The Flight of Isis at Giza

She comes at the Hour of Death

Papyrus            The Father and Son Are One            Lotus

Hapi was god of Upper and Lower Egypt represented as twin deities, one wearing the lotus (Upper Egypt, Coma Berenices) and papyrus (Lower Egypt, Pisces) as a headdress. They were depicted together tying the two plants of the northern or southern region into a Gordian Knot (Alrescha) with the sema hieroglyph, symbolizing the union of Upper and Lower Egypt. Hapi was also identified with the double goose of Geb. Thus, the duality of Father and Son is carried by the constellations Sculptor (Geb-Father) and Aquarius (Life Giving Water, Mother's Son, Nut's Love) in a resurrection metaphor. The Union of the Two Lands represents the merging through reasoning consciousness (Son) in the cosmic medium of material reality (Mother) with understanding of the Primordial Intent (Father) at Sep Tepi which is the Moment of Exodus from the Abyss of the Unconscious(Osiris-Seth).

The Uniting of the Two Lands is performed with stems of the two flowers (Coma Berenices & Pisces). In the midst of the Sea of Reeds is the sema hieroglyph denoting the lungs and trachea, which represent the visceral content of the canopic jar of Hapi. Therefore, the birth of the Age of Aquarius represented the restoration of the Life Giving Waters (compassion) on the other side of the Valley of Death (Aries) and the tomb of Arimathea in the Reed Sea of Pisces.

The cartouche of Ramesses II shows the adze used to open the mouth. All of these symbols carry the message of Sep Tepi being the time of the arrival of the Age of Aquarius when the north pole passes Polaris in the handle of the Little Dipper. The "bondage of the body" represents the control of one's emotions (Tefnut) in the tempest of life's initiation in order to accept the tranquil sea of Neith and the abundance of the Cosmic Cornucopia (Capricorn). In this way all souls overcome the chaos of the Primordial Abyss by death of the arrogant self (I Am, Aries) and the resurrection of compassionate self (I Know, Aquarius) through usefulness (I Use, Capricorn). Yet, the utilities of life have no effect without the stems of the Lotus (Virgo's child, Coma Berenices, I Analyze) and the stems of the papyrus (Andromeda's child, Pisces, I Believe). When we come to a compassionate understanding of our beliefs, we are freed from the bondage of dispassionate rationalizations of the self identity to become one with the Universal Being through Common Sense. This celestial metaphor has guided the four great religions of Western Civilization, i.e., Jews, Christians, Muslims, and Mormons. The Book of Mormon ties the indigenous religions of the Western Hemisphere into the primordial religions of Mesopotamia and Egypt. In this way the Two Rivers of Eden have been united over the last 5-6,000 years.

Realm of the Time Rivers
By Goro Adachi

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