Petroglyphs, Lascaux, Stonehenge, and Akhenaten, the transcendence of the Occidentals from the Orientals
The transition from anachronistic synchronicity to reason.

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Characteristics for the Occurrence of a High-Current,
Z-Pinch Aurora as Recorded in Antiquity
Anthony L. Peratt, Fellow, IEEE

Proto-Occidental Imagery
an analysis by R. E. Allen of Peratt paper.

Cave Of Blind Birth

Hall of Bulls, Lascaux

Home of the Cows

The patterns render a path to the Beehive of Cancer, the Manger, and the place where Khephera raises the Sun, Ra. This location has represented the birth place of feelings for a very long time. That is why it is depicted as the place where the Cows Come Home in the misnamed sanctuary of motherhood at Lascaux.

Womb of the Earth

An obvious cervical passageway.

Birth Canal of the Blind

The ancient bovine do not get lost at the birth canal.

Starfish Thermonuclear Detonation 07/09/1962.gif

Modern civilization creates an aurora that leads to the comprehension of ancient cave art and petroglyphs that can be found all around the earth.

Starfish Thermonuclear Detonation 07/09/196206

The aurora presented a plasma cloud at the Man in the Beast of the Donkey Man

World Class Art

Ancient petroglyphs are now given the status of World Class Art, for they remarkably rendered the ancient visions of awe.

Views of a Cosmic Womb

From petroglyphs and cave art the cognition of man rose to great monumental art. It was during the construction of the monumental art that it became clear that the Sun was on a journey that took it around the Elysian Field, and that knowledge dramatically altered the renderings of man.


The henge is an ancient symbol of the greatest Crop Circle known to man. It has been known and revealed in monumental art for tens of thousands of years. At the bottom of the Crop Circle is the Garden of Eden where the roots of are entangled in the coils of a Crooked Serpent.


The monument measures the time of the year to the priests who know the cycle of the seasons and where the sun sets on on mid winter's eve.


At the winter solstice sunset the King of Kings stood upon the zenith within the circle of the Sarsen Stones at Camelot.


At the winter solstice sunrise the Feathered Serpent marked the axis under the henge.


At the same moment, the one known that came to be known as St. George and Hercules marked the zenith within the symbolic womb.


Less that 700 years after work ceased on Stonehenge a new wisdom of the Double Horizon came to Egypt at the death of Egypt's Solomon, Amenophis III. His wife, Tiye, established the religion of her priests as the sole faith to guide Egypt for eternity as the first communist state appeared on the earth.


It was practically impossible not to see the Cosmic Intent drawn by the Elysian Fields as shown in this image. Yet, look closely at the date and it will be revealed that Akhetaten, which was the place of the Horus of Two Horizons, was a prophetic message about the coming of the Age of Bliss 3400 years after the death of Amunophis III.


The remarkable event involved to synchronicity of sunrise on the winter solstice and sunset on the summer solstice. Why was this time chosen for the establishment of a monotheistic philosophy regarding a return of the King of Kings? Because it had been learned during the time of the building of Stonehenge and early Egyptian temples that the Sun was on a Journey.


Where was the Sun going? It was headed to the depths of the Sea of Reeds in what we call Pisces. That lowly place would be where the Sun begins to rise. After Osiris, the King of Kings, carried the Sun through the dark of night, which was a name for the underside of the Milky Way, and the cosmic midnight hour had passed the Sun would return to the Glory of the Lord, the stars of the Third Part of the Heavens.


When we match the scale of the "ditch" between the concentric mounds at Stonehenge to the diameter of the Milky Way we can see that the Sarsen Stones at Stonehenge were intended to encircle the Field of the Virgin that hold the Rose of England. But, by the time they got the trilithons raised, it was clear to the priests of Stonehenge that the time of their temple would not last. A similar fate was determined in Mesoamerica, for the city of god called Teotihuacan was designed to align the Way of the Dead in Teothuacan with the Way of the Dead at the Milky Way when the man child on the eagle sat squarely above the pyramid of the Feathered Serpent.


The urban grids of the Maya had always been aligned with the Way of the Dead. During the night when the time was right, the Milky Way would pass directly overhead aligned head to toe with the beds of the living, and in that way, the ancestors were never forgotten. But, keeping urban grids aligned with the Milky Was was easy when the people lived in tents. When the began to fabricate buildings of brick and mortar, they needed a longer term for the construction. 

First Father

They accomplished this by aligning the divine architecture with future positions of the heavens. At the great monumental works of Teotihuacan the architects aligned the urban grid so that the street between the pyramids of the Sun and the Moon would align with the Milky Way when the man child on the eagle's wing passed directly over the temple of the Feathered Serpent. Thus, it could honestly be said that the paradise of the ancestors would come again in 4400 AD. Then the Living and the Dead would share the same bed. It was in this way that Pacha Mama would tell the story of First Father as he came again.

Now that we have seen the story of the awe inspiring auroras transcend heaven and earth, it is time for us to decide whether we are to be judged as worthy of the Gateway of the Gods.

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