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Friday, October 16, 2009

Anita Dunn, President Obama's Communications Director, in June (3 months ago) at commencement speech, said that one of her favorite political philosopher was Mao Tse Tung. The very same Communist - Mao Tse Tung - who is the worst mass murdering modern history. Moa had 70 million people murdered. She praises Moa as one of her two favorite philosophers - a person who killed more people than Hitler. As the communications director for the President, she  has been a vocal voice in attacking conservatives and even the Fox News Channel. Deception revealed!




Evidence for Alteration
on YouTube?
Mark 14:47 (DRA): An one of them that stood by, drawing a sword, struck a servant of the chief priest, and cut off his ear.

Matthew 23:33 (DRA)
You serpents, generation of vipers,
how will you flee from the
judgment of hell?


Evidence of Humbaba
on August 4, 1961 at 7:24 PM
on Oahu, Island and the
Great Wall of Uruk


Gilgamesh & Inanna


"Inanna, your breast is your field, water flowing from on high for the lord, bread from on high"


Humbaba & Cedar Forest


Gilgamesh & Humbaba


Utnapishtim, the Archer-Sage now called Sagittarius and Urshanabi the ferryman the Greeks called the Centaur Chiron navigate the Gateway of Gods where Enkidu laid his axe in the Cave of the Dead near the Place of the Skull. Urshanabi can navigate the Waters of Death; Gilgamesh needs him. 


Three Men of Heaven ride the Lion of Uruk at the End Time place of the God of Sunshine and the Flood Plain of Wisdom and Love


The King takes a bath and drops the Key of Heaven with the thorn branch of Reborn Man


Etana rises with the Soul of the King's Alter-ego, the Woman in Man, Inanna.


The Sun Dragon of Shamash


The Abyss of Tiamet

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