out the course for the destruction of civilization (desolations of Jerusalem), the Egyptians rightly perceived an enormous duty to provide the Lost Souls of all future rational civilizations with the keys to eternal reality. Those keys reveal the synchronous dance between human emotions and cosmic alignments. The Synchronicity is the primordial mind of God carrying out the primordial intent in the body of Mother Nature, which is the intelligent substance resident above the Zero Point Energy Field.
That duty is why the Giza Complex was constructed. They knew that the timeline was over 4750 years, and they had to create a monument that could survive the elements on earth---weather, earthquakes, floods---and even more important the retched intent of human individuation based upon rational paradigms (Muslims removing the cast limestone casement stones to make roads in Cairo, and Egyptologists destroying the monuments for fame and fortune). Their monument has survived to the End Times, but the cognition of primordial intent in the "intelligent matter" of the Giza Complex has not survived the "retched intent" of rationalizing minds. But, as long as the "intelligent matter" exists the intelligence in the matter can be retrieved. Dr. Barsoum's Pyramid Presentation demonstrates that the pyramid builders had placed "intelligent matter" on the Giza Plataeu to provide the keys to material reality of reconstituted stone that would be lost to material science. Deeper we can see that this key reveals the means for reconstituted soul denied by legalization of an "ethical proposition" in a universe without knowledge of good and evil. God is not ethical. God is Creator. The Giza Complex was designed to preserve and reincarnate the Creator in Man.
If you allow Shu to represent the metaphysical element air and Tehnut-Neith the element water then when Shu was placed between Nut (fire) and Geb (earth) the Human Cognition had gone mad. Heaven and Earth were separated because the tempest of emotion that is madness was considered "evil." It was the belief that tempestuous emotion was wrong that gave the rationalizing mind a proverbial foothold on human cognition. From that day forward the Elysian Fields (Garden of Eden) would be off limits for human cognition. The only way back to the place where Heaven and Earth were not separated in the duality of rational and emotional existence (Yang & Yin) was for rational man to die so that sentimental emotion could empower the sanctity of life. Love is temporal and not rational, yet with out it, life is void of any eternal purpose. When we give up rational intent for the sake of eternal love we become One with Primordial Intent. We return to the Creator and the sacred place that is reality. Love is the Sacred Spirit that give mortality value.
When you listen to Dr. Barsoum's Pyramid Presentation you will be struck by one fundamental fact. The geological and Egyptological establishments are not willing to give up the "Post Turtle" position they have acquired (ref. Post Turtle). The heads of the departments of the Socratic schools of philosophy have no interest in reality. They know that any change in what they "know" to be real will undermine the mountain of evidence they have accumulated and profess to be knowedge. The threat of losing the rational elevations of the hallowed posts of academia and legalism and material science will mean that the Material Universe cannot be controlled within the "Self Aware Universe" of the quantum physicist, Amit Goswami. Self awareness is the antithesis of the architectural designs of Giza and Teotihuacan. These Cities of God were designed to cause and enhance Cosmic Awareness within which Self Awareness is an infinitesimal, but not neglible, component.
Self awareness is the Sheep Door of Aries that must be passed through, but the Lamb's Blood tells us it is Death's Door.
  1. John 10:1
    Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that entereth not by the door into the sheepfold, but climbeth up some other way, the same is a thief and a robber. 
  2. John 10:2
    But he that entereth in by the door is the shepherd of the sheep.
  3. John 10:7
    Then said Jesus unto them again, Verily, verily, I say unto you, I am the door of the sheep.
The metaphor of the Sheep Door is clearly identified at the entrance to the temples at Luxor and Karnak. The Egyptians understood that the maturation process of the human organism would not survive the Valley of the Shadow of Death, which is Pisces at the Cosmic Winter Solstice. The Giza Complex records a time after the return of Orion's belt to the Summer Solstice. In 2378 AD the star Alnitak will by at the summer solstice and the causeway to the Son pyramid of Menkaure (smaller of the three) will point directly to the third belt star of Orion when it rises. (See Alignment of Causeways at Giza) The implication is that the Father (Great Pyramid, Alnitak and Rasalhague) and the Mother (Sphinx Pyramid, Anilan and Spica) will provide the Rising Star status to the Son, (Small Pyramid, Mintaka and Mintaka). The message is that the Son of Osiris will be self oriented to the East and the restoration of the Kingdom of Osiris will be accomplished. That kingdom is celestially identified by the constellations usurped by the Peoples of the Exodus, including the Greeks, Assyrians, Persians, Romans, Christians, and all Hepserians who pursued a dream course of existence. These are the wandering peoples who replaced the Shemsu Hor, a.k.a., the Is-Ra-El-ites.
As you prepare to present your idea of "The Sacred Time of 2012" consider the ramifications of a global culture that rapes Mother Nature without gratitude for another 1000 years. The true spirit behind The Sacred Time of 2012 is that the Hesperian Culture will return to its roots before its rejection of reality destroys all traces of the Truth of our origins, or the Apples of the Hesperides will become rot gut in a World without compassion as we destroy ever Twin Tower ever made. 9/11 will be a millennium long path of destruction and there will be no end to the Kali Yuga. 
All of this is the Way of Horus, for since the pyramids at Giza were constructed civilization has lived in accordance with the Word of Man. The Pyramids at Giza memorialized the illiterate intelligence that was the human race. The pyramids of the following dynasties were filled with Holy Script and the human race had become rational. Today if a person is illiterate they are equated with ignorance. We speak of reality with words like "literally" when it is clear that we sanctify the Word of Man and not the Intelligent Matter that carries the Word of God.
This may seem to be too big a burden for you, but it is not your burden to carry alone. Your burden is to inspire the possibility that the writing of the Rig Veda resulted in the loss of the vision of the First Time. It was first in the writing, and it must be the first in the Revelation to return mankind to the state of sensibility. The stars still tell the story. If humanity can restore the ancient story in the stars of its origin then the movement of the stars to the places where they are will not have been in vain. If humanity continues to reject the "intelligence in matter" then the Cosmic Dream of an Earth in Heaven is doomed and God will have no recourse but to try again. In order to try again the Lamb's Blood must be removed from the Land of the Rising Sun by force of nature. We must lose our minds and go mad.
Humanity understands the righteousness of Mother Nature, but humanity does not understand that Mother Nature always does what she is told. If your efforts can in any way enhance the perception that Mother Nature follows Divine Intent, then all the souls who have bet their lives on the messages of the Rig Veda and the souls that built the Giza Complex and the souls that aligned Teotihuacan will rise into Heaven Above along with the Season of the Dead in 2012.
This would be the greatest accomplishment since the vernal equinox entered the Land of the Nazarenes. Ultimately we must restore the Way of Horus to the vernal equinox in the Land of the Rising Sun. The Way of Seth will not pass away, but finally we will begin the forward journey into Aquarius and understand that all rational cognition is just Seth looking back over his shoulder wondering if Osiris is in front of him. The Sethians know that they have but little time. The Horians know that their day will come. That day was memorialized by The Sacred Time of 2012.

From: bruceraphael
To: EyeofSiloam
Sent: 6/3/2008 6:38:26 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time
Subj: The Way of Horus

June 2, 2008

Wow what a 45 day stretch of business! We are closing in on what
should be our swan song (?) in this business and looking forward to
times elsewhere in the world.

What is the Way of Horus of the 2 horizons?
and what truth does the bird get from the serpent now?

Still the Wadi of Wisdom.

PS: 2 nites ago I assembled a presentation called
Cosmic Collectibles from the ROC (in photo) to DZ , crop circles etc ..
and it was put into a video story being trialed for a demo for an
ad company about Interactive Reality entertainment.
the website www.trace-art.com  was the home plate for those filmed to
participate in the 'game'.

2 women were present from NYC. One named GEN from www.taada-media.com
and the other Ellen from the infamous Brooklyn Rail art world
(who also filmed me with a secondary camera) www.brooklnrail.org.
An intersting nite for a change of pace. I think it is a sign for new
social struts being set up for us in the months to come.



Strategies and Business Development in China, OPI
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