Born to Judge

We are all born to judge, but the serendipitous journey of the life of one man-child born Cho Seung Hui began with profound Synchronicity and it ended as it began, for the record shows that Seung Hui Cho was to carry out the judgment of the Signs of The Times in accordance to the adage "as above, so below." In this case, The Times applies to the generic community of news organizations that lay out a path toward fame for any man-child that can identify with the requirements for a modern news organization to publish a manifesto of one Born to Judge. But, when we examine the details of the massacre a case can be made that the 30 Bullets represented the 30 years of the Life of Jesus, and Cho Seung Hui was chosen at birth to judge a world he never would understand because that world had lost all capacity for self cognition and it could not give to him the ability for self cognition. Psychiatrists twist their minds to explain the actions, but they cannot comprehend the symbols and the silent messages that surrounded the life of Cho Seung Hui. He did what righteous instincts told him to do. Had he experienced the Rapture of True Cognition, he would have known himself and his righteous instincts would have been tempered by the cognition that self will is initiated by Universal Will at the instant of conception, not for the sake of righteousness, but for the sake of recognition.

In a manifesto sent to NBC New York, Cho said, ""Do you know what it feels like to be humiliated and impaled upon the cross? Thanks to you I die like Jesus Christ, to inspire generations of the weak and the defenseless people,''  adding that, "When the time came, I did it. I had to.'' He was born into a world that spoke of a beneficent God but displayed actions unbecoming beneficent divinity. He had the desire to serve the Creator placed within him by genetic nature and by cultural nurture, and the Creator guided his destiny in the same way that Job suffered without knowing the cause of his despair. Unlike Job, there was no rapprochement with God, and Cho knew that his fate was that of Jesus Christ. Cho anguished over what needed to be done and in the end he followed the example of Jesus at the rock in Gethsemane, not what I will, but what thou wilt. In his own words he demonstrated that the ideal of salvation required an inspiring example, and his approach to salvation was inspired by 19 men on jumbo jets on September 11, 2001, and a whole series of self righteous massacres including; Peoples Temple in Jonestown 1978, Branch Davidian Massacre 1993, Oklahoma City Bombing 1995, Heaven's Gate Cult 1997. On his arm he told the world that he was a child of Abraham, and he came to destroy the idols in the temple of human devotion. A child of 23 had been misled by a mass media culture that exalted vengeance that used these Signs of The Times, and he was told by God in the same manner to avenge the world by demonstrating what the Signs of The Times are doing to their children.

The 32 victims were nameless to him, for his objective was to complete a command given to him at birth. He was born to judge, and he did what he had been told. The fault, if we are to conclude that a massacre represents a fault and not an Act of God, is that the culture within which he had been raised was a culture without respect for the Will of God with a passion for violence. Abraham set a knife to the throats of Isaac and Ishmael, and the Father of Jesus took the life of His only Son. The message was clear to Cho. He was the axe of Abraham in the hand of a Son of Man attempting to draw attention to the Father in Heaven by the sacrifice of Sons of God to the 33rd Degree. Was it delusion in a child, as psychiatrists profess, or was it an Act of God carried out in the body of a man-child? That is what we intend to establish in this essay. Was it insanity or Divinity? Was it fate or Apocalypse?

Links to the Virginia Tech background information is available at Born to Judge, an analysis of the gun man Seung Hui Cho of the Virginia Tech Massacre. Presently we need to establish the background that led to Cho using the examples he referenced being Jesus and Ishmael to carry out the destruction of the idols of American culture as he saw the idols. We must restore the origins of Jesus and Ishmael before we can establish the cause to be insanity or Divinity.


Constantine I and the Battle at the Milvian Bridge.

The upper region of Constantine's dream is Olympus, and the lower region is the Abyss over Hades. Constantine kills Maxentius with a long lance and Maxentius falls into the abyss on his way to Hades. The Southern Cross is positioned as the Guiding Light for Constantine at the edge of the abyss. He kills the Three Headed Dog, Cerberus, that guards Hades along side the bridge to the Eternal City. In the upper register Constantine and the three soldiers represent The Key of heaven, Chi-1Psi3 Pisces. The serendipitous consequence of the conquest by Constantine is that the Age of the Nazarenes takes the couch of Heaven with Constantine as the King of Kings, and the master of Christian Intent. The painting presents the Sign of the Times when the vernal equinox sat under the asterism known as The Key of heaven. The encircled cross is aligned by the sun symbols on either side of the chin of Constantine in both realms. The angle of the couch, the hems of the soldiers, and the "Divinely Guided" bicep of the lance bearing arm of Constantine represents the location of the vernal equinox relative to the Moment of the First Occasion of the cult of the Aten revealed in the tomb of King Tut. However, the cult of Constantine refined the Aten symbol with the text of the New Testament that aligns the right arm of Ophiuchus and the flagstaff of the chariot of the Son of Man with the Alpha-Omega axis identified on the artwork by the post of the couch. The four dots on the foot of the couch frame represent the Key of Heaven grouped as one and three. They mean "The Key." The couch post and the thin board provide the identity "Angle." Combined they say "The Key Angle." To emphasize and certify the angle the sun symbols at Constantine on the couch above and at Constantine on the horse below repeat the angle and line touches the chin of Constantine in the same way that the head of Cepheus touches the Milky Way. The duality of the two images of Constantine and the correlation to Cepheus say "As above, so below." This was Constantine's dream; to be King of Kings. Of that, there can be little doubt. But, the fact that the Key Angle is a lay line to Bootes in Heaven Above means that Constantine was guided by the Hand of God, precisely as he claimed.

The  Three Princes of Serendip is a Persian fable illustrating that lack of order can produce rational order that transforms material reality. The power for the transformation is in whether the Synchronicity of Carl Jung represents coincidence or the Word of God. Is The Key on the painting of Constantine a coincidence, or did the artist realize that Constantine had experienced a moment of Synchronicity, as above, so below? Synchronicity is the key for all communications. The two great religions of modern Western Civilization were aligned to the principle "as above, so below." The Christian calendar is dated to the Birth of Christ through the death of the King of the Jews when the vernal equinox passed the first line of Pisces. Constantine saw the "Sign from Heaven" to inaugurated the Christian Order on earth. This was done when the solar meridian of the vernal equinox aligned with the Key of Heaven. The Islamic Calendar was initiated three centuries later when the followers of Muhammad abandoned all celestial orientations in what has to be considered a reaction against the "idols in the temple." The Mithrasian Mystery cult that illustrated Perseus on the back of Taurus was obviously a Persian Mystery Cult. But, the Key of Heaven, which was a Persian marker could be viewed from the Solar Centered Ecliptic, or from the Earth Centered Equator. The two cults that split from the Persian Zoroastrian astrology were divided upon the placement of the centroid, or navel of the heavens.

Astrology had become a dominant force in the late classical period and Christianity and Islam were formed to restore the relationship "as above, so below." Christianity utilized the asterisms to tell their story, but removed awareness of the constellations to maintain cultural longevity. Only those who achieved Synchronicity "as above, so below" would be capable of Uniting the Two Lands. Islam was more aggressive in eliminating the icons and it provided no path to salvation beyond submission to the Quran so that social order could be assured. Both cults were derived from the Bull Slayer precepts of Persia. The Bull Slayer had become a metaphor for righteousness. From 622 AD until Hulagu Khan destroyed Baghdad, Islam employed a more rational science, albeit synchronized to the moon and not the sun and stars. Nevertheless, Islamic culture knew the stars better than any other culture. They simply removed the sanctity from the stars and most critical to their Key of Heave, they claimed that Allah had no son and no mother. This sealed Islam as the theology of Eternal Divine Intent and mortal mundane submission. With the summary report written in the Quran, Allah lost the capacity for free will and the culture of Islam established a Jihad mindset to all Infidels that did not honor their summary of the Will of God. Free Will is not an option to the Creator, it is an option given to mortals. Nevertheless, since mortals are part of the All, free will is an aspect of Divine Will. When the Final Report was conceived for the Quran, free will was eliminated from the Mind of God. It was an act of tyranny and it created a tyrannically rational form of righteousness. The Quran was not, nor is it wrong. It is void of free will. Zoroastrian astrology, and all the predecessors of the Aryas of Mesopotamia identified a vengeful God that would would apply mercy only after submission to fate. Monotheism strips away the variance in the spirits of God. Christianity attempted to allow God the choice of Father, Mother, and Son, as the core principles of communication, whether mortal or immortal. Three spirits in One God represented the Key of Heaven. Islam was formed to capture the Key of Heaven and prevent further abuse against the Mind of God. Seung Hui Cho became Ismail's Ax for the very same purpose.

(Click on movie to stop and step through the backward running Sun Wagon.)

Seung Hui Cho was blindly following the serendipity of Constantine who was finishing the job that Alexander had begun when the meridian of the vernal equinox cut the Gordian Knot, but unlike Alexander and Constantine, Cho was swinging a vengeful decapitating ax. This painting commemorates the conquest of the world by Alexander. It is a time marker showing that Alexander was preparing to cut the Gordian Knot, or Alresha in Pisces, as the sheep were being chased out of the Eternal City. Queen Olympia, his mother, is shown in the pose of Cassiopeia. Alexander is shown in the pose of the fully robed Cepheus.  The Gordian Knot is binding the celestial cart with a wheel of the seasons that carried the vernal sun at the 1st of Aries. This four part wheel is also shown in the painting of Constantine's dream regarding the Battle at the Milvian Bridge. But, since the asterism of the knot of Pisces is on the meridian of the vernal equinox in 330 BC, the lambs are being driven out of town. This represents the Dawn of Pisces within the Age of Aries of an Earth centered world view.

Because of tyranny of Caesar Augustus after the defeat of Cleopatra and Mark Antony, the Age of Pisces was delayed until Constantine drove the Arians out of the Eternal City when the vernal sun passed The Key of heaven. However, to prevent the return of the Taureans and the Bull Slayers, the Age of Pisces was made covert in the tradition of the Mithrasian pirates known as Simon the Cyrene who also carried the four part cross when the King of the Jews stumbled entering the New Age. The Age of the Nazarenes was initiated at the death of the last of the Shepherds in 30 AD at the ascension to heaven of Caesar Augustus to the status of Divine. On that year the vernal equinox intersected the east line of Pisces and the date is a measurable event which synchronized the Solar and the Equatorial meridians. It was impossible to conclude that the Age of Aries still existed when the vernal equinox sat on the asterism of Pisces.

However, 2000 years later, the vernal equinox is still bound by the Gordian Knot at the 1st of Aries because of a recalcitrant perception that a Son of Man was made a Son of God. Aries, the most arrogant of signs, was not defeated and the Anunnaki still guided Western Civilization away from the Heavens. It had been decided by the Sumerians that arrogance is a blind fool's paradise, and those who came down from heaven to earth known as the Anunnaki were allowed to keep their name at the Holy of Holies after the last Passover Meal when the vernal equinox could not be called the 1st of Aries in a true relationship "as above, so below." The consequence of that tyrannical decree is that the Sun of God called the Rising Sun lost its association with the Son of God known for thousands of years as the Vernal Sun, when the spring sun rises above the equator of the earth. And with the binding of the Vernal Sun to the Sheep Door, the Ascension of Man was delayed for about a whole day. Nibiru had brought the Anunnaki to the abyss and the place beneath where Zeus had banished his brother, Hades. Only Tartarus was beneath the realm of Hades, and it was where the monstrous Titans were banished into the primordial chaos along with Tiamet, the mother goddess of chaos in Sumer. Why did Perseus in the guise of Mithras and Joshua stop the Vernal Sun from being the Rising Sun during the Age of Pisces? The answer to that question is resolved when the End Times of Pisces have come and gone. But, with Seung Hui Cho, we have passed Judgment Day and what follows is the evidence that the serendipity of Seung Hui Cho was the Synchronicity of the birth child name Cho Seung Hui whose destiny it was to judge.

Here is the Abyss of Nu where Nibiru, the king and vehicle of the Anunnaki, crosses the Milvian Bridge. Maxentius was attempting to be the vehicle that reestablished the arrogant Anunnaki on earth in the Eternal City. He had modified the bridge and made it unusable, which is to say he had abandoned the handwriting on the cosmic wall. By his pontoon bridge he intended to cross the abyss and regain the Celestial Heights. But, the pontoons separated and Maxentius fell into Hades on his way to Tartarus, as the symbol of the tyrannical Titans. Look closely and you can see that Old Crooked Serpent and Leviathon once known by the name Tiamet, Typhon, and Apep-Apophis. These are the deepest symbolic forces of human cognition. They are so deep that only the Dove of Orpheus could traverse the clashing rocks that cause a tempest around the mighty Argo that carried Truth to the Lords of the Deep where the Recalcitrant Donkey confused the Message of Maat, which is, "Choose Life on the Judgment Day before Osiris." The Heavenly Hosts will demonstrate that Cho Seung Hui was not given a free will from the moment of conception until the moment of destiny, for the Lord of Heaven Above had need to speak the Word of God regarding the Anunnaki and the changing of the Sign of the Times.

While coming to the Horizon of Olympus, Nibiru rises up the Cepheus Pontoon and kisses the hallowed Land Above the Land. Constantine knew of the Kiss of Death at Cepheus and that explains the reference lines at his chin in the Two Lands. Constantine knew of the journey of Nibiru and he killed Maxentius while he was between pontoons over the Bottomless Pit of Hades. Whether he had such knowledge through genetic passing on, or whether he had serendipity with the times, or whether he had Synchronicity with the Son of God can only be determined by what he did in accordance with what he said. Maxentius failed to achieve the return of Nibiru and Constantine gained the throne of the King of Kings and the Land of the 72 Virgins in Seventh Heaven with the Great Shepherds of the City of God. The Great Shepherd is the constellation Bootes shown above with a crook in one hand and the leashes of hunting dogs just above the handle of the Wagon of the seven stars of Ursa Major.

Seeing the Cross at the Place of the Skull by the aphelion of Nibiru at the pontoon bridge of Chiron, the Centaur, saved Constantine and his army. He listened to his elders and they guided him toward balanced desire. In Greek, Chi Rho stands for cranium, or skull, and also for Christ, which is the Mind of God. So, Constantine followed Chi-Rho-Nu, the Centaur, past the Wolf and captured the flag in the mouth of Sebek, which also has the shape of the spirit of the infamous axe used by Abraham to reprove the temple of the embroidery of the gods known as Graven Images for the sake of the Word of God.

Why was the name of justice for the Word of God called "Ismail Ax" on the arm of Seung Hui Cho? Because Cho Seung Hui knew not a man named Seung Hui Cho. The man-child never realized that the Word of God can be an idol in a temple just as easily as any embroidery in the stars or any statue in a temple that represents the original means for God to speak. Abraham spoke the forbidden words, "Then how come you worship things that can neither speak nor see, nor even fend for themselves? Have you lost your minds?" Abraham projected his lack of understanding upon the idols of passion that carried the worshipers through the dark valley of the shadow of death. These "speechless" idols tell the stories of the ancestors if a person does not run away from the ancestors, as did Abraham.

That which caused the Anunnaki, of which Abraham was the father of the prophets, to descend from heaven to earth was the rationalization that God Speak was confined to the rationalizations of the mind of man. Before God caused a mortal mind to exist, God placed the stars on a path that would demonstrate a serendipitous mind can find Synchronicity with the mind of God. Only the stars can demonstrate that God knew what He was doing before the beginning of time. The Creator of the stars was God before the star light and star dust were sent down to earth from God's field in heaven above, and up from God's sea in heaven below. The rational mind is a dangerous device, for it will kill what it does not know because it does not know what it kills. And this is why it was written in the stars on the day that Cho Seung Hui began a journey of Judgment. The survival instinct is provided to the organism because it will cease to live without it, like a baby with SIDS. The mind of Cho Seung Hui was still born without cognition of true self, but the body of Seung Hui Cho grew to reach that moment of Synchronicity that fulfilled the Word of God written as destiny at his moment of birth. All that we need to know is that Cosmic Cognition exists at all times at once. This knowledge does not come by experience, it comes by acceptance of Cosmic Intent, which has a shadow called fate. But, the light of Cosmic Intent is the purpose for life. We tend to desire a sense of purpose, and yet, that requires the existence of fate.

The serendipity of the Virginia Tech massacre has grave Synchronicity with the ancient idols in the temple of Abraham's father.

First, we look at the noon position of the planets on the day that Cho Seung Hui was born loking toward the White Dragon.  Note that the shadow of the Earth, and thus, the Full Moon,  stood alone while all the other planetary Wandering Ones gathered around the feet of Abraham and the Great Red Dragon of Unbalanced Desire. The implication is that this birth child would come to judge the people who had journeyed from Heaven to Earth on Nibiru, the arrogant Anunnaki, who desired to tell God what to say. This child was Born to Judge! It should be noted that Cho Seung Hui died using the name Seung Hui Cho. We will use his name in both the birth name and the death name form.

This view shows the underside of the ecliptic looking toward keel of Argo and the Leviathan. Here we can see the Nazarenes ahead of the Ram that is empowered by love and joy at the place known as the 1st of Aries when Moses had his people place Lamb's Blood on there door. There also is Chiron, aligned with the sweet influences of the Pleiades. The Lamb leaps for The Key within the Tears of the Eye of Hathor before the Wailing Wall of the Wandering Sheep. At the center of the abyss is the Crooked Serpent, Tiamet, who was banished from the Merchant Road by the Mesopotamians thousands of years earlier when the Anunnaki abandoned Heaven to seek the Promised Land of Earth. She was the cosmic pangenetic wisdom that knew what had not been learned and yet was passed on to the after life through the process of panspermia. It was her instinct that guided the man-child Born to Judge on January 18, 1984 in South Korea. She sent her daughter, Ceres, to ensure that the Water Carrier would be ready when Moses smote the rock in the Wilderness of Sin. Remember where Chiron, Ceres, and Lovejoy stood on the day the man-child was Born to Judge.

The planets are a truly an ominous sign for Cho. First, note that Abraham-Ophiuchus stands with one foot on Uranus, who was the Father of Time, and therefore, the spirit of First Father. The other leg is bound to Venus, at the thigh, which is a power symbol of organic inheritance. Neptune, the Lord of the Solar Sea, and Jupiter, the Lord of Solar Field, are conjunct on the boundary of their Two Lands at the Fountain of Youth and the Cosmic Womb. Mercury, demonstrates the Wisdom of God at the Bow in the Cloud. This is the same Bow in the Cloud that God revealed to Noah when He commanded Noah to build an ark and do the Right Thing to avoid self destruction in an irrational world with vision and sagacity. The Sun was squarely under the Man-child wrapped in swaddling cloths riding the eagle at the mouth of Tauret (Quetzalcoatl), the virgin Mother of Time. And where is Time? He is at the apex of the Balance in the Judgment Hall at the Claw of the Great Red Dragon, which is the spirit of consumption without judgment. What is the Judgment of Time being considered? It is the birth of a rational man-child under the shadow of Hades. In other words, Cho Seung Hui was to come for the Judgment of those who had come down to earth from heaven above and consumed all that the could without justice of mind. He was Born to Judge the Anunnaki. His birth name is pronounced Jo Sung He. The sound of his name on April 16, 2007 was "Sung He Job," for he rationalized through the first 37 chapters of the tribulations of Job, but failed to consult the decisions of youth that establish righteous rationalizations that program the mind to carry out pogroms against self identified evil projected upon reality and other people. Cho Seung Hui was a child of the Father of Prophets and that is why he fulfilled the destiny of the prophets. Seung Hui Cho spoke the forbidden words, "Then how come you worship things that can neither speak nor see, nor even fend for themselves? Have you lost your minds?" Seung Hui paraphrased these apparitions in the manifesto he sent to NBC. It was not the rant of a mad man. It was a cosmic decree. After three to four days, NBC began to sense the handwriting on the wall. They realized that Seung Hui Cho was talking directly to them. Cho did give a name of whom he was communicating with. It was written on the Express Mail package, NBC. Now, stop and weather this profuse serendipity. Was all of this chance? If it was not chance, then the stars revealed the Cosmic Intent. That is what Cho Seung Hui was born to say with his life. Cho Seung Hui was the Ishmael child of Abraham as Seung Hui Cho. Seugn Hui Cho marked his body as Ismail Ax, and he destroyed the body of the man-child Born to Judge. He was not meant to hear the idols speak. His orders were to do and die. Look once more at the arrow drawn from Pluto through Mars over the Leviathan. The arrow is aimed directly at The Key. Now, turn the table of the planets over and look up at the dream of Abraham's Wife. The line from Mars through Pluto shows that she desired a herdsman-hunter and king, for her arrow pierces the Lamb of the I Am. In the journey from Abraham to Aries there are Seven Lights, Scorpio, Libra, Virgo, Leo, Cancer, Taurus, Aries. Each is a period of enlightenment as if a day. Abraham's Wife desires that her own child be circumcised on the Eight Day, which is Pisces. Now we have serendipitously arrived at the Synchronicity that caused the 1st of Aries to carry the vernal sun while the Sun stopped for about a whole day. It was righteousness that caused the sacrifice of the 32 Virgins that made the Hokies cry. Cho Seung Hui was driven to do the Right Thing, but Seung Hui Cho could not find evidence that any one on earth knew what it meant to do Right. So, Seung Hui Cho sacrificed Cho Seung Hui to keep his innocent brother's memory alive. Throughout the ages humankind has understood that sacrificing Virgins and First Born Sons was the only means to establish a course of righteousness. This was never learned on earth. It came as  pangenesis when the panspermia event became life on earth. Cho Seung Hui was not an evil monster, although he was a child of great tears. He protested his tears until he could tolerate it nor more.

These tearful children were the arrogant ones who rode Zecharia Sitchin's Planet X (PX) on their way to sending the Earth into Hades because the would not take the time to cry. Sitchin also experienced the decisions of youth that lead the mind away from heaven to live upon a tyrannical material plane without tears. If we evaluate "Sung He Job" we will be able to unravel the decisions of youth that led to Seung Hui Cho's pogrom carried out on the Hokies of Virginia Tech. When it comes to the decisions of youth we must be mindful that they are not tested until Judgment Day. That is the day we attempt to verify that we have "divined our true self" and we accept our "destiny" with words like, "I had to do it, it is who I Am." Such is the way of all errant traumatic childhood memories, and the Sumerians came to the earth many thousands of years after the first human parents realized that childhood is filled with hokes. They had witnessed the consequence of children believing in false gods and graven images that drift to the back of the mind unresolved and laying in wait until they are triggered by some serendipitous meeting of the Three Princes of Serendip in a journey through the Passage of Perseus, who cut his way through the Cloud in the Sky as an act of war when he ran away with the Medusa's Head. Once the idols begin to appear in the sensible content, the children have wisdom and knowledge and they test their will on their individual Judgment Day. That is the day they choose to establish the destiny of the I Am that they choose. Such a day was April 16, 2007 for a Hokie called Seung-Hui Cho when he acted on the decisions of youth as Sung He Job. He cut and ran because he was afraid of his own shadow child, whom he could not express because it said, "You must use the axe."

Constantine, and all Great Men have known of the Three Princes of Serendip and Nibiru and his eventual return to heaven since the Sumerians first built Ziggurats to chart the path of civilization through the Cosmic Abyss as the vernal sun began to fall from the Virgin's Couch. The "Princes of War" did something that they had learned when Alexander conquered the Persian Empire of Darius III. The Mithrasians taught that enlightenment comes after the conquest of the bull, which was the mystical path toward self knowledge and paternal wisdom. Self knowledge of the Mithrasians was the clarity that comes when the bovine emotions of decisions of youth are no longer subject to the serendipity of the Three Princes of Serendip. That is the meaning of the three soldiers in heaven above and along side the Milvian Bridge. The celestial serendipity is the asterism of The Key of heaven. The princes will live or die depending upon the test on Judgment Day. The test it the test of manhood. The test is passed when victory and defeat are recognized as imposters.

If by Rudyard Kipling

1       If you can keep your head when all about you           
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you;
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
But make allowance for their doubting too;
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
Or being lied about, don't deal in lies,
Or being hated, don't give way to hating,
And yet don't look too good, nor talk too wise:

2    If you can dream -- and not make dreams your master;    
If you can think -- and not make thoughts your aim;
If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two imposters just the same;

If you can bear to hear the truth you've spoken
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
And stoop and build 'em up with worn-out tools;

3    If you can make one heap of all your winnings     
And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
And lose, and start again at your beginnings
And never breathe a word about your loss;
If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
To serve your turn long after they are gone,
And so hold on when there is nothing in you
Except the Will which says to them: "Hold on!"

4        If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,         
Or walk with kings -- nor lose the common touch,
If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
If all men count with you, but none too much;
If you can fill the unforgiving minute
With sixty seconds' worth of distance run --
Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it,
And -- which is more -- you'll be a Man, my son!

On the birth chart for Cho Seung Hui, the most important serendipity of his decisions of youth is the Archer. That is Ishmael, the son of Abraham who became an Archer. At his feet are two crowns. The closest is Corona Australis, the Blue War Crown of Egypt, or Hedjet. Children are led to war because they are fearless and will puff themselves up to do the "impossible." The other is Ara, the Altar of Noah, and the the Red Crown of Egypt that was awarded when an individual completed an experience and became a veteran of his own fate. In the Red Crown is the Crook that is interpreted to be the capacity for change, a whorl or spiral, or immature crook. The crook is given as the reward to the shepherd in the flock in the Elysian Fields. The crook that can be found on the Great Shepherd's Hand away from the leashes of the hunting dogs is the one in Ara, the Red Crown of Egypt. Between the Red Crown and the Beast of Lupus, which is the Egyptian Anubis, in the last chart above, is the God Word. It is in the mouth of Sebek, the Father of Heaven. This is the largest of all the idols in the cosmic temple around the Eternal City. The God Word is the spirit of Ishmael's Axe. It is Divine Righteousness. The Red Crown is on one side of the altar of physical sacrifice where the beast in the man is sacrificed by cognition of the Word God. The Word of God cannot be given to a child, for the Word is the Begotten Son. The man-child must raise the serpent in the wilderness by an apparition of restored youth as the Archer, united with the Centaur strives, not to learn about substance without intent, but to accept that the Cosmic Womb was filled with Divine Intent that resulted in the man-child's birth. A child who sees the Light Above, will fall to the ground and acknowledge that the Word of God is the intent of the I AM THAT I AM.

There should be no doubt by any one who understood the manifesto of Seung Hui Cho, that he was acting on behalf of the God Word. He wrote it upon his arm and it was also written upon the package containing the multimedia manifesto. Did the boy born when Saturn sat in judgment of the birth of Mars, the god of rational intent, under the influence of Pluto, the tyrannical ruler of the underworld, control the Axe that is the Wrath of God? Or, does the clue, "A Is Mail," on the postal envelope marked 9:01 on April 16, 2007 suggest that Seung Hui Cho was not in control of the God Word? He wore the Hedjet crown of a recruit and warrior of God, but he knew he was not a veteran. The decisions of youth guided him across the abyss on the Milvian Bridge of Maxentius, and he failed to achieve the grades of Deshret, Pschent, and Nemes. He lost the war with the Anunnaki within his own virgin experiences. But, that force that guided him to act as he did came through the spirit in his manifesto, which Cho Seung Hui sent to NBC on behalf of Seung Hui Cho. The child knew his destiny was to judge, but the young man misread the destiny of war as death. Had he been given examples of peaceful life, he would have been prepared for the grade of veteran of wars.

After squeezing as much publicity as it could from the manifesto, the Lords of Xibalba at NBC felt the Judgment of Hades, and they knew that they had done precisely what the manifesto said they were doing. The Great Red Dragon is Unbalanced Desire, and Seung Hui Chi demonstrated the use of Ishmael's Axe, but not before NBC had descended into the dark underworld of rational tyranny while Seung Hui Cho swung the axe against his own man-child, Ismail. This was the rant by Seung Hui Cho, which his birth stars indicate to be the destiny of Cho Seung Huil. Cho Seung Hui was Born to Judge. Like Noah, Jonah, and Job, sometimes God has to be an advocate of Hades in order to guide Lost Souls across the Milvian Bridge of personal experience. Flower children will not leave their bed of roses unless they are tempted by the victory of self identity. And, like Job the man-child must accept experience of winning and losing without passing judgment on his performance. The process must remember the battle, and do no more. Seung Hui Cho judged when he was not yet a veteran, nor an adept, nor a leader. Yet, the fault was not in the Birth Chart, the fault was in the lack of appreciation of the veterans, adepts and the leaders in the decisions of youth that Seung Hui Cho had accumulated. Why was NBC void in giving guidance to Cho Seung Huiu in the process of maturing? Could it be that NBC acted as the cohorts of  Three Princes of Serendip in the form of Cereberus, the guard dog of Hades? How much death and destruction can an alien man-child accept from the culture he adopts before that man-child acts out the lessons he had been shown, day in and day out? NBC was the right address to send the manifesto of A Ismail, for NBC needed to sense the swing of the axe in reality. Unfortunately, the time of the grim reaper of corrupt mass media pundits has long passed, and now Nibiru is Planet Earth. And yet, this failure can be overcome if the news media understands the lesson learned log ago under the feet of Abraham where the Great Red Dragon had its claws clipped for the sake of Desire and Justice.

Ophiuchus, as the Grim Reaper, stopped sacrificing Unbalanced Desire when a child with the wings of an eagle held back his hand of righteousness. Abraham was going to give his own child the ax, as his righteousness told him he should. But, the force of righteousness is that a man-child should be prepared to do the right thing, even if the loss will be unbearable sorrow. There is no other way to separate Unbalanced Desire into its divine identity as Desire Balanced by the Word of God. Was Abraham insane? Was Ismail Ax insane? Did the stars show in reality what has now become literal? Who, or what, placed the stars in a way to say what they say? Was it NBC, or GOD? If NBC, then why did NBC stop? If GOD, then why didn't NBC wear the Nemes Crown and pay attention to what was before their own face? The answer is simple. NBC was naive regarding their acquisition of wealth, and unbalanced desire proved itself to be the driving force behind decisions of youth in the lack of leadership at NBC. The Son of God named Cho Seung Hui swung Ishmael's Ax through the Son of Man named Seung Hui Cho in order to remind NBC that the path of righteousness is Cosmically Divined. Humans do not establish reality but they can disassociate from it because the organism can choose life or death.

In the cognitive process the rational choice of life is forced by ego into a righteous identity, which is the Behemoth identified in Job and the constellation of Cetus in the "Cosmic Sea." To appreciate the arrogant nature of rational righteousness we can connect the asterisms in the heavens. But, we cannot place the stars where they are needed so that they communicate a Cosmic Intent. There are many dots and a seemingly infinite order of dot-to-dot connections. As more learning is acquired it becomes evident that the options for dot-to-dot connections are very limited. Knowing this, we can reach back in time and communicate through the "fixed stars" to acquire consciousness that existed in ancient times. The ancient cultures expanded upon this theme and they acknowledged that the goal of rational comprehension must be to derive the Primordial Cognition that sent the stars on their journeys so that the dot-to-dot connections will allow communication between mortal free will and Eternal Divine Will. The mortal free will, which becomes manifest as ego must be sacrificed or the Primordial Cognition cannot result in recognition that the Son and the Father had become One. Communication will result in recognition when the the Primordial Intent is resident in mortal cognition, as such, Intent and Cognition, Father and Son, become One. No man can come to the father except by the son. That is the potential destiny of  all life, particularly man. A man cannot recognize intent without cognition of intent. A boy must comprehend internal self intent in order to become cognizant of external other intent. The son is the cognition. The father is the knowing. Thus, cognition of knowing is the only way to come to the father. If cognition of a communication process does not restore the intent to communicate, the communication intent fails. The First Born Son is a metaphor for the adolescent arrogance derived from the decisions of youth that self create desire and egocentric communication without cognition of intent. This is the bovine behavior that leaves a man-child when the bull is passed away.

Return now to April 16, 2007 at 9:08 am at Virginia Tech. After sending the message marked from A Is Mail to NBC the zenith meridian was bounded by Neptune and Chiron (lord of emotion, and messianic beast) under the King of Kings at 9:08 am when the slaughter began. The tears of Hathor were filled with Enlightenment, Reflection, Wisdom, and the Mother of Heaven (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Ceres). First Father and the Lord of Rational Intent (Uranus and Mars) were guiding the Cup and Arm of Aquarius, the Cosmic Messiah, as Neptune, the Lord of the Sea, empowered the Good Samaritan's Beast, and Chiron, the Messianic Centaur, empowered the Compassionate Son, which is Aquarius. In the west, the Father of Many Nations (Ophiuchus) had one foot on the horizon and Jupiter gave strength to the other, while his brother was at the Right Hand of the Father above the Galactic Center. At the tail of the Serpent at the right hand of Ophiuchus was a comet whose name is an omen intended to reveal again the message of Alexander and Constantine when they cut the Gordian Knot and turned The Key to initiate the Age of the Nazarene. Love and Joy had been forgotten in the raising of a child of Cho, for he clearly stated that no one cared about the Word of God that had caused all that is real. Part of his perception was do to his projection of the decisions of youth. To further demonstrate that Cho was acting as the Advocate of Hades under the direction of the Word of God, we see that Venus was rising and she reminds the world of what God said to Job, for Venus empowered the sweetness influences of the Pleiades as the massacre was happening. Thus, the Hokies at VT were being sacrificed to restore Word of God represented by the comet ascending from the abyss to the Milky Way. The Word of God is Love and it is required that a mortal free will give up ego for the sake of love to become cognizant of Cosmic Intent. Although the spirit is grief, the purpose is love and only sentiment can restore love when egocentric decisions of youth result in denial of Cosmic Intent. NBC, and its competitors fail miserably in recognizing the Cosmic Intent for Love.

Looking under Virginia Tech we see that there were only two messengers of the Word of God. Saturn marked the meridian at the Leo Cancer Boundary and declared, "It is time to enter Heaven's Gate." Thirty three souls passed through that gateway as the shadow of Mother Earth was born of the Virgin. Thirty three souls passed through Heaven's Gate that morning for the sole purpose of reminding the Land of the Virgin that Polytechnic quests should not be approached with Unbalanced Desire. Evolution and Quantum Physics are relatives of Mars and Hades. Astronomers see the Pleiades through narrow vision apparatuses and they bind the sweet influences of the Seven Sisters at Jethro's Well as the Shepherds of mathematics and engineering place their heads on insensitive posts, as did Seung Hui Cho. When we see something but do not simultaneously feel it, we have lost cognition of the intent to communicate.

In this way God requested that the whole world avoid the pontoon crossing of the abyss and abandon empty skulls that see not what was destroyed when Abraham used an axe to decimate all the idols in God's House, save one. The embroidery of the heavens was intended to blend with the sweetness of the Pleiades and the omen of Lovejoy at the eagle's nest. Cho Seung Hui was a product of modern rationality born in a land of darkness. He was not evil. He was Godless because that is what he was taught along the Road of Merchants for 23 years.

It is time to accept that Pisces is the Land of the Nazarene and release the Wandering Ones from bondage to the Wailing Wall because the 1st of Aries is a false measure of time. It is time for the Anunnuki to return to heaven above. For 13,000 years the planet called Earth has watched as the Spring Sun fell from heaven. But, in 1998, the Spring Sun began to rise. Where was NBC when the Sun began to rise? Where was the skull of modern media when the Greatest Story Ever Told completed the Journey to the Land Under the Land? It was cracked at the Southern Cross, the True Cross, which Constantine saw before crossing the Milvian Bridge. Constantine turned away from the Abyss and chose to balance his desire and give the religion of the Prince of Peace a second chance to untie the Gordion Knot. Modern Civilization is filled with technical jargon, but it is empty of meaning and cannot control unbalanced desire. It was for the sake of Balanced Desire that the Wrath of God produced the Word of God in Ishmael's Ax. The story had to be told by He who placed the stars on their courses. September 11, 2001 was not a media event. It was a misguided emotion desiring heaven and willing to give up all of God's Creation to inherit a Promise Land. Yet, the location of the Promised Land was clearly identified at the Virgin's Womb when the Virginia Tech massacre was carried out. The Promised Land cast its shadow toward the Word of God that says, "You must be born of a Virgin to enter the Kingdom of Heaven." That is the Greatest Story Every Told. Had NBC given voice to the field of Demeter and Ceres, thirty-two souls in Blacksburg would still be alive under the sweet influences of the Pleiades.

But, the Anunnaki still rule the mindless youth of immature elders. They send blood and guts and misery across the airwaves with no thought about how virgin minds comprehend what they receive. Children learn by rote and by repetition from a state of inexperience, virginity. Thus, if killing and drugs cause one to receive attention from the Lords of the Boob Tube, then children will come to them like a joey kangaroo to its mother's teat. Children and joeys are more like the Great Red Dragon than the child on the eagle's wings. But, when arrogant men rationalize the death of souls as a means to wealth and fame, they should not be surprised when a Jo named Cho sends them a package that  says "A Is Mail." NBC, "You've got mail!" Now be a good little peacock and get on Al Buraq and leave the wailing wall on your way back to the Land of the Rising Sun. That is a place known to God as reality, where truth is stranger than fiction. And fiction is the embroidery of Plato that guides all men of destiny.

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