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In some African and Caribbean countries, a similarly obscene gesture is extending all five digits with
the palm facing forward, meaning "you have five fathers" (thus calling someone a bastard).

See description of the SEIU Minions and their Song of Abduction below.

The First Obama Oath of Office in the sequence it was spoken:

I Barack Hussein Obama I Barack do solemnly swear.
I Barack Hussein Obama do solemnly swear.

The First Obama Oath of Office by the two participants:
Roberts: I Barack Hussein Obama . . .
Obama Interrupts: I Barack . . .
Roberts still on his pace: . . . do solemnly swear.
Obama restarts: I Barack Hussein Obama do solemnly swear.

The moral of the story? Never send a Wooden Boy to do a Real Man's job. The ego desire, "I can't wait to be king," destroys the solemn occasion of a child's accomplishments. Obama did not have teleprompters just four words, "I," and "Barrack Hussein Obama," which are one word to an arrogant boy, were beyond his capacity to "Think on his Feet."

SEIU Minions Sing a Song of Abduction

1.       The force that destroys all Great Nations is rational judgment based upon fear of conquest.


2.       The reaction to fear is rage and temper tantrums that become “Liberating Strife.”


3.       A new leader is “created” who can steal the hearts and minds of the constituent base.


4.       In short order his handlers carry out the order, “Let Them Know,” to bond the constituents.


5.       Only the constituents know the Secret Code because “loose lips sink ships.”


6.       Truth cannot be hidden or destroyed. Truth can only be denied. That which is before the
face is truth and the mind of good conscience can read the body language truth inspires.


7.       The first of the Great Nations to Fall was Atlantis, the global Aborigine Culture sensed by Plato.


8.       Egypt held the fort for an impossibly long period of time because She taught reincarnation
of the Spirit in the Sky and resurrection of the Body on Earth. This Tenet is the only order that
can restore the Order of Truth. All other forms of orders are mortal dementia guided by Lords
of the Under World who claim to be Real Men by virtue of their total lack of virtuous
. They are what they say they are not, and their body language reveals the
Spirit in the Sky that is Universal Truth even through deceased flesh, i.e., senselessness.


9.       Israel saw the “hand writing on the wall” and they took the Manna from Heaven and made
it the Law of the Land for the sake of the Land Above the Land. This caused Egypt to slide
beneath the Abysmal Sea, as she predicted would occur when the Asiatics descended into
Egypt. But, Egypt had an ace up her sleeve in the Abyss. Egypt understood reincarnation of
the Spirit in the Sky and resurrection of the flesh in the Life to Come, i.e., intuition. It was this
very doctrine that the Men From Ur have despised since civilization began. Every time these
Lords of Darkness usurp the Light of Day in one land of achievement, the Light of the World
is reincarnated elsewhere and resurrected each day.


10.    Alexander defeated the Men From Ur and established a New World Order aimed at the
raising up of the Celestial Virgin in the Tenets of the Hellenes. The death of the Hellenes was
the death of the primordial Christians. The Hellenes, composed of Egyptian, Hebrew, and
Greek legacies resolved to keep the Faith in the Man-child of the Wonder in Heaven alive
without reincarnation of the ancient Spirit in the Sky. By resurrection of the collective body of
experience, this magical feat was accomplished as faith, hope, and love empowered by the
Belief in eventual Rapture and then Reincarnation of the Son of God. But, before this could
happen the King of the Men From Ur would have to be removed from real consciousness to
protect the Cognition of Truth hidden behind the veil in the Temple of Man. There can be no
doubt that the Aborigine, the Egyptians, the Hebrews, and the Hellenes believed in an Afterlife.
But, the way of the coming Cognition of the Creator had to be hidden so that the Children of God
could come to know the meaning of impoverishment of Cognition of the Spirit In The Sky.
This process became the Age of the Dead King of the Jews, raised in a Sea of Reeds by the
sucker roots of the Tree of Life, the Nazarenes of Pisces.


11.    We are now at the point where the King of the Americans must be destroyed so that impoverishment
of substance can be joined with impoverishment of spirit as the Apotheosis of George Washington
is denied for the sake of Progressive Ideals. This form of impoverishment is Pure Chaos. In every
cycle of the Phoenix the demise of the Civil Order is brought about by Progressive Idealists who
see through fear filled eyes because of their own incarnated anger induced by False Expectations
Appearing Real (FEAR) created as a vehicle for control. This was the same Heresy that took down
Atlantis, and Egypt many times, and Assyria, Babylon, Persia, and Rome. When cultures are focused
upon these rationalizations of FEAR, the leaders are the ones who control the FEAR of their beasts of
burden who are the minions of Progressive Fantasies. This is exactly what the minions expect of tyrants,
but because they turn their backs to Truth and fill their faces with FEAR they cannot separate any subliminal
feeling from its sensible source. The FEAR Mongers are the Masters of Deception that offer wealth and
personal satisfaction as they put the minions in bondage. The number of such FEAR Mongers is great,
but they are an incredibly small portion of the FEAR witnessing minions. The result is power given to the
few revolutionaries eventually percolates up to a Single Boss. The FEAR of that BOSS is what the FEAR
Mongers teach the Minions to sing. The Minions then feel the comfort of the song, “My Darling,” and do
not comprehend the rationalization that caused the loss of their own souls. The FEAR Mongers are the
soldiers of the Great Red Dragon of Unbalanced Desire who upset the tranquility in the Minions and then
bind them to addictive salvation as the FEAR Mongers rise to become Kings of Kings until eventually one
masters FEAR better than all the others and becomes The King of Kings riding on a donkey with the head
of a woman, the tail of a peacock and the wings of an eagle, i.e., an arrogant egotist. In spite of the shenanigans
of the deceptive Progressive Tyrants, there is one King of Kings that no mortal can rise above. This is the Truth
that is the Spirit in the Sky and it was to this King that George Washington ascended in his Apotheosis.
Any Progressive Agenda that denies Truth must deny George Washington. Of Washington, all his peers
revealed his core belief, “A friend in deed is a friend indeed.” Being of Anglican and Masonic tradition
Washington understood the Mithrasian matra, “Greater love has no man than to lay down his life
for his friend.
” It was this very core belief that resulted in the Apotheosis of George Washington in the
Temple of Liberty in the District of Columbia, i.e. Capitol Building in Washington, D.C.


12.    A man from Tarsus, where the Mithrasians began, fell down to Earth two millennia ago and from
his humbled position he saw the Light of Day. Like a bolt from Zeus this man from Tarsus and all
the men who followed Perseus in the form of Mithras came to see the Face of God.   Like the
Benjaminites taking the daughters of Shiloh and the Romans taking the daughters of the Hills of
Sabina, the Mithrasians eventually came to realize that they had Raped the daughters of Demeter
and by doing so had angered the rightness of Mother Nature. In the minds of boys, rape is simply
a process of becoming a man. So it is that the Progressives have gone to the daughters of Columbia
and justified their actions under the tenet, “boys will be boys” as "they do what is right in their own eyes."

The concept of rape in the minds of mature men is well defined in the words of Revelation 12,
where the Wonder in Heaven travails to give birth to the Man-child of the hand of iron. The gift
she offers is threatened by the Great Red Dragon, whose claws are the Symbol of Justice and also the
Man-child of the iron hand. What we see when we see the Rape of the Daughters of Columbia
is a Progressive Mind doing what is “right in his own eyes.” These eyes do not sense with a conscience
nor do they have cognition beyond personal desire. The Progressive Mind is a beast known as the
Great Red Dragon. It is always veiled as a savior of “hope and change,” but when the End Times come,
it is clear that the veil covered unbalanced desire that consumed Liberating Common Sense under the
guise of Social Justice.

A man named Saul came to this Light of Cognition of Truth and followed it because the Light of Cognition
delivers True Justice rather than the Herd Justice of the FEAR Mongers who cry, “Love Me!, Kill Him!”
for the sake of Social Justice. When civilization sets its goal to rape Mother Nature, there can be no Social Justice
because the Garden of Eden has born the fruit of destruction. Anger is no virtue even when it is disguised as a minion of SEIU.