Terri Schindler's Law = Life Requires Love

Thirteen days to kill a wife so that a man could move on at the expense of a mother and father
 ended on the night when love passed wisdom and light..


On the Zenith Meridian the child rode the beast of Aquarius and was caught up in the Swan of Zeus.


Above the child the Swan of Zeus and the True Cross of the Savior show the Open Mouth of First Mother.

She was taken by the laws of tyrants who claim rights for an adulterous husband that belong to the genes.


The image beyond the body of Terri Schindler Schiavo shows that she waited until the Feather of Truth showed that Life was her desire.


With Jupiter at the Earth's shadow, and the nadir meridian passing through the Leo Cancer Boundary, this child who lost rational control of her genetic heritage was taken by God in her own time. She was Maat. Her desire was Common Sense. Her fate was to fall to the Ten Horns of the Great Red Dragon as her husband abandoned Common Sense. The question is not whether Terri Schiavo desired life. The question is whether Terri Sciavo desired her genetic heritage over the tyranny of an unloving husband. Common Sense tells us that no child would die if the child's genetic heritage desired that she live. The laws of Florida sided with the Ten Horns of the Great Red Dragon and spoke with the double edged sword of the Son of Man. This is the death sentence when justice is blind to Common Sense.

The question that the Wandering Children of the Stars must resolve is whether genes have any rights. If genes have no rights, then the legal systems of the Double Edged Sword of the Son of Man will dictate whether Love should prevail over Wisdom and Light. The stars leave now doubt that Love must prevail for life. Likewise, Common Sense declares Love for Life above Love for Death. Blind Justice is a False God created by the Lords of Darkness for the purpose of making demigods out of unwise rationalizations.


Life requires Divine Love before the arrogance of Rational Law.

But Never Forgotten

With Miter and Scepter he Rides the Phoenix in the Sea of Reeds

Eye of Siloam

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