The Journey to the Southern Pleiades:
Massacre at Aurora

Did the psychiatrist raising his spirits cause the Joker of a Dark Knight Rises to be who she led him to become?

Colorado shooting bombshell: Defense says suspect was psychiatric patient

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A Timeline in the Cosmos


Zenith at 12:05 AM 7/20/2012 MDT


A Swan Song begins


Nadir at 12:05 AM 7/20/2012 MDT


With the Southern Pleiades at the stern, the nadir under Aurora drags the bow of the Cosmic Vessel under the waves in to the Deadly Sea


The Timeline begins in the Temporal South where the apocalypse of the Magi shows a child on an eagle transcending the Heavenly Serpent whose length is "time, times, and half a time."


To the West an unmistakable sign of the Time for a Damsel to go down is revealed. The Damsel is pulled under by the God of War, meaning rational bondage, at the back of her neck. She is Psyche and the Shooter was a man-child whose rational world was so disordered that a psychiatrist was treating him. But, was the psychiatrist raising his spirits, or causing the Joker of a Dark Knight Rises to be who she led him to become?
Colorado shooting bombshell: Defense says suspect was psychiatric patient


On the North of the Timeline the Camel hangs by its neck as the Rich Man Rises with his weapon and his booty. He is the Angel of Death, of whom it has long been said, "The Dark Knight Rises."


As with all Cosmic Timelines the Expression of Intent rises in the East. There we witness Al Buraq and the bound woman centered above the orb of the Father of Time, Uranus. Where the First Father sits reveals the Sign of the Times.


Cosmic destiny would have First Father move east of the Deadly Sea of the Monster back into the House of the Fishers of Men. But, the time of the progression of First Father ended on July 13, 2012, one week before the Dark Knight Rises was sent into retrograde by the Joker called Holmes and his shrink Dr. Lynne Fenton, a board certified psychiatrist at the university’s Anshutz Medical Campus in Aurora, Col. If ever there was evidence that digging into the dark unconscious of a human being without the rescue plan of the Eagle-Serpent and Child, the darkness of Aurora on July 20, 2012 at 12:05 am has provided it. A boy trained in the most skilled powers of Mars could not find a place for his Psyche to rest. The consequence was that he chose an alter ego from the Dark Knight Rises and played out a fantasy that Dr. Fenton brought to the surface so as to release some repressed identity to take control of a very rational man-child called Holmes.

Psychiatry is not a science because it deals with Godless motives in a world dominated by the Antichrist (Nibiru) without acknowledging that Material Science is a heresy of cosmic proportions and psychology is a heresy of subjective proportions. All the Psyche of Holmes needed to know was that the education he excelled at was useless for achieving an identity he could live with. Then Holmes could have realized that the problem of Psyche is that she cannot shine her light on Eros while she embraces him, for he is who has been denied as a Dark Knight Rises. Holmes would have best been served by shining a light on the apparition of the Magi where an Eagle and a Serpent carry the lifeless body of Eros back to the region of the Aurora Borealis and the Corona Borealis where Bootes-Actaeon once saw Diana-Virgo in a flirtatious bath that turned the Great Hunter into dog food as his bestiality raised the Priapus of a Great Stag on Golgotha as the Southern Seven Sisters rode away on the Vessel of Eternity.

That is "why" the Father of Time turned back before crossing the Deadly Sea. The work of consummation in First Pisces after Aquarius had not taken seed.


First Father had entered the Deadly Sea Monster's lair on May 12, 2012 and it would exit in regression on September 17, 2012 in preparation for Maya 2012.


For those who do not know, the Deadly Sea Monster lays under a woman on the Interstate Commerce Commission Building where fishes jump away from her feet in the view from the heavens down to Washington, D.C. She is Andromeda, the Bound One with the "Block Head" above the Fishes who was set free by Novus Ordo Seclorum. America is one of her names, but be not led astray by the Horse of the Sea, it is a Deadly Sea Monster that cannot be tamed and whose time has come in the Judgment of a Supreme Court. For this, First Father has to return to the Fishes before the prophesy of Maya 2012 has come. This will be the End Time of the Bound Woman who is a falling damsel in distress, just like her namesakes, America, Democracy, Liberty, Freedom, and Columbia. The Age of Enlightenment caused the destruction of Cosmic Harmony because its central tenet is that Humanism is King and man must embrace the Harlot of Babylon as the Goddess of Fate.


Is there hope that First Father will restore Cosmic Harmony?
No, that is why First Father returned to the Vernal Equinox to give the fools of the Age of Enlightenment another chance to gain a cognitive grasp on the difference between The Dark Knight Rises and The Virgin Damsel Falls upon the vessel of the Eternal Journey where the Southern Pleiades escape from Golgotha on a Death Boat.

There is no hope in Human Enlightenment, for the unconscious abyss of the Human Soul is a Deadly Sea, precisely as C G Jung said. There can be no hope of human wisdom being restored in a Cosmos without Self Enlightenment. Mother Mary came speaking words of wisdom, "Let it be. Let it be. Let it be clear, please." The Self Enlightenment of the Cosmos is "He" who said, "Let there be light on the very First Day." Science, and its daughter, Psyche, the folly of Analytical Psychology must fall into the Bottomless Pit without hope of restoration. If Analytical Psychology rises, it will do so on the Flying Horse of a Dark Knight. Rather, the Word of First Father must proceed from the Mouth of First Mother. When Prima Materia speaks, there is only the wisdom called Common Sense where Mother Nature measures Men and Gods. This sense flows from the material existence and it alone reveals that stars are not simple burning balls of gas. They are the medium of The First Father. Like a sculptor working marble, or a painter working oils or a gardener working soil, First Father uses the substance of all creation to prepare a Cosmic Work. From Dark Matter it is First Father that speaks through each journey in the stars.

Between March 3, 2013 and March 27, 2013 the Vernal Sun will pass and the Psyche of Humanity will be given a second chance to witness First Father coming out of the Abyss of the Deadly Sea. Will a Fatherless Boy retain power in the White House, or will a man of a line of fathers who witnessed Angel Moroni and the Golden Tables under a tree prove that First Father can change Cosmic Intent without Death of Cognitive Intent in a Son?


For this revelation a Cosmic Number was chosen and twelve living Apostles lost their lives and joined the Southern Pleiades with Pacal at the Cross on Golgotha. An additional 59 survived their injuries. As summed this equals 14, the number of constellations through which Uranus passes if we add the Heavenly Father who raises the Serpent and the Monster of the Sea. The goal however, since the Pyramids at Giza were designed to tell this story is that the Prodigal Son, Orion and John are two of his names, will rise to meet the Plane of the Earth and the Sun. There will come a day long long away in the future when the stars of Orion will be above the Ecliptic and then the Father and the Son will again become One. In the meantime we have Coyolxauhqui and all the Chosen Ones to remind us that the Human Unconscious is the Ogdoad of a Bottomless Pit from which all humans draw that which they choose to believe. Those who shed the skull tied to their backs will raise the Northern Pleiades to the Child on the Eagle and see the First Dawn.


This is how it was when James Holmes consulted with Lynne Fenton about the timeline when the Dark Knight Rises. Because she was illiterate in the Cosmic Works, she was taken down with the Southern Pleiades where the Jolly Roger waves and her incompetence took down many souls within and without the boundary of Aurora in a state colored red where a man used the color of God to demonstrate something had interred his cognition in a Numb Skull where never was Common Sense explained. When we make Mother Nature angry as a boiling cauldron we are gaudy birds on a Dead Tree. But, if we flip God Angry Eyes around we can see that her anger was caused by the children at her ears that had their heads upside down. Then the Man-child of darkness, with a grasp on the cloaks of Heaven and Earth ascends into the Maternal Light Shadow that gave birth to stars where The Dark Knight Rises. No creature alive can deny that the cloak of Earth is in the cloak of Heaven if they have a little Common Sense.

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