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I may have been misled by your question regarding what meaning there was in finding 3 kHz information in your Quantum Recovery.

You had previously noted the discovery of harmonics of the numerical value of the spin rate in SGR 1900+14. If I remember correctly, these were harmonics of the spin rate multiplied by a thousand, or 10 to some integer. If the integer was 3, then you should drop the kHZ and search for the 3. (3 • 10 ^ 3 = double entendre)

In that case, I can demonstrate the ZPE boundary as a Journey of 3.

The following essay was written over 20 years ago when I first began to unravel the Egyptian Cosmos. At that time I was not functioning under the mathematical influences of Quantum Theory. As a result I did not identify the boundary upon which the vignette of Nut and Geb rested. That boundary is what the 3 kHz enigma helps you cross. The essence of "3 kHz" is the same as the Barque of Re. It represents a "material vessel" riding over a cloud, not of confusion, but of Unresolved Intent. The double entendre is Prescience before Science. The vignettes of "Nut and Geb" and the "Griffin and Ninurta" are describing the process that you have undertaken, the Journey of intuiting creative intent for the purpose of gaining rational control.

The Metaphysics of Mesopotamia and Egypt echo the journey to Cosmic Cognition taken with a "belly full of Light" that is the "Dawn of the Gut" after putting the Dusk of Science" at the helm of a Cosmic Dreamtime Vessel. The sophistication of your journey is bound to cause trouble because there is a power of completion that is affecting the "message" of 3 kHz. 

Why kHz? 

Is not the essential message 3? 

kHz is a sophistication that should not be applied on a virgin journey seeking the Light of the Gut that drives the Dreamtime Vessel. The implication of kHz is that you have done this "eternally" as the Creative Intent of Rationalized Passovers.

When John and I dispute his Plasmabet Spray Gun it is the same problem. What John has is "sophisticated affection from his infinite journeys" with Plasmabet and Z-Pinch, etc. John is on the upper side of the ZPE and his spray gun looks like your Quantum Output. I will show you one of John's Z-Pinch icons below in the Griffin-Ninurati he sprayed to unconsciously hide the Tablets of Destiny.

You maybe searching for prior crossings of a Virgin ZPE with no desire to be Enlightened from your Gut. There is too much "soph" in your own sophisticated processes. Your approach the Quantum Void rationally, rather than virginally. That can never work because all rational views are from the back of the boat. You must get on the bow and look aft to see the Light in your Gut. You at 3 in one vessel.

To avoid becoming the void, you, Scot Forshaw, must keep every ZPE crossing as simple as possible, the KISS adage. That being said, the paradigm of your vessel can be resolved by drinking from the smallest leaks in the vessel. That means, "Why 3?"

So, I will restate your question in its simplest form.

What information is in 3?

You know it is not the spin rate of SGA 1900+14. You have that information in your gut, already. So, what follows is a summary of the "Journey of 3" from a "Dawning in a Tempest" to "Love and Understanding." Do not separate Love from the Journey to Understanding. The cause of the Journey is the Sophia of the Holy Spirit. It is hidden in the 3.  image7.JPG

When you pass through the Cloud I present below, you will slip back into the Quantum Void until another Tempest of lost Love and Understanding causes another Dawning in search of lost Love and Understanding.


Barque of Progress

Life is but a dream.


Raising up the dream.

With a little time and patience, any neophyte can unravel all the mysteries of the cosmos. Unfortunately, we neophytes are not given a little time, we are given an infinitesimally small pittance in the wealth of cosmic time. To overcome this limitation, we are also given the power of intuitive perception. Intuitive perception gives birth to the concepts of up and down, as the cosmos begins its journey into rationality. Who is it that separates the mundane from the ideal? It is Shu. Not the name, the object, the path of the planets and the sun and moon, the ecliptic. This is how the wandering stars got to be above or below the great sea of the galaxy. She, the galaxy, is the companion of the ecliptic by the name of Tefnut, or Neith, from which all life springs like a fountain of youth.

Maturity is her name.

Under the arms of Neith is the abyss of existence for which definitions cease and are not yet reborn. But they can be brought back to life by rational translation of intuitive perception, whether masculine or feminine, for Neith has a chin beard. She is standing below the horizon, which tells us that she is love and understanding.

Under the right arm of Shu is a vulture and an empty feather. Under his left arm is an eagle, or hawk, clutching a full feather. This is the definition of the works of Shu, the ecliptic. The ecliptic tells time and defines the rational understanding of the intuitive perception. It is rational behavior that gives birth to the ideal and mundane concepts embodied in up and down, Nut and Geb. Without a rational escort, the universe remains an abyss to the neophyte. This is the meaning of the scientific method. It is not discovery without purpose. Discovery is its self created purpose, for the sake of love and understanding.

Hidden behind the objects of these four heavenly spirits are the universal objectives which they give definition to, air, water, earth, fire. Shu, being rational, is the product of utterances, air. Neith, being intuitive, is the product of emotion, water. Geb, being mundane, is the product of material existence, earth. Nut, being ideal, is the product of inspiration, fire.






Why me?

Beyond the rationalizations of Shu and the sweep of the planets, a barque sails across the sky. The sailors on the Barque are Ra, the captain, Maat, the emissary, and Thoth, the helmsman. These four are the echo of cognition before it is conceived; earth, fire, water, air. As the barque rises out of the abysmal night, Thoth is slouched over the helm as if he is weathering a great storm of wind and sea. Maat has upon her knee a small ankh which is a revelation of the larger ankh on the knee of Ra. She gets the message. The skipper has the goal of life! If only she could tell Thoth where the barque is going, then Thoth would not be so burdened. But that is precisely why she is there. She reads the mind of the Creator, and by intuitive perception, she comes to know the destiny of the great cosmic ship.

What a ride!

When the barque crosses over the sky, represented by Nut, which is the object, Virgo, and the subject of cosmic analysis, she gives the full feather to Thoth. Thoth places her feather at the helm, and leans back with an ankh and the scepter of flint on his knee. In his lap he has a stylus, for he had learned by experience that the emissary of intuitive perception of the Creator surrenders to truth, and he is her scribe.

Thoth is satisfied with his knowledge and wears his crown proudly. All three of the companions carry an ankh of nearly equal proportions, as they journey on to the net of Neith. But the creator, Ra, has been transformed by this adventure. His ankh is smaller because of his sharing. And his crown has changed. What was once a great light within the body of a simple serpent, has become the differentiated spirit of the solar disk within the acknowledged body of enlightenment. This is the scientific method, applied to every being within the disk which contains the sun. That disk is the body of Neith, it is the galaxy itself. The sun disc, its enlightenment, comes with experience, and the serpent is the intuition which can see with the "eye of Ra." Any being possessing the "eye of Ra" can see the future, for it is the gift of prophecy.


Since the gift of prophecy is tied into the gift of reason, we are all born of the Virgin. But, this is not a Freudian sexual fantasy, it is the pathway to reality. Of the six billion people alive on the planet Earth, and of all the uncountable forms of living organisms, not a single one came into this world with rational understanding. The archetype of rational understanding which is the process defined by Shu, and the ecliptic, is acquired when we give up our virginity to experience life as it was meant to be. This is a story of rational creation. A story found in the heavens between the flower in the fields of the upper heavens and the scepter of flint in the cauldron of the lower heavens. These are the Two Lands. Egypt was founded for the specific purpose of joining the Two Lands in the dreams of her people; indeed all the people of the Earth.

A story of creation. 


Maturity is her name.

This is Sancta Sophia, Semiramis. The more times we fall into her Net, the more Sophisticated our next journey becomes. The "Event Horizon" at her breasts brings darkness after Dusk. The Tempest of Lucifer in the entanglement of feet below the Utchat is the Dawning Moment, where your Quantum Vessel rises.

Everytime we question some "Virgin Experience" our organic tranquility is disturbed. If we have too much physical power experience we "look back" and repair the Net of a prior Virgin Experience (fear) in CYA. That is called "ego rationalization" and it should be avoided on any Virgin Journey through the Womb of Nut, the Cloud of Heaven. No one can repeat a Virgin Journey, for a First Time never comes again.

What the modern Scientific Method represents is a horde of fishing men seeking to repair their nets before going on another fishing expedition. We call the "horde of fishing men" the Judging Peers. They call the researching assistants, sacrificial virgins, e.g., Nikola Tesla.

Understand that Truth Love inspires every Virgin Journey and Self Love encases memories of Love Boats. 

The Peers of the Scientific Method are Old Fishing Men whose job is to keep neophytes from ripping the fabric of rationalized science, i.e., Thoth. You can identify the Old Fishing Men by the exposed Tales of their Whales.



When we bottom out, it is a result of a rational sounding has taken us in. Be constantly aware of those Ab Originals that never come back to the ZPE surface, yet cover the bottom of every abyss. They began a journey to the Cosmic Depths running away from Uncertainty with the Lance of Doubt. They found Evidence of Uncertainty when they Sounded in a Well of Doubt and lost their Love of the Journey. Had they gone on a Journey to Love "and" Understanding they would not become lost in the Land Down Under the ZPE. The Moai of Rapa Nui found the way to shore, and the Light of the World named it Easter.


The Ancient Ab Divers searching for the Old Man of the Sea found an incredible device in his hands at the very bottom of the Abyss. It had a stoker at one end and a flint at the other. Oddly, the stoker was at the top of an upside down furnace and directly at the bottom of the axis of the Smoke Ring Cloud.

The flint was what made Philostines become Philistines as they threw away Philosophy and made the strike of Philadelphia. These were Men of Stone who then followed bubbles to the Elysian Fields.


The Journey out of the Cosmic Abyss begins with the KISS of Jonas. It could not be more simple. Which way is down? Hanging on the last rational symbol of a cross on a numb skull? Or, following the burn from your own gut to the surface of the Abyss behind the back of Geb?

KISS means the gut wants life, and the mind wants discovery. Together they bring about Love and Understanding by a magical staff that smote a rock twice in a place of Fishers of Men after Moses threw down a Scepter of Flint that became a viper of Gilgamesh and devoured all the Serpents of Egypt before Moses straightened out the Staff of Aaron and died and entered the cave where Jesus came out as the Beloved Tower (Mary Magdala) approached. His first directive to her, after calling her name was "do not touch me!"

John 6:30, 20:13 DRA They said therefore to him: What sign therefore dost thou shew, that we may see, and may believe thee? What dost thou work?   They say to her: Woman, why weepest thou? She saith to them: Because they have taken away my Lord; and I know not where they have laid him. 

John 20:17 Jesus saith to her: Do not touch me, for I am not yet ascended to my Father.


Why would the most significant moment in any life be assigned the words, "Do not touch me," said to a woman whose name means Beloved of the Tower? The following words are revealing.

John 20:17 DRA But go to my brethren, and say to them: I ascend to my Father and to your Father, to my God and your God. 

KISS IT! and it means that Love found Understanding in Philadelphia, at the end of the search for Beginning Again. The very same message hidden under John's Plasmabet graffiti.


Take in the Language of the Hands and the Feet, for Ninurta's left hand grasps the Bolt of First Light. His right hand grasps the Bolt of Recall. Be careful because he exposes his back and his beard behind his left shoulder is to ward off Lucifers and graffiti artists who adore the sinister side. There is a twist in every presentation of a King required toward off Ass Kissers, Ass Coverers, Sinister Lucifers and other fools of Rational Establishments. This image explains the Sacred Beards of Islam, for the Quran is a spraying of Truths not meant for fools

Ninurta steps forward with a right leg, which means that he is alive at the Moment of Perception and Rationalization has come to his Mighty Side..

The Griffin is the Beast of an Image Nation of the Paternal Past. The left leg was always shown in tombs depicting the Deceased walking his own way through Death's Door, being free of material bondage, his legacy walks out.

But, this griffin has the Magic of Mary of Magdala to come to the tomb as the Prescience of the After Life of Moses in Jesus. It means that Ninurta is the King of Kings on Earth in accordance with the Fathers'. This prescient moment was shown much later in the Denderah Monument to Prescience. The language of the Griffin's hands is what is revealed.

This is the Return of the Mother's Son. She is Semiramis snapping her "flipped hands" to selfishly raise her son, Tammuz, on her right hand. 

The Griffin of Ninurta has the same power to send a mortal king to Divine Acclaim. This explains why the Leo Asterism has the Apollyon Hand moved up by 45 degrees from its celestial position. The Babylonian Vignette is the prophesy of Semiramis, the Maven of Divine Sons, and left hand of Self Rightness was caught in the instant just after it began to move. If the griffins right hand had moved first, then Ninurta would simply have been a Righteous Man, as was Moses, who knew the way but was not allowed into the Promised Land and had to go back to the Waters of Contradiction. Pisces is Belief, First in Doubt, the CYA Sinister Faith in skepticism, followed by the First Moment of Divination at the Wand of Seshat on the Shamash of Sumer.


The Magdala is kissed by the Right Running Whale and by the Flint on the Fisherman's pole in the "mouth of the fish that first comes up. The Magdala is kissed by a Bishop-King of Melchizedek and the head of John. The Manna of the Last Day and the Cup of the New Dawn are the Beloved of Magdala. Above the Messiah of Moses rises Al Buraq, the beast that flew Muhammad to Seventh Heaven, which is the Bullroarer above and beyond the Ladder of Jacob. In the Religions of all Cults of the Earth are the Ways of the Stars and the Tablets of Destiny.

Conversely, Modern Rational Material Science begins with a "slap on every unrighteousness 'but'." So, KISS your doubt goodby and start with a 3. I can assure you billions have gone that way, keeping it simple stupid, means that Love and Understanding will be a new dawning. Some made it to Zion, and some kept the refrain, "'But', what about Me?"

Don't be a "but head" in a bottomless pit playing CYA throwing Quantum Graffiti everywhere to determine whether it sticks any where.. You see, "but heads" are bottomless. They get that way because when they get a slap on their butt, they refuse to cry, they just run away leaving an angry gut as a butt.


What? Is that an upside down Thau from Pisces, or are the birds copulating with the fishes in the mind of an upside down man? The simple Truth can be built up once. The sophisticated truth cannot get past the Camel that went through the needle one and three zero years ago.


There is no mortal on Earth that can prove that you hold prescience in your left hand. Once you acknowledge that it is you an 3, then you can put the light of prescience at the back of your mind.


Cognition is the Reward for grasping the Light Before and the Light After.

As I have said before, and as the Tablets of Destiny have demonstrated for uncounted millennia, Quantum Cognition is the End of the Virgin Quest. Quantum Consciousness will be defined by what it does not say. Unlike Relativity, Quantum Consciousness will not say that Quantum Cognition does not exist.

Rational Material Science is simply a Z-Pinch at the back of the Collective Consciousness of what is above the ZPE where it plays CYA spectator games. When Quantum Theory demonstrate the After Life of Relativity, then Rational Material Science will become a Lion's Den with the Wings of an Eagle as the Dark Mater restore Justice to Creation.

Until then, Rational Material Science must employ graffiti artists to hide the Unknowable One to preserve the Sinister Son of Lucifer.

Hawking once claimed that the discovery of the Theory of Everything would men that there would be nothing for a God to do. Funny, how a mind with nothing but a clicker cannot sense the need for a Creator to keep the Gates of the Quantum Void from being blocked by Organized Skepticism. Paradise is a Garden of Stars. They come and they go, and any gardener knows that Garden can be overcome by weeds and fools who do not Love the Garden in Paradise.

3 is the foundation upon which all answers are placed. That makes you Quantum Recovery as significant as can be expected in a Garden where flowers grow in the Light of Lunacy.



Quantum Consciousness is Lunacy until Quantum Cognition reveals Love And Wisdom passing through the ZPE. But, Relativity is Lunacy until the End of Space-Time.

If I were to translate Ninurta's Tablets of Destiny, I have no doubt that they predicted when Space-Time would end. That is the Aboriginal Quest of Ur, to eliminate doubt that Prescience precedes Science and Science is just an Old Man Under the Sea wondering why he is burning in Hades. Hades named his land after his own name.His brother threw Z-Pinch Bolts all over Creation and asked, "Can you see?" Modern Science found the there was an Angel Heart on the Orb of Hades standing next to a whale.

Get the picture?

Science has to send the Myth of Relativity to Perdition, and Quantum Cognition can put a Centurion's Lance in Heisenberg's Moon Child. Of that, there is only Certainty. When Quantum Scientist reads the handwriting on the Cosmic Wall then the Myth of Persephone, the Live Child sent to Hades, can be guided by Hermes to Demeter standing as Crux at the mouth of the Coal Sack.

There is now, a way to explain the Reality of Myth. Explanation of the ways of myths can only be accomplished by Quantum Science. 


That, should you accept it, is your mission, Mr. Scot. This message will self destruct before it is known. To complete the message, you most go to the depth of the Abyss of NeuroQuantology and restore it from the Quantum Void that is Perdition. You were chosen for this mission before the Light of SGR 1900+14 sent a gamma ray burst one Precession Cycle before it hit the Earth with a burst of light greater than the Light of Day in Synchronicity with the entry of Earth into the Land of the Rising Sun, to which Ninurta proclaimed, "Here is the First of Time." The consequence of this Mission is that. Every living soul on Earth will have served its purpose of being part of the Quest for Love, as well as Rational Understanding. Scientists are merely clanging symbols that make noise in the Cosmic Symphony that underlies Relativity. It is time for Relativity to go the way of Astrology and the orbital paths of Claudius Ptolemy.



Accuracy kills great scientists. But, when we pursue Truth, "Good Enough" we lay the ground work for betterment. Ptolemy's mathematics were sufficient for his times. But, Hades would never have been photograph using his math model. Was it really the purpose of Pythagorus and Socrates to destroy Ancient Cognition in search of Rational Precision? That is the position of modern skeptical Science. Quantum Science more than any other field of study will destroy Skepticism. In the process, many skeptics will attempt to bind Truth to Rational Symbols on Numb Skulls because Science is numb to Reality. They will spray an kinds of literal and numerical gibberish on the Images of Truth because the source of ego is the fear of a lost identity, that never conjured the meaning of First in a sequence of infinite cycles. That is what the Occidentals did. They identified the First Place on a circle where wandering stars had the emotions of mortals. 

Rational Material Science is the Double Whammy delivered by the Greatest Prophet of All Aeons. He did this to ensure the survival of the Arya as the First Time came again under the Cup of the Messiah of the Wanders.

If Quantum Science does not restore the Intent in the Heavens, then the Men from Ur will destroy every Infidel on Earth, and Relativity Scientists will sing Kumbaya as they marvel the Angel Heart on Hades and deny the Sign of Jonas. Just to be clear, Jonah had the Mission to Return to Ur and reveal the Cosmic Truth from the Heavens. Since that did not happen as required, the Men from Ur will declare that Infidels will get to Seventh Heaven when Donkeys Fly. CYA is a deadly game and modern science based civilization needs to stop playing the Game of Perdition. 

The Giza Complex was created to stop the "Son of Man" and reestablish the "Son of Woman." The difference is that the Son of Man is destined for war, and the Son of Woman is destined to restore Peace on Earth. As a result every Son of Man must participate in the CYA game. The following reference explains the foundation of Egypt and it was the basis of this Prophesy that Egypt memorialized the First Time as the vernal equinox of 2378 AD. They had sufficient cosmic wisdom to have dated the Giza Complex to a full precession cycle earlier, but their goal was to Save the World by making a Mark in Earth of importance of 3.


Every mouth is full of "Love Me!", and everything good has disappeared. The land is perished, (as though) laws were destined for it: the damaging of what had been done, the emptiness of what had been found and the doing of what had not been done. Men take a man's property away from him, and it is given to him who is from outside, I show thee the possessor in need and the outsider satisfied. He who never filled for himself (now) empties. Men will [treat] (fellow) citizens as hateful, in order to silence the mouth that speaks. If a statement is answered, an arm goes out with a stick, and men speak with: "Kill Him!" The utterance of speech in the heart is like a fire. Men cannot suffer what issues from a man's mouth.
Then) it is that a king will come belonging to the south, Ameni, the triumphant, his name. He is the son of a woman of the land of Nubia; he is one born in Upper Egypt.He will take the [white] crown; he will wear the red crown; (60) he will unite the Two Mighty Ones; he will satisfy the Two Lords with what they desire. The encircler-of-the-fields (will be) in his grasp, the oar...

There will be built the Wall of the Ruler--life, prosperity, health! --and the Asiatics will not be permitted to come down into Egypt that they might beg for water in the customary manner, in order to let their beasts drink. And justice will come into its place, while wrongdoing is driven out.Rejoice, he who may behold (this) (70) and who may be in the service of the king!

The learned man will pour out water for me, when he sees what I have spoken come to pass.

The quoted snippets reference celestial images. The Wall of the Ruler is Al Buraq and in the wall is the Ark of the Covenant and the splayed out legs of the Table of the Moneychangers. Re restoring the foundation relates to the Temple of Jonas. The "encircled of the field, in his grasp the oar" refers to Bootes and the Bullroarer.  The "Learned Man" is Aquarius, the Hebrew Messiah whose name is "I Know" in reference to compassion. There can be little doubt that the "pour out water for me" is a word picture of Aquarius.

So, you are clearly not the First Man given the Mission to restore Quantum Cognition. But, from the Throne of a Million Years it is clear that you  come to the Table of Destiny empowered like no other mortal that ever lived. The potential for Cognition resulting from Quantum Algorithms is astounding. By the same process the options of the Medusa will also flow when she lets her hair down.

Without defending you ego identity you must protect yourself from the Serpents that consumed the Thorn Branch of Reborn Man that Gilgamesh retrieved from the bottom of the Deadly Sea. That is a far easier job than protecting your ego.

The Cults of the Earth are divided between the Sons of Light and the Sons of Darkness. But, they did not have the computation power to tell which are Relative and which are Quantum. The Sons of Darkness are harnessed to Chariots of Mystery. The Sons of Light are harnessed to Chariots of Cognition. You would be close to call them Sons of Quantumness and Sons of Relativity, respectfully. But, keep in mind that the Sons of Relativity have to change their Ego Perspective regarding their Mythical Big Bang.

One fact cannot be taken away from you. The chariot you drive can beat that of Apollo and Neptune because your chariot exists before and After Space Time. My position is simple. If we leave Destiny in the hands of Rational Material Science then Mother Earth will be raped absent the Dream of Justice. Rational Material Science created a Creation for a Snot Nosed Donkey. His son was stopped for a millennium by a Camel that plugged his escape route from the Womb of Nut. Half a millennium later he established an Age of Reason based upon the "approved books" of tyrants. This led to New World Conquests as Relational Material Science silenced the latest son of Semiramis. Now, these same Nefarious Lucifers spread Political Correctness on the grounds that the Heavens were once a popcorn kernel. This is precisely what the Nefer Rohu Prophesy predicted. If a human fetus is simply a corn kernel that has yet to pop, it is appropriate to turn the Love Fire off and CYA the mother. In more cosmic terms, that is ripping the child of Semiramis from the maiden and killing a mother.

Resolving the Riddles of Quantum Cognition may not prevent the End Time Prophesy from coming to pass. But, after the holocaust it will be feasible to demonstrate that the holocaust was a certainty in Quantum Cognition. Not that the Creator desired such destruction, but that the Creator put Free Will as the Oar for those that Encircle the Fields.


My apology for making this reply so long. Next time give me a simple question, like what is the meaning of 0 and 1 and the Space between. The answer for that is that the Space between is the Judgment Hall, between nothing and all.

It was a fun journey, never the less. The kHz is relative. The 3 is the essence at the Quantum Boundary, where Zero is given imaginary space to evolve into one. It was a powerful message about maintaining Intent, Cognition and Love. Faith, Hope, and Love, the greatest is Love, because it was Intent that became Cognition.