The Bush That Was Not Consumed


The election of 2004 was a choice between a Son of God and a Son of Man. This is not the flesh of George W. Bush or John F. Kerry. September 11, 2001 shook the soul of America right to the roots of the Tree of Life. After three years in the Mouth of the Whale of Jonah (subliminal acceptance), a Silent Majority demonstrated they had gone to Nineveh in order to spread America’s dream.


The Sons of Man never witness a Cosmic Plan. To them the existence of a Cosmic Plan is evidence that individuals are slaves to an Unknowable One. As for the Sons of God, they are difficult to find because they are not flesh and blood. They are spirits within rare individuals living with acceptance of a Cosmic Plan.


The election separated the liberal thinking Sons of Man who cunningly divined themselves as what they thought they were, or what they thought others would like them to be. Sons of Man are the flesh and blood people who struggle to hold on to individual identity while in denial of the loss of America’s innocence. They thought they could steal an election to overcome repressed fear of a Burning Bush. Anyone who took the time to listen to the Sons of Man could hear their screams throughout the land. “Love Me! Kill him!” Or, “There is no terrorist threat!”


George W. Bush stood on a rock pile at Ground Zero and told America, “I hear you, and those people who knocked down these buildings will hear from ALL OF US, soon.” On November 2, 2004, the voice of ALL OF US shocked Sons of Man all around the world, and especially those on America’s own soil who claim the power to inform Silent Masses by counting exit polls to suit themselves. Not by his power did he accomplish this incredible feat of salvation, but by Love From America and her willingness to go to Nineveh under his command. Like Jonah, George W. Bush took America to the bottom of a sea of despairing emotions, and arose again after a third measure of time.


With humble commitment and unyielding acceptance of a Son of God, America gave a silent mandate to purge the world of self righteous Men in Nineveh. So, now we turn to look at a Burning Bush that was not consumed. Hear the voice George W. Bush heard when he stood on a pile of dust at Ground Zero where lost souls dove a thousand feet into immortality.


“Put off thy shoes from off thy feet,
for the place whereon thou standest is holy ground.”


Three years later the Son of God reappeared in the midst of a Bush: and we looked, and, behold, a Bush burned with fire, and a Bush was not consumed. He said, “It is not about Me! It is about E Pluribus Unum for In God We Trust.”


Now America has come of age.

Here is undeniable proof that W was the Cosmic Choice

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