The Easter Moon of 2012


The Alignment of Khephera at the Dawn of Cognition in Upper Egypt.


The Sea of Reeds at the Temple of God in Lower Egypt.


The Great Mother of God at the Fullness of the Moon.


The Tears of the Great Mother rise from the Image of God as Wisdom wraps around the Place of the Rising Sun


The Stag of Heaven returns to the Cross on Golgotha where he had been bound by the Lords of Darkness


The rational Lord in the Lion Kingdom tells us that all Free Will is Evil Dreams because all Will is subject to the Wisdom of the Heavens.


Here the Kissing Babies, Jesus and John, both reveal the Kiss of Death from which the Dawn of Cognition in the Land of the Rising Comes Again as the Ancestors of all the Souls of Man Kind come to the Temple of the Lord.


There, on the Eastern Horizon is the Chosen One whose spirit the Father of Heaven restores to the Kingdom of the Most High.


During the Hellenistic Age the Greek, Egyptian, and Hebrew cultures attempted to create a universal theology that would guide the New World during the Age of Pisces. The Gnostic version of Egypt was developed in Alexandria from over two hundred years of research in all know theological renditions. The Temple to Hathor at Denderah was the composite of all the great Theologies of the Hellenistic Age. We can see in the symbols the Judgment Car of Shamash, the Twelve Tribes of Jacob, and the various Upper Worlds of the Asiatic Paternal Cultures. What is hidden is the Lower Worlds of the European, African, and Asiatic Cultures known as the Nine Moons of Hathor. The dominance of the Patriarchy form of Theology was a direct result of the Age of Aries, from which the New World Order was being born. Yet, nothing a human being does after being born compares to what the human being does after conception during those Nine Moons when the Genetic Wisdom of the Ancestors reveals what they are.


The consequence of the End Time of the Aryans was denial of the Universal I Am. Rome became the Center of the Universe and Cognition of the Creator of the Universe was lost in the Jungian Archetypes of the Collective Unconscious. And the "1st of Aries" was bound to the Vernal Equinox until the End of the Age. For this, the Great Mother of Human Cognition has cried with her tears splashing upon the Wailing Wall of the Temple of the Celestial Hebrews. After another three centuries the loss of cognition of a Universal Creator lead to extreme dementia in Rome as Western Civilization succumbed to Judeo-Roman Law. The great theologians then looked back at the Table Prepared in the Upper Room of the Temple to Hathor and realized that the Lords of Darkness had been predicted when the final Killing of the Passover was denied. They also realized that the heavens were still revealing the Way of the Lord of Truth, and a new theology was born of the Eros Wisdom Child as the Rational Wisdom Child understood the folly of the Rule of Law. These were the Lambs that Jesus asked Peter, the Son of John, to feed. These two forms of love, physical and mental, were children compared to the Agape Wisdom the Adepts taught in the Legend of Eros and Psyche and for this Jesus commanded Peter, the Son of John, to feed his sheep. The food for the Sheep of the catholic theology was that the End Times would be at hand when the Son of Man rode an ass into town. (Think about the USA election of 2008, did the Ass Man speak with a tongue of a double edge?)

The Petraus Romanus is the Ante-Christ that was the prophesy of all ages until the death of Julius Caesar and the ascension of King Herod, the quizling who purchased the Temple of Solomon for his people by befriending the adopted son of Julius, who did not understand any Universal Cognition when he declared himself the Divine Augustus. Tyranny had come to Rome and the days of the Messiah in the Flesh ended when Herod caused the Death of the Innocents and Joseph determined in a dream to take the Son of Mary to Egypt where the Anti-Christs would not have access to him. Take due note that Petrus Romanus is the Ante-Christ not the Anti-Christ. This Vicar of Christ on Earth will lead the Messiah on the procession to the Throne of Heaven. (Let those who have ears use them now.)

On Good Friday 2012 the Moon reached fullness over Hathor's Temple. The full moon was long a symbol of the menses cycle of the human female, and the fullness of the Moon represented the time of ovulation for Mother Earth and the time of successful transfer of the seed for the next generation of Earthlings who would be impregnated by the Conquering Alien from the Stars..

The prophesy of the Temple of Hathor has become the Story of Western Civilization, precisely as the Teacher of Righteousness had predicted. All that is left is for the Son of Man to return to the Father in Heaven. To accomplish that feat, human self consciousness, the narcissistic man-child, must die. This child is the Son of Man, a being subject to emotional disorder. Once the Son of Man of narcissitic orientation has become aware that the Heavens have spoken, then the Dawn of Cognition will have arrived. It is this Dawn that every culture of man of all ages and all continents have been waiting for. It is the time when arrogant self righteous Sons of Aries will acknowledge that Self Awareness cannot come before Cognition of the Creator. The Creator is the Primo Paternal Intent that enters the Prima Materia Substance (dark matter) that attracts the substance of darkness to form which stars born of the Virgo Cluster. The attraction is in the Virgin Womb of the Prima Materia, and to become One with the Cosmic Paternal Intent requires that the Son of God, that was the Self Cognition of Cosmic Primo Paternal Intent, enter the flesh of humanity, again. The Sacred Names of the Paternal Cognition are many. Yet, they all have the same profound meaning. 2012 is the Dawn of Cognition of the entering by the Primo Pater into the Prima Materia as an Immaculate Conception. This Immaculate Conception occurred with the full Cognition of the Creator, for at the Cosmic level, there is no seperation of the Cosmic Intent or the Cosmic Cognition, for there Father and Son are One. When the Spirit of Truth is placed in the Womb of the Cosmic Virgin, there is no guarantee that organic life will be eternal. But, for the Sons of Man there is the potential to cross the Leo-Cancer Boundary at the Dawn of Cognition. No other life form in the star system below the Star of Bethlehem and above the Temple of Sol-o-Mon has this potential. The potential is that the Son of Man can become the Son of God by the Light of Day as a Son of the Sun. Cognition is not bound by desires of flesh, solos libido, or desires of words, solos scriptura, or shared charity, diligere proximum, ut te. Cognition is not bound at all. Cognition is the Son of the Father who shares the Divine Glory with the Spirit of Conception. Man knows this because it was, and is, the Cosmic Intent of the I AM THAT I AM. It is simple Common Sense, and only Common Sense. Nothing more, and nothing less. Cognition of Love cannot be acquired without sharing some form of Common Sense. Lack of this cognition is the depths of the pits of darkness where Lords without Cosmic Cognition declare that they are all that can be known when they know not who or what they are. Once we abandon the spiraling labyrinth of self awareness there will Time be at the birth canal of the Cosmic Mother, the Earth will cast her shadow toward her child as it passes the grain womb of the Virgin. The time of a fertile conception is Easter when the ovulating Moon is in the Virgin and the Sun is in the tears of the Sacred Cow. It has been this way since Rama cried with Rachel in Matthew 2:18; A voice in Rama was heard, lamentation and great mourning; Rachel bewailing her children, and would not be comforted, because they are not.


In the Vatican there is a Chapel to the Redemptoris Mater conceived by Pope John Paul II. The walls the chapel tell the same story as the ceiling in the Upper Room of Hathors lamentation where the Celestial Hebrews partake of the Last Supper of the Sacrificial Lamb. Yet, that Truth, which therein represented Cosmic Common Sense, has been lost because the Son of Man was hiding under a tree in the Garden of Paradise having discovered the nakedness if the Son of Man who lost the mantle of Isis.
His nakedness caused him to believe that he could hide his narcissistic fear from the Cognition of the Creator. But, in the chapel of the Redemptoris Mater in Rome the Queen of Angels rises with the Saints.

The Saints are simply the little children who accepted the limitations of mortal cognition as they received the Martyr's Crown from the Son of God.

There is not a human on earth that cannot become cognizant of the Womb from which they came. Only those who do not cherish the Heavenly Womb cannot be born of the Spirit for they choose not to reenter the womb of the Prima Materia. This is where the Dawn of Cognition takes place after an Immaculate Conception preceded by an Age of Darkness and followed by the Nine Moons in Hathor's Womb.

So it was on Good Friday 2012 when the Followers of Christ imitated the Shemsu Hor and all the Divine Man-Children of the Heavens and the Earth. The proof is in the embroidery of the heavens where the simple process of connecting the dots in the Dark Matter will reveal Cosmic Common Sense. A Creator caused those dots to be where they have come to be for a very simple purpose. The purpose is that of the light of Psyche when she came to know the Man-Child of Aphrodite. This Man-Child is known by many names and they all mean "I Am the Light of the World, I Am the Love Light of Eternal Brilliance." The heavens will not always reveal this wisdom, but for the last 20,000-40,000 years there have been human children of every generation who connected the dots and witnessed a Dawn of Cognition when the Son of God rose from the darkness and said, "I Am Is Here, Again."


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