DOW Genuflects to Honor the Woman of the Apocalypse

Greek Riots: Protests In Athens,Response To Austerity Bill, Video

U.S. markets in historic intraday rout

Socialists Riot Around the Western World


The most rapid decline at the Table of the Money Changers since Jesus walked the Way of the Jews.


Seven Minutes that became more famous than the Great Red Dragon


Love passed the Zenith of Wall Street when the genuflection occurred.


The Great Red Drag was conquered by the Father in Heaven under Wall Street.


To the South the Crooked Serpent of the First Mother spoke of Life and Death.


To the West a Coracle Asteroid sat between First Father and the Child of the Woman of the Apocalypse, called Wonderful Counselor, Prince of Peace, King of Kings revealed the Wisdom of the coin in the mouth of the First Fish that comes up and goes down. This is the Money Changer's currency under the knocked down table. For this act, Jesus was taken down before the cock crowed twice.


To the North the Swan Song of the King of Kings descends with the Strong Son of the Father in Heaven and the Prodigal Son rises in the Elysian Field.


There, in the East the god of War speaks at the Mouth of the Lion and the Mouth of the Beast, while Saturn prepares the dreams of the Woman of the Apocalypse to give birth to Reason as the Son of the First Father comes down to Earth (west) with the Feather of Maat and the Elysian Field rises in the East with the Great Mother in the District of Columbia.

The stars caused the genuflection of the DOW to tell the Money Changers so that Liberty, the Lady of the Wand of Seven Stars, and Columbia, the Queen of Heaven, should reconcile the Thirty Pieces of Silver of the Lunacy of Man at the Hour of Death of the King of Kings in the Temple of the Sun.

In Athens, the birthplace of Democracy, the people were in full riot and civil disobedience because they were not to receive their Self Divined Rights to life long entitlements without personal sacrifice. Socialism only works in insect colonies, and there only because the insects to the work. Once a man child achieves the Age of Reason, the Teachers of Righteousness all declare that the man child must seek a Day of Judgment.

Those who are wise know that the Child in the Manger born of the Virgin is simply the Common Sense virtue that is the Currency of Reason.

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