Purging Hades from the Face of Zeus

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The movie will show a solar flare while Jupiter is behind the sun screen of LASCO C3 and not visible.
According to Jupiter watchers the southern band of darkness on the face of Jupiter was washed away as the planet passed the point of opposition to the Earth.
The result is that there is not darkness in the region of Hades on the face of Zeus at this time.

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Aussie Reveals the Bathing of the Face of Zeus
A giant cloud belt in the southern half of Jupiter has apparently disappeared according to new photos of the planet taken by amateur astronomers. The new Jupiter photos, taken May 9 by Australian astronomer Anthony Wesley, reveal that the huge reddish band of clouds that make up the planet's Southern Equatorial Belt has faded from view. Jupiter's trademark Great Red Spot, a massive storm that could fit two Earths inside, is typically found along the edges of the planet's Southern Equatorial Belt (SEB). When the southern cloud belt fades from view, the Great Red Spot stands out along with Jupiter's Northern Equatorial Belt of clouds in telescope views.

"It was evident to Jupiter watchers late last year that the planet was going into one of these SEB fading cycles, but then it was lost behind the sun for several months and naturally everyone who follows these things was eager to take images as soon as possible after its re-emergence in March," Wesley told SPACE.com in an e-mail.


A solar flare exploded while Jupiter was out of sight.
When Jupiter reappeared, the face of Zeus (Jupiter) had the darkness of Hades (Pluto) washed away.
But, the synchronicity of the event is that the dissappearance and the washing occurred while the Sun was on the arm of Ganymedes (Aquarius).
This child was the messianic oracle of the heavens who bring about the Age of Compassion and Abundance with the Life Giving Waters.

You can step through the movie, which has been scaled in time to the SOHO images.
The Synchronicity of the poisition of the Sun and the arm of Aquarius is "miraculous."

Here we see the Cup Bearer and the Wandering Gods at the entrance to Solomon's Temple.

This is the same orientation with a wider angle of view.

Here is the view looking up from the Sun.
Note the opposition of Earth, Moon, Mars and Saturn, and the position of Pluto (Hades) at the "Bow in the Cloud."
This is the Bow of Sagittarius, or the Wisdom of the Ages. It implies that Pluto-Hades has finally Synchronized with Wisdom.

Looking down from the Sun the heavens have been position such that Pluto-Hades is in the position of the Under World.
The Heavenly Host reveal a preponderance of an Upward Journey through Orion, as Aquarius,
strengthened by the Light of Reason (Sun and Jupiter), is the Mithraic Sun Runner following Uranus and Venus.
Uranus and Venus were the spirits of First Father and celestial Love.
Thus, the cleansing of the Face of Jupiter-Zeus represents a preparation for the unification of Reason and First Father in June 2010..