Solomon and the King of Kings


King David's Name hieroglyphs as they would be written in the two great nomes of Upper and Lower Egypt

King Solomon's Name hieroglyphs as they would be written in the two great nomes of Upper and Lower Egypt

By analysis of the contents of tombs of Northern Egypt, Ralph Ellis has identified a path of human civilization that has caused incredible confusion for some 3000 years. The confusion is not a factual confusion, it is rather a name-nome confusion. Western Civilization turned away from the democratic theology of the Old, Middle, and New Kingdoms of Egypt after the heresy of the Amarna period when Akhenaten and his priests tried to force monotheism onto the One Verse cosmos. It was a process that took at least sixteen centuries to reach the Roman order of Constantine.

The great mentors of Egypt were struggling with whether human civilization should be united as a single culture of man; One World Order. We are seeing a rise in the nome consciousness of gods in this, the 21st century after the birth of Christ, which occurred at the time when Antinous, the child in swaddling cloths, came down to Earth on the wings of Aquila in accordance with the prophesy of the Flight of Isis. Today the world struggles over the idea that democracy is a divined state for America and all of Egypt's Diaspora, but not necessarily a divined state for Mesopotamian Diaspora on the Chariot of Elijah. This is a cause of war that has echoed throughout the history of civilization. The echo has to do with the first two commandments of Moses and Jesus and Polonius. The whole struggle of the Biblical Age and the Nazarene Age (Aries and Pisces) is over the meaning of the Name and the Nome of the One called Universe, and whether a Bullheaded Man (Taurus-Orion) must rule the inheritors of the earth.

Exodus 20:1-17

1st Commandment:
 I am the LORD thy God ... thou shalt have no other gods before me.

2nd Commandment:
Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain; for the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain.

Mark 12:28-31

The first of all the commandments is, Hear, O Israel; The Lord our God is one Lord:
And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment.

And the second is like, namely this, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these.

Within these two commandments are the essential laws of the Old Testament, which tried desperately to complete the task initiated by Adamist man, which was to give names to all of God's works. The New Testament reduces the ten horns of the Red Dragon down to two commandments that are simply an inner and outer expression of the 1st Commandment of Moses. Shakespeare summarized these commandments with Polonius' advice to his son Laertes in Hamlet. "This above all: to thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man."

In other words, the whole of diplomacy and. thus, democracy, lies in the balance of self love and other love; do unto others as you would have them do unto you. When that balance is upset, diplomacy and communications between peoples of separate nomes breaks down. The tyrants of the world force the submission of peoples of different nomes by forcing the adorations of names chosen for the tyrannical self identity; e.g., Hades.

In Solomon, Falcon of Sheba A Sequel to Jesus, Last of the Pharaohs -and- Tempest & Exodus, Ralph Ellis identifies the very path of confusion. Ellis takes the position that the Biblical scribes warped the truth for some self serving reason. Undoubtedly any culture that creates a tome to the name of it own nome will produce a biased redaction of the Universal perspective. Politics is propaganda in action. Of that sin, hardly any individual is not guilty, even Ellis himself. But, when we look at the revelations that Ellis provides and set aside any judgment or partiality, we can witness Common Sense (Maat-Ka-Ra) in the redaction processes of the ancient nomes. If Common Sense can be passed from one generation to the next, then the Mother-Fathers of the earlier generations accomplish what has been known as the fundamental "cause to die for," which the very transfer of abundance to descendants.  That cause has inspired cultures of humanity since the Cro-Magnon Man first put on beads and animal teeth in an esoteric rise above the natural history of the genes of Neanderthal Man. Modern man is not characterized by the body of man, but by the image of Adamist Man. It is the capacity to dream the great dream that sets man on the stairways to heaven and the goal of self divination. The goal of becoming a King of Kings has been the ultimate quest of all seekers of power, wisdom, and truth.

This is the most profound wisdom of any and all ages. Creatures call the places they love by names they love to hear. Invariably, these are the names of their hallowed lands; there personal nomes. Thus, when a Pharaoh of Northern Egypt from Avaris or Tanis, such as Psusennes or Sheshonq, visits the nome of Southern Egypt at Thebes the wise King will not insult the nome they visit by forcing the name of their own nome to be inscribed on the temples of another nome. To do such an insensitive act would be an arrogant usurpation and occupation of a foreign land and nome. Here is the logic which Ralph Ellis identifies with his words but fails to associate with his own heart. Ralph Ellis, like most followers of Imsety have turned north to the rational, Name Nome, side of the Great Pyramid, and abandoned the followers of Hapi who carry the baboon's genes in their ka. When we understand the orientation of the names at the sides of the Great Pyramid, or any Egyptian pyramid, we are led to a spatial relationship between heaven and earth and the horizon of the king, e.g., Giza.


The "logic" employed by Ellis is impeccable, yet incomplete. Some times it is better to be catholic than to be right. If we choose a catholic purpose, then we have to resolve to demonstrate the universal perspective of the One Verse in the Word of God. This can only be accomplished by intution, since we do not have access to, nor can we hold within, the universe of omniscient being.

As an example, the "lock of hair" may be an "impeccable" relating of the current meaning of the glyph . But, the words "lock of hair" and the love relationship of Samson and Delilah must not be denied in the glyph. Logic may fail in this association until intuition reveals the hidden wisdom. Delilah cut off the "lock of hair" that was the strength of Samson. The result of the dominating act by Delilah was the weakening and ultimately the blinding of Samson. Look closely at the "lock of hair" and realize that the interpretation by Egyptologists is a projection of self perception with the hidden intent to deny Cosmic Perception. In this way, intuition, Delilah, dominates rationality, Samson. The latter is simply a "bull headed" man.

Does the myth of Samson and Delilah parallel the myth of Adam and Eve? Is the intent of the glyph to be a "lock of hair," or a "sign of weakness" such as the divine emotion that reveal the "image of God"? Is weakness defined to be a man who is scalped by a woman? Is the protrusion on the "lock of hair" glyph the breast of a woman? Is the protrusion a droplet hung up on the Eye of Ra like the mote of forgotten trauma? Is this not the exact same mythological story told by Egypt regarding the trick Isis brought upon Ra when she laid a serpent in his path and caused him to cry, "Is it water? Is it fire?" What Ralph Ellis failed to distinguish was the emotion of his mentors and the spirits of their nomes. The perception applied by Ellis was simply the echo of the imagination of his mentors. In other words, Ellis took the Name of Ra in vain because Ellis was created in the image of his mentors and not in the Image of God. It is vanity to assume that mortal man knows the Unknowable One. This is precisely why the Egyptologists cannot make rational sense of many of the cartouches of Egypt and the names of the rulers of the United Kingdom of Israel. Ellis recognizes this flaw in his mentors and proclaims his wisdom greater than theirs, which in part it truly is, and in part it is less than it could be because his intuition was cut off before the Image of God was recognized as the tears of the Eye of Ra. Ellis was insensitive to the emotions of the Creator. This is the character of the followers of Imsety and the namesake of Seth, the usurper of Osiris.

If the Pharaoh of Tanis, Sheshonq, must replace the Hyk glyph as a name in the nome of Thebes with the Hedj glyph , then when the same Lord who is the ruler of the nomes of Israel visits these lands, we must conclude that the use of hieroglyphs must be avoided in the interest of diplomacy. Thus, while in Jerusalem, Sheshonq (Biblical Shishak) would be called Solomon. And, the Biblical extraction of Rehoboam from the Promised Land is, as Ellis concludes, the act of a wise father admonishing an arrogant son for not loving his neighbors as himself.

2 Chronicles 10:10-11
And the young men that were brought up with him spake unto him, saying, Thus shalt thou answer the people that spake unto thee, saying, Thy father made our yoke heavy, but make thou it somewhat lighter for us; thus shalt thou say unto them, "My little finger shall be thicker than my father's loins (penis)." For whereas my father put a heavy yoke upon you, I will put more to your yoke: my father chastised you with whips, but I will chastise you with scorpions.

The words of 2 Chronicles 10:10-11 are clearly identifying an arrogant son. But, Israel must protect the name and nome of Israel. Thus, Shishak (Sheshonq, Solomon) must be named in accordance with the name of the nome of Jerusalem. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Solomon cannot be identified with the destruction of his own son's realm without saying that Egypt is superior to Israel. This is a serious paradox for a people whose fundamental identity comes from the heresy of the original monotheists (Akhenaten's priests) who attempted the destruction of Osiris and all his siblings. With the exception of Seth, who was the Father of the Children of Israel, they eventually laid waste the neters of Egypt. The third son of Eve is the third son of Nut, and his name is Seth, the lord of the north, Imsety. (I am Sety.)

Genesis 4:25
And Adam knew his wife again; and she bare a son, and called his name Seth: For God, said she, hath appointed me another seed instead of Abel, whom Cain slew.
Genesis 4:26
And to Seth, to him also there was born a son; and he called his name Enos: then began men to call upon the name of the LORD.
Genesis 5:3
And Adam lived an hundred and thirty years, and begat a son in his own likeness, and after his image; and called his name Seth:

This is the heart of the testament of the people called Jews. They worship the name of God in the same way that their Egyptian ancestors worshiped Seth. They witness the rational aspects of Adam in naming the Creator's works. They witness the action of Eve's intuition as the source of evil and the cause of the loss of the Garden of Eden, which was Mesopotamia and Egypt on Earth, and the Two Lands of the Celestial Realms of Nut and Geb. The consequential War of the Heavens has to do with whether the Mother (Nut) or the Father (Geb) represents the more righteous of the two rulers of heaven. Egypt was dominated by the Mother Nature. Mesopotamia was dominated by the Father Nature. These conditions were recognized at the founding of these two cultures to be the Soul of the Land (Material Being) and the Name of the Nome (Hallowed Name), respectively.

In his book presentation for The Time Rivers theory, Goro Adachi identifies the great nomes of the Biblical word during the Age of Taurus and the Age of Aries. What is important with regard to Ralph Ellis' works in Adachi's works is the fact that the two great nomes of the two river systems were struggling to put together the Name of God. In other words. Western Civilization attempted the rationalization of the All. The ancient sacred scriptural myths are "snapshots" of the thought processes by which Western Civilization made a "name for itself." The Egyptians were carried away in the Exodus as they followed the Israelites back into the Primordial Sea. The Israelites got to the other side of the Chaotic Waters by a land bridge which divided the waters of chaotic emotion.

The seed nomes of Western Civilization.

The mythical names of the nomes.

The United Kingdom of Egypt and Asia.

When we apply the historic desire to Unite the Two Lands with the consequences involved in hyphenated names and endless cartouches we quickly recognize that one name must be held superior to the other, or the name of the child becomes as long as the generations of the ancestors. Our Father which art in Heaven, Hallowed be thy Name. But, ancient humans worshiped their names and their nomes; Father Sky and Mother Earth. They will continue to die and kill to preserve either. After the Exodus, the Mother Worship followed the Israelites and the two great kings, David and Solomon, as the mysterious Queen of Sheba into the catholic representation of the Two Lands that became the Christian Theology divined as recorded in the Temple to Hathor at Denderah. This theology had the fundamental goal of uniting Mother Earth and Father Sky through the Virgin's Man Child. These are the true names of the two nomes of the heavens and the two river systems that spawned the Age of the Salmon of the Dagons (King Fish, Pisces Austrinis).

1 Kings 1:3
So they sought for a fair damsel throughout all the coasts of Israel,
and found Abishag a Shunammite (Shu-Nome Virgin), and brought her to the king.

The consequence of Uniting the Two Lands is "In God we trust."
The Eye that projects light is set on the pyramid,
which is the Ben-Ben of Maternal Earth.
The Seal of Solomon is placed above the eagle,
whose "language of birds" is E Pluribus Unum,
where Heavenly Father and Sacrificial Son are One.
All of these symbols proclaim democracy between God and Man.
That is the legacy of the myths of Uniting the Two Lands.

When we understand the eternal quest to establish the nome of the King of Kings, the Hyk glyph and the Hedj glyph represent the identity of Bootes, who was Gilgamesh and Osiris in the Elysian Field of Seventh Heaven with the virgin Abishag, whose heavenly nome is the constellation of Virgo's flower, Bethlehem (Coma Berenices). The Crook of the Hyk glyph and the crown of the Hedj glyph are those given to Bootes, the highest hero of the Heavenly Hosts, and the consort of the Virgin Mother. He is Atlas to the Greeks, and it is his duty to hold the sky above the island in the sea of his own name, Atlantis.

So, how does the Greatest Story Ever Told teach the man-child with the desire of scorpion's (lust) the means to accomplish the Way of Heaven? The answer is revealed in the evolution of the Crown of Lower Egypt. The Israelites were not interested in acquiring wisdom the hard way. Their goal was to accelerate the process of circumcision from the 99 years of Abraham, and the 13 years of Ishmael, to the 8 days of Isaac. When Noah landed on the altar of Ra's wife, Ara-Rat, which is Material Nature, he established an altar of god. The incense of that altar is the Crook of the Shepherd Kings, the Hyk glyph . By separating the crown from the crook, the Israelites had united the Two Lands of Ra and El into the Land of Jah and Seventh Heaven belonged to the Chosen People. This made the highest heavens, Zion, an inheritance of the Children of God.

The consequence of the War of the Heavens was the United Kingdom of Palestine and Lower Egypt. This kingdom never existed in history, for it was the consequence of the myth of man becoming One in the Image of God, and the sons of Solomon-Shishak had turned against the Laws of Moses.

The Men from Ur who followed Abraham would not allow a man to become God. Which is to say that the Old Testament denied divinity of the Chosen People. Jesus speaks of being both Heavenly Father and Earthly Son, and that was heresy to those who lacked the appreciation of the "language of birds."

Subsequently, Israel and Egypt became the two divisions of the heavens above and below the Glory of the Lord, which is the Milky Way. When an arrogant king attempts to take a short cut around the circuit of the heavens by assuming knowledge of a name, his arrogance is punished in the same way that Sheshonq (Solomon-Shishank) punished the fledgling nome of Israel under Rehoboam. The "young men" of Rehoboam's kingdom proved that they were incapable of the wisdom of Solomon that was the Common Sense of Maat-Ka-Ra. So, Solomon went to Jerusalem and took the wealth he had deposited out of the temple of the new heretics who had trashed the idea of the Oneness of God and Man. This is precisely what happened earlier to the City of God called Akhetaten when Akhenaten claimed to be the only medium of the Word of Aten in the nome of the Horizon of Aten. Egypt had learned the lesson the hard way when the empire of the 18th Dynasty came to an end because of the arrogance of the Son of Amenophis III, who was Amenophis IV, Akhenaten. The Hyksos kings of Israel had failed to heed the lessons of history, and they repeated it. Rehoboam would not accept the council of elders.

The rest of the Greatest Story Ever Told is the accepted history of the Sons of Seth. What the Sethians had usurped was the Language of the Birds. Seth killed the serpent at the bow of Ra's barque because Seth was afraid of the danger to his own little bird. The Great Serpent in the wilderness is the creative subliminal intent. Rational action represses creative subliminal intent without acknowledging that the whole vessel of progress is supported by folds of subliminal motives. Rational intent is simply the song of the bird of self fancy. This story is written in the subliminal sky where the unleavened bread speaks of an Prince of War and a Prince of Peace. The former is Perseus, while the latter is Antinous.

Seth knows the language of birds, but fails to see that the serpent in the garden is the Eye of Ra.
When a man is consumed by his emotions, then Delilah scalps Samson,
and the "lock of hair" is the tears of the Eye of Ra and Eye of Hathor,
between the two pillars of the temple of Dagon, self love and other love.

Koran 27:16 The Ant
And Sulaiman was Dawood's heir, and he said: O men! we have been taught the language of birds, and we have been given all things; most surely this is manifest grace.

The encircling of the Kaa'ba is derived from the Language of Birds.

The Koran carries the message without the celestial correspondence that reveals that the source of the tomes of all the Peoples of the Book is the Language of Birds. Yet, to the trained eye that can connect the dots in the starry sky, the Wandering Ones are the stars that move within the background of the Imperishable Ones. At the Hajj, the faithful duplicate the stars that encircle the Great Square, which is the head of a woman, Andromeda, and the peacock tail of a Al Buraq, Pegasus.

The consequence of arrogant worship of the self (Seth) is a need to balance the "language of birds" that was present when birds first navigated by the stars. The heavens have declared the Glory of the Lord to all cultures and creatures who find that true orientation to creation is the "language of birds." It was this very language that caused Cro-Magnon Man to place beads and amulets around their necks.

The navel of Christian encirclement is at the imperishable stars a at the North Pole,
when the Christ overcomes the Anti-Christ, and Osiris overcomes Seth.

The late Pope, John Paul II, had the message of the Redemptoris Mater recorded in the magnificent images in his private chapel. The one greater than Solomon from Matthew 12:42 was shown after the resurrection in the mosaic of the Second Coming of Christ on the axis of the celestial pole. The four authors of the Gospel are shown at the altar-tomb from which he rises. This is also the altar of the wife of Ra, Ara-Rat and Maat-Ka-Ra. Common Sense reveals the Order of the Ages by the unambiguous journey of the celestial poles. Ancient astrologers followed the seasonal passages of the equinoxes and solstices to divine the Ages. But, these are the Four Sons of Horus who define the position of the Navel of the Imperishable Stars. When fully comprehended, the cross of the Four Sons of Horus reveal the place of the Second Coming, where the wisdom of the Son of God comes down to mortal beings as a message of the wanderings of the Mind of God. The message from the heavens is clear as crystal; with understanding the Word will be properly oriented upon the second coming after the experience of the death of arrogance caused when we deny selfish perspective for catholic perspective. This is precisely the message of the destruction of the Kingdom of Rehoboam, a son of Solomon, who made the arrogant claim regarding being Greater than Solomon. Greatness belongs to the heavens, and through encounters at death's door, all who return to the imperishable stars can be properly oriented.

The modern wisdom of Western Civilization is summarized in two commandments.

Mark 12:28-31

The first of all the commandments is, Hear, O Israel; The Lord our God is one Lord:
And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment.

And the second is like, namely this, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these.

Upon these two laws the virgin of Abishag (Father Ravishes), whose name is Liberty, Columbia, and Freedom, stands upon the dome of heaven before the phallus of a First Father in Washington, D.C. From the rotunda of the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, where Muhammad rode the fanciful beast to Seventh Heaven, to the rotunda of the Capital Building, the "language of birds" reveals that orientation to "common sense" is the seed of both tyranny and freedom. Whether the believer accepts the second commandment, or not, determines the course of Novus Ordo Seclorum. As democratic theocracy is incarnated in the Second Coming to the lands of the four rivers of Eden, we are witnessing the Greatest Story Ever Told as it unfolds in the Sacred Lands around Babylon. Common Sense requires love of neighbor after the Stork has freely spoken the "language of birds." An idea that is killed before it is born, is the dream of a tyrant like Rehoboam. The consequence of such arrogance is the loss of the treasures in the City of God.

Language of Birds

The Language of Birds is spirit which all creatures desire; to be as free as a bird in a Divine Perception without tears

Falcon of Sheba A Sequel to Jesus, Last of the Pharaohs -and- Tempest & Exodus, Ralph Ellis Page 343

Having trawled our way through the complexities of the Torah - the Old Testament accounts from the Bible - and having turned up revelation after revelation upon the way, it is perhaps time to take stock of this rather novel situation.

The inescapable conclusion that has to be drawn from this new book of revelations is that the whole Judaic, Christian and Islamic belief systems and iconography were based upon Egyptian antecedents. More importantly, perhaps, is the fact that the three books in which this entire history was eventually written, were also Egyptian. The time has come to take a deep breath, to reassess all that we know of these religious texts, and to completely rewrite the Torah, Bible and Koran so that they at last tell the truth. This book has started that inevitable process...



Ellis uses an interesting wording for the summary of his very important tome when he says, "having trawled our way." The more appropriate wording would seem to be "having polled our way through subliminal traditions." Trawlers generally lay a line off the stern of the vessel and wait to catch whatever comes up. Western Civilization, and Ralph Ellis, have followed the course of Seth since the fall of the 18th Dynasty of Egypt after the expulsion of the Atenists and their religion of intolerance derived from the intuition that the All was the benevolent Aten (YHWH, Allah, Holy Trinity) as an effeminate male. Solomon, Falcon of Sheba goes a very long way in restoring what existed before the monotheists set out to kill the Medusa of the Creator's Emotions. The rationalists of Western Civilization discovered that intuition, trawling by lateral thinking in accordance with Ellis, reveals far more information than the mortal mind can accept. The small bird on the bow of the vessels of rationalists is simply the "desire to fly" in the mind of of the Seth Animal, a Donkey Man.


The last thing we need is another expression of what was expressed at the Moment of the First Occasion when the Tower to Heaven, Bab-El, was destroyed by selfish interest (Sethian behavior). The rational towers are stairways to heavens based upon a material journey, but because these towers are fancies of the mind, they cause the vessel of creation to crawl along on the folds of rationalizing behavior (subliminal motives). The action of all rationalism is based upon the skepticism that All is not Truth. Once it is "divined" that All is not Truth, then the Aten must be denied in order to uncover the hidden truth of some archaic rationalization. This is precisely what happened when the Hyksos/Israelites were first driven into the Sea of Reeds by Ahmos I and by Horemheb, Seti I, Ramesess II, and the rest of the 19th and 20th Dynasties. The 21st Dynasty represents the victory of the Atenists, as Sea Peoples, in reestablishing the Lion of Judah at Giza. It was a "rational thing to do." Yet, when any culture has chosen to "worship the Name of the Lord" (Imsety), they have lost the image in the Eye of the Creator and usurped the bow where Maat once revealed that intuition says, "The Creator desires Life as a passover journey at the mountain of heaven" (Nut). The consequence of usurpation of the All is the tears of Ra at the Wailing Wall. Ellis, more than any other author known to this writer, witnessed the "Fall of Man" in historical terms as they unfolded in Northern Egypt and the Levant, all the way to Mesopotamia. But, Ellis stands at the bow of the Creator's Vessel on the assumption that the vessel has been misguided. This "Judgment Day" is precisely why he set out on his "trawling quest." Ellis, like all alchemists of the human mind attempted to convert fantasy into gold. No book that has ever been written has ever had any other goal. Books are fantasies of the rationalizing mind. What we need in preparing any book is the capacity to withhold judgment until the Final Act of Creation. While we refrain from mental judgment and delay physical satisfaction, we allow the Spirit of Heaven time to evolve as truth regarding Divine Will before Self Will usurps the chaotic emotions in the Sea of Reeds


This paradox has yet to be comprehended by the Occidentals. It was fully understood by the Orientals who used hieroglyphs and images to say, Image of the Rising Sun . Words are bindings of righteousness by the creator of the words. Mortal Beings cannot restrain intuitive desire until all Truth is revealed. It was this very situation that caused the original Exodus from Egypt. The Aryan ancestors of Western Civilization could not wait to arrive at the apex of Mount Zion, Mount Moriah, Mount Horeb, etc. Impatience causes the rationalizing mind to rush to the bow and take control of Universal Creation with an impatient heart held in the balance. This is the flaw that brings all men down. This is the "chastisement by scorpions." Judgment must be withheld until the final hour, or it will be a mockery of conscious determination. The "Eater of the Dead" is dysfunctional judgment process. These processes are a direct result of attention deficit disorder (ADD). Yet, we did not need the ADD rationalization when we witnessed the fall of Egypt at the end of the 18th Dynasty. It was crystal clear that a "mockery of a trial" had taken place.


The outcome of a delayed judgment is that the self is bounded by consciousness of science, or in the words of the sacred science, Emmanuel is a judge with a conscience. The Hunefer Papyrus was created after the Amarna debacle in which the greatest heresy ever brought to earth attempted to deny all the spirits of the Creator for the Light of the Creator. The Light of the Creator came down from the heavens as the Logos of Heaven. The stars were rationalized into a Uni-Verse. This was the ultimate goal of the syncretism of Egypt. The desire to Join the Two Lands was precisely the goal upon which Egypt was founded. The pyramids of Egypt were reformed ziggurats of Asia designed to be esoteric Stairways to Heaven. The steps of these stairways were the asterisms of the Heavenly Hosts. The asterisms carried spiritual meaning through a span of at least 40,000 years prior to the founding of Egypt. But, it was not until the 5th-6th Dynasties of Egypt that the Logos of Heaven was inscribed as the Pyramid Texts and the Egyptian Bible known as the Chapters of Coming Forth By Day, which has been renamed by Egyptologists as the Book of the Dead. The whole wisdom of Egypt was encapsulated in the Chapters of Coming Forth by Day in a form similar to the modern Quran with the sequential logic subordinated to the transcendental goal. Intuition cannot be enhanced by logic, because logic is the result of repressing intuition. The stars will always carry the Logos of Heaven so that each individual can find the Language of Birds in accordance with Free Will on Earth as it is in Heaven. Birds are not as free as Seth, because birds do not deny Common Sense when setting the course of their migrations. The Language of Birds is always bound by conscience.


The whole of the created universe is composed of four, and only four elements. Rationalizations split and arrange these four essences into many many configurations and compositions. But, when the source of the rationalizations are fully discriminated we restore the Flower Children of Horus. What is revealed in this process of discrimination is the sequences of the journey of our own rationalizations. The elements are provided by the Creator. We are free to rearrange the elements, but we are not free to create new elements. This is the Language of Birds. They make their homes in the Created World. They do not create their environment. Thus, they come from the Life Giving Water where the Language of Fishes reveals tranquility beneath the chaotic waves. When we go deep into our emotions, we gain fuller "under standing" regarding the physical elements of life. The consequence of depth analysis is a flowering creation.

Adamist Man creates names and from the names we are given the Word of the Creator. But, the Word is not separate from the created being, it is simply the mental aspect of it. When we are blind to our own rationalizations we attempt to create a new element. Yet, what we accomplish is the darkening of the created elements. When the Last Judgment takes place in the Hall of the Double Maati, then Maat rests on both palettes of balance of judgment. The heart is taken out of the shadow of hidden meanings as revelation is restored to the Four Sons of Horus within the Self that is bounded by the conscious of science, conscience. Morality has its origins in the emotion of love. When morality is swamped by impatience it degrades to righteousness. Then righteousness becomes rational and kills emotion. This is the moment the Angel of Death rises from the Self Named Place, Hades. All righteousness is born of selfishness with an absence of compassion. Flower children have the genetic wisdom of the Teacher of Righteousness, but Flower Children need to learn the way through Death's Door as their virgin righteousness transcends Compulsive Desire and restores the Cosmic Balance within the Individuated Self.

Ralph Ellis closed his book on the genesis of Solomon with the words, "The time has come to take a deep breath, to reassess all that we know of these religious texts, and to completely rewrite the Torah, Bible and Koran so that they at last tell the truth." The problem is not that these great works do not tell the truth, as implied by the Flower Child in Ellis. The problem is that we have a shadow upon our souls caused by denial of the wisdom that Cosmic Common Sense reveals. The only way to restore the lost journey to Cosmic Truth is for the King to return to the Imperishable Stars. This is precisely what was said in the Pyramid Texts, and in the Prophesy of Nefer-Rohu of the 5th Dynasty of Egypt. The ancients looked to the heavens and they connected the dots. The profound truth revealed by such visions has been recorded in the Sacred Sciences of every culture of Adamist Man by the names given to the stars and the asterisms they saw. The Cosmic Truth is that human rationalizations in the form of Sacred Sciences (religions) are the consequence of Adam's work in naming all the works of the Creator. Adam is not one man. Adam is the first man to give a name to a Work if the Divine.

Today we are raised in schools of rational esoteric knowledge (3R's) by secular parents who have no real interest in the genetic journey of their students. When humans lived with the animals, the genetic parents gave the Language of Birds directly to their children. This was the Common Sense (Maat-Ka-Re) way to stretch the cord of the neter (Seshat) with the wand on her head and lead Flower Children to become Kings of Kings (User-Maat-Re), as they pass through the Gateways of Heaven and become a Solomon of Novus Ordo Seclorum, in the New Order of the Ages.

The Gateway of Heaven is One Gate for each Individuated Self who acquires conscience in being. But, each organism on earth and the Creator of the Cosmos individuate in accordance with different places and times within the All. When these "nomes" are "named" a New Adam incarnates in a New Eden. This is how the Medusa became the desire of all Kings of Kings. A ruler who sees only One Gate is bound in an unconscionable abyss named for the sake of self domination. This is tyrany. This is Hades. This is the Valley of the Shadow of Death. Selfishness is required for Creation. Selfishness must be abandoned to enter into the garden of Novus Ordo Seclorum.

Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart,
and with all thy soul,
and with all thy mind,
and with all thy strength.
Love thy neighbor as thyself.

The Flight of Isis at Giza

Origin of the Seal Of Solomon at Giza

Eye of Siloam

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