Evel Knievel Clears Two Towers of Hope
Evel Knievel clears twin Towers at Crystal Cathedral with a Jumping Faith
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On Sunday, April 1, 2007, Evel Knievel came to the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, California as the pulpit guest of Dr. Robert H. Schuller. On the pulpit he declared a new name for himself, Robert Evel Knievel. Then to the amazing shock of the people at the church, Robert Evel Knievel made a declaration of faith in Jesus that no person had expected. In the simple presentation he laid the whole leap of faith on the line for all to understand. He said that an atheist is simply someone who chooses not to believe. As a non-believer for most of his life, he came to the realization that he had no rational support for disbelief. At that he simply said to himself, "I believe." With that statement Robert Evel Knievel made the longest jump of his incredible life.

The birth charts for Robert Evel Knievel illustrate the Celtic Cross and the Fisherman's Cross on the zenith-nadir axis of his coming into life. What the soul of Robert Evel Knievel has demonstrated since, is the fundamental irrational truth: Whatever a man can conceive and believe, he will achieve. It is not the landing that determines the leap of faith. It is the take off. When the landing occurs, the event , regardless of how spectacular, has been made a rational memory. All memories are rational because they represent the leaps of faith required to come to knowledge of wisdom.

As the comet Lovejoy crossed the meridian of Rome, the baptism of over 500 souls was completed at the Crystal Cathedral because they chose to follow Robert Evel Knievel. A baptismal altar call is not just a rare event, it was unique for the Crystal Cathedral. All baptisms at the Crystal Cathedral have been performed under direct planning and supervision. Not once had so tremendous an event occured in 52 years. The long line of followers of Knievel meant that the planned sermons for two church services had to be abandoned. The event was so inspiring, that Dr. Robert A. Schuller, the son of the founder, was moved to tears and asked that his microphone be cut off as he regained his composure. The Lovejoy event at the Crystal Cathedral was a Hokulea moment of celestial Synchronicity with Rome, and it was repeated in spirit 140 minutes later when the earthquake took down the bell tower and roof from the Cathedral of St. Peter the Apostle in the Solomon Sea. Faith is not an option for the future. It is the only door leading toward eternal life.

Faith is only an option with history. We cannot see the future in a rational manner, regardless of the strength of our metaphors. We can choose to see the past, if we have the Eye of Hathor for sentimental memories. The "leap of faith" between the rational and the real Tower of Hope begins when we see Jesus raise his hand to begin the exhibition of a soul to one's self.

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