The death by execution of Saddam Hussein took over fifteen years from the invasion of Kuwait and 1113 days after Operation Red Dawn pulled him out of a spider hole in Tikrit. During those times the man never wavered from his "Bull on the Hill" mentality. Had he simply opened his doors, and allowed proper inspections and conformity to World Order, it is very likely that the Women of Iraq would not be on their way to the District of Columbia. But, he didn't, and the stars have told us why. He was a puppet in the hand of Tiamet, as were all the men of Mesopotamia since the legend of Nibiru was born in Sumer 10,000 years earlier and told from the top of Ziggurats. The legends of Nibiru were located on monuments in Mesopotamia and Mesoamerica with sufficient precision to lay the orbit of the King through the phallus of the Centaur and the Phallus of Osiris as the two obelisks of Hatshepsut and the Ladders of Jacob.

Obelisks of the Queen of Sheba depict destruction and erection of the Temple of Solomon.
They are renditions of the Mesopotamian Legend of Nibiru and the Greatest Story Ever Told.
From their conception, the cosmic pillars were associated with the Lost Souls on the Centaur's Raft.

The following movie that shows the Righteousness of Tiamet and the Acceptance of Nut reveals images that may be startling, but unlike the false caution from CNN, the "graphic content" scripted by Tiamet and Nut are Earth Shaking Truths that show what can be seen when we listen through open eyes. It was Hatshepsut who warned Thoth at Deir_el-Bahri to go and get his answers from Seshat, the Fairy Godmother of Egypt, whose Magic Wand is the west fish of Pieces under the Great Square. These two symbols, square and circle, or cube and circle, are the theme of the architecture of the Great Pyramid of Khufu, and they were found as jade objects in the hands of Pacal in his Temple of Inscriptions. The square and cubes are symbols of rational consciousness. The circle and sphere are symbols of wisdom acquired by rolling through the righteous stream of consciousness. Eventually, wisdom proves that righteousness is self born, and truth comes by experiences which round off the sharp edges of rationalized personalities. Saddam Hussein lived and died in a world where rational order repressed emotional experience as a matter of law. Thus, his character was formed by the raw experiences of a poor child of Iraq. This was the Legend of Nibiru and all Messianic Heroes before and since. The legend was, and still is, the primary communication received by connecting the dots of the imperishable stars. That is why Saddam was executed by Allah. The life of Saddam was the Divine Execution of Cosmic Intent. That life marks the White Dawn of Aquarius, precisely as prophesied by the Sumerians, the Egyptians, the Israelites, the Christians, the Maya, and every culture that has learned the path of wisdom the hard way. Wisdom comes only by experience, and Mesopotamia has again experienced the life and death and legend of a King of Kings.

The death of Saddam was staged by the Goddesses as scripted in the stars and read by the Sumerians five thousand years before Egypt was founded. The staging was not Fate, it was the Cosmic Intent of the Father of Time. Take the time to pause on Saddam's Stairway to Heaven to realize what we have been asked to witness is the Greatest Story Ever Conceived as it was told in the life of a man who sought greatness. It has been told and told in countless way, yet wandering fools like Saddam fail to open their ears to the messages of the Queen of Sheba when she declares her Immaculate Conceptions to be the Circles of Righteousness.

On the night journey of Il Miraj when Muhammad mounted the Mare of the Night and ascended from Jerusalem to Seventh Heaven it is said that Angel Gabriel put his foot down on the shaft at Even HaShetiyah to prevent pilgrims from falling down to Hades. That shaft is the emotions of human experience, and Islam teaches that all emotions are to be repressed in favor of the Righteousness of Allah. Such righteousness is perfectly rational, but the bruising of the soul by the Medusa of Mother Nature tends to reveal that righteousness untested is block headed man.

This movie shows the discretion of Allah in Saddam's ride on Al Buraq at 6:05 AM on December 30, 2006