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Munch's Famous 'Scream' Painting Stolen
Security Criticized at Museum in Norway
By Alister Doyle, Reuters

OSLO, Norway (Aug. 22) - Norway's art security came under fire on Monday as too lax after gun-waving thieves stole Edvard Munch's masterpieces ''The Scream'' and ''Madonna'' from a crowded gallery and walked out the front door in broad daylight.

Police said they were following up tips phoned in after Sunday's theft in front of dozens of tourists at the Munch Museum. The getaway car and bits of the wooden frames were found abandoned after the third theft of Munch works since 1988.

''Almost as easy as robbing a kiosk,'' the daily Aftenposten said in a front-page headline. The works were not even insured against theft. ''Some of our national treasures are too poorly protected,'' said the daily Dagbladet.

''The Scream,'' an icon of existential angst showing a waif-like figure against a blood-red sky, is the Norwegian artist's most famed work and ''Madonna'' shows a mysterious, raven-haired woman with bare breasts.

He made several similar versions of both.

The museum has unarmed guards and the pictures are attached to the wall with wires that sound an alarm in a nearby police station if pulled. No alarm sounded in the gallery.

Police said one of the thieves spoke Norwegian. Norway has a range of criminal groups who might be interested in seizing the pictures, perhaps to try to wring a ransom from the government.

Most speculation was that Sunday's thieves would seek a ransom for works worth millions of dollars and too well known to be sold openly.

It was the third theft of Munch masterpieces since 1988, when the ''Vampire'' was stolen. Norway vowed to step up security when another 1893 version of ''The Scream'' was stolen by thieves who simply broke a window of the National Gallery in 1994.

Both paintings were later recovered.

''We have to consider every possibility,'' said Gunnar Soerensen, head of the museum, when asked about security options like airport-type metal detectors at the entrance or bullet-proof cases like around the ''Mona Lisa'' in Paris.


''We have to think about the public, keeping an open museum yet one secure against robbery,'' he told Reuters. He said he was happy that no one had been hurt and that, for instance, security systems did not automatically lock the main door.

''Think about the scenario, a closed door, desperate robbers with a gun in a closed room,'' he told Reuters. ''What would happen then?'' The gallery would stay closed indefinitely.

Visitors to Norwegian galleries are not routinely searched.

The thieves also seemed clumsy. They dropped a painting on the ground twice as they scrambled to their getaway car and threw bits of smashed frame out of the window as they drove around the city.

One art expert said that there were no shadowy art collectors who might order such a heist.

''There's no market and there's no secret Dr. No or Mr. Big or anybody like that out in the Venezuelan jungle, or Captain Nemo aboard the Nautilus,'' said Charles Hill, a former British Scotland Yard detective who helped recover ''The Scream'' in 1994.

''There's no one like that. These guys steal these things as trophies and then they don't know what to do with them,'' he told Norway's NRK public radio.

The man behind the 1988 and 1994 thefts, now out of jail, denied any involvement. ''Weapons are not my style. I have always used the methods of a gentleman,'' Paal Enger told Verdens Gang.


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Eye of Siloam Analysis

As the movie scenes taken at Oslo show at the moment of the theft of Munch's works, the Chariot of Hades was crossing the southern meridian when the abduction of the Madonna and the Primal Scream occurred in Oslo. This abduction rings of a spiritual abduction conspired by Isis to gain the Name of Ra using intuition rather that creative vision.

To the west the Sea of Reeds was on the horizon. This is the ancient place of trial and tribulations where Isis dropped the Eye of Ra and then retrieved it for her son Horus, who then gave it back to his father, Osiris. This is the process of intuition, and recognition restoring lost memories of the archetypes of the Creator's Intent at the Moment of the First Occasion. These events are visible in the stars around the Sun, and no where else in the Milky Way.

Within the Sea of Reeds we see the Spirit of the Scream as the primal fear of death that occurs when the affairs of life become cognizant and when the Tree of Life is abandoned for the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. It is at the moment of the cognition of the I AM that all mortals release the Primal Scream and create evil as a defense against death. We fear death more than we love life. This is the Lake of Fire we are destined to Pass Over when the circumcision on the eighth day has been completed with the spirit of unconditional love.

Within the Lake of Fire we find the Behemoth of Job as the zygote of physical emotion and the instinct to survive incorporated in the autoimmune system of the genetic physical body. This is the cause of the Primal Scream. Without the autoimmune system, there would be no cognition of fear and death, and no instinct to survive.

Within the Lake of Fire we find Horus, the Son of Osiris and Isis, as an Eaglet whose wings are yet to become capable of reaching for the higher places in life's journey. At this level of cognition we can witness creation but not the consequences of our judgments of creation.

Within the Lake of Fire we find the Whale of Jonah where retreat from destiny results in survival, but at the cost of supraliminal cognition for which lack of faith in fledgling wings is the just reward. The whale sounds to the depths of the Lake of Fire and discovers that the Sea of Reeds has a Tree of Life growing from its bottom. The knowledge of righteousness does not guarantee that a cognition will result in the right thing. But, as a result of knowing that righteousness is possible, the bottom line is that we know we will lose life if we do not fight for it by doing what proper judgment calls us to do.

That is when the Lake of Fire reveals the Eye of Horus as the Eye of Osiris. When the younger generation can overcome self made identity it realizes that it own ancestors walked where it walks. Common Sense is reborn from the experiences passed on beyond death. This cognition provides the vision of things unborn, as well as things long past.

Unlike the Behemoth-Zygote, the Eaglet-Adolescent, and the Whale-Adult, the only aspect of the Eye of Horus that is written in stars is the tears of the Nazarenes, the Reeds in the Sea of Reeds, the Primal Scream. The Primal Scream has the objective of shedding the Cosmic Tear so that those born blind from birth can come again seeing the First Time. Only after the Flower Child has been sacrificed will the virgin know a man.

The vision acquired from the Eye of Osiris is that revelation is the question Why? With this answer we can make Great Strides into the future without the burden of unfounded tears. When there is time to cry, there is no need for tears. Those who can cry have what those who cannot cry do not have; LIFE. It is better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all.

Turning north from Oslo as the theft of the Madonna and the Primal Scream occurred we see that the Flower Child of Heaven crosses the nadir meridian with the Wisdom of Sagittarius showing that the purpose for raising up the serpent is the sacrifice of the virgin with the cognition of the reason why. The apparition of wisdom reveals answers to all questions.

Turning to the east we see Demeter rising in the east with Jupiter crossing the boundary of Virgo and Leo. The implication is that the ruler of the Solar System has returned to its mother.

The response to her Primal Scream is revealed in the Chariots of Hades and Phaeton.

Both of these chariots run away from Virgo-Leo and into the Sea of Reeds, in contradiction to the actual stars. This is knowledge we do not gain through viewing the stars. This is wisdom we gain by seeing the spirits that walk through the Lake of Fire

But, the Chariot of Elijah, which is also a Chariot of Fire, goes away from the Lake of Fire and towards the Kingdom of Heaven.

There can be little doubt that the artist who painted this image of Elijah understood that stay out of the Sea of Reeds we must learn to rise above the Behemoth's Lair. The Chariot of Elijah is the Short Cut to the Kingdom of Heaven which avoids the shadow of the Valley of Death by appropriate use of experience at the Moment of the First Occasion. This is the Gateway of Men.

When we can connect the dots in the Divine Vision, we are released from the bondage of Behemoth-Zygote perception. Rather we have the perception of one who rides the Wings of an Eagle, a Chariot of Fire, and shares the Eye of Horus with Osiris. This perception reveals the difference between history that repeats itself and history that comes again by choice of the grateful son who knows Divine Unconditional Love.

The primal scream was that heard when the Virgin said, "Why Me? I Know not a man." Then, as she learned how to let the child be, she came to know that the answer to her question was unconditional love. It was at the birth of this Flower Child that she understood the consequence of her of acquiring the name of Ra through the treachery of her intuition when she caused the Great Ra to cry out, "IS IT WATER? IS IT FIRE?

The consequence of the treachery of mother's primordial intuition is the Primal Scream of each of her children. These children must search in the darkness to find the Eye of Ra lost in the waters under her throne. When they can put the Eye over the throne of Isis, they will give the Eye of Horus to Osiris and ride across the Sea of Reeds from death to life under the wings of enlightenment.

The Cosmic Hope Chest of King Tut


What the waters see, by Patricia J. Jones

The lake has studied the many faces of the sky:
Ghostly white islands far from its reach;
A blue bath to dream in;
Slow-moving steel clouds holding back heaven;
Reborn clouds: calligraphy unreadable from earth.
It knows God better than I ever did.

Shredded light at peace and floating on its pupil.
All the hope of heaven in one drop of the earthís
Mists and fury . . .
I can believe it now:
One death between me and finally knowing, one death and one
Body and one slender line between it all
When nothing can touch the quiet chapel of our past;
Only the past is safe.

You see it, donít you, sleepless dreamer?
The fathoms Time and only Time can swim?
Your view is better and Iíll watch it with
You and perhaps weíll catch a glimpse of the answers
Out there.

Red eye of heaven, flames on the water.
The aging face: the most beautiful of all.

Spirit Chimes

Eye of Siloam

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