Open Letter to:
Speaker of the House  of Congress
Tom Delay

A Call to Action

America! America!
God mend thine ev'ry flaw,
Confirm thy soul in self-control,
Thy liberty in law.
America! America!
May God thy gold refine
Till all success be nobleness,
And ev'ry gain divine.


Hello Speaker Tom Delay:

First, let me say that I am pleased to see that you remain a pillar of America’s Great Dream.

I write today to drop a hint at what may be the core problem with our country and the modern world. It is true, that the principles upon which great societies are built have been abandoned by the political and educational establishments in America and the World. Where did those great societies find the principles that made them great? I would propose that through a repetitive process they divined a truth and then put it to a test of time under God. Therein is the fault of our current political morass. We do not test our divinations over time under God.

You echoed these concerns in you new blog at  A Call to Action, which is excerpted here.

We are blessed to live in a land of great opportunity in a time of great challenges.  With that blessing, however, comes great responsibility.  Our world is a dangerous one where powerful madmen and committed terrorists seek the destruction of our society and think nothing of brutally beheading or bombing our countrymen.  Thomas Jefferson told us that, “The price of liberty is eternal vigilance”.  Those words ring more true than ever today.
Conservatives must act on First Principles.  We must organize and act to protect the very principles of:  order, justice and freedom that are the touchstones of our founding documents.  We must act to speed the return of our government to its constitutional roots and we must organize to protect our freedoms from those who wish to deny them to us.  

I would propose that a New First Principle must be Divined as we throw the flowers of our inheritance to the winds of chance and ride the Chariot of Hades. That New First Principle is that a culture based upon precedent cannot, and must not, identify precedent within the bounds of law as written by the founders of Great Societies. This is not divination, this is rational tyranny, even in a State of Affairs ruled by the laws of democracy. This was the subject of many cultures for thousands of years before the Roman Empire, and it was the total focus of the Hellenistic Age. Those cultures had access to divination processes and that made those cultures very creative. When Great Societies become bound by rational affairs, the people lose the right to discern Order, Justice and Freedom in a New First Principle as Political Correctness represses Common Sense. America has descended into a rationalization that God and State must be separated by the Force of Law. That force is the primal fault in America today, for it eliminates the creation of New First Principles. The Force of Law is not Conservative, nor is it Liberal, it is insane tyrannical bondage by blind addiction to a past sense of order. It is repression of Common Sense. Anger causes anger without any awareness of the self divined state of affairs from which it proceeds. Anger and madness are siblings with common genes.

The solution I found after nearly 40 years of research into and application of the Divination Process is that America’s sense of “Order, Justice and Freedom” could be protected by a Department of Divine Affairs. The objective of the department would not be religious or legal, for those “ideals” represent processes divined at earlier times and carry the vision of hind sight. The objective of the Department of Divine Affairs would be to identify the divinations of individuals and groups within the citizens of the country. The Founding Fathers gave these powers to the Congress. But, the society has drifted onto a shoal of rational order where Legal Precedent supercedes Divination of New First Principles.

When a society ignores that the Heavens and the Earth existed before the desire to civilize, that society becomes totalitarian as “Order, Justice and Freedom” become edicts of chaotic emotion and Democracy drops her flowers. The Conservatives and Liberals line up along separated walls and take pot shots at each other. The consequence to Democracy will be the same as that of the 18th Dynasty of Egypt. A aged world class empire lost its world class status in just 17 years!   

When Amenophis III died the reigns of Egypt went to his wife, Tiye. She empowered the divinations of the priests of Aten. They, in turn, shut down all the temples of other forms of divination. This is what is happening in Iraq today. Egypt had been a culture of religious freedom. With the rise of the Atenists intolerance became the Law of the Land of Egypt, and Order became rationalized perception of precedent. Within 17 years, the Great Society of Egypt found itself on its knees because the people of Egypt had fallen into chaotic use of the idealism of intolerance and her flowers became weeds.

President George W. Bush did the correct thing in eliminating the tyranny that had held the Lords of Intolerance in Iraq at bay. Not because he eliminated tyranny, but because he forced the modern advocates of intolerance to fight amongst themselves on their own turf. This action also opened a Pandora's Box of righteousness at the Kaaba that the legal systems of democratic nations cannot comprehend because the democratic nations are lost in the Self Divined Righteousness of Legal Precedent. Modern Democracies cannot cope with the affairs of variant divination because we are no longer democratic. We have fallen into rational tyranny and that tyranny has denied the potential for Precedent Before Law. A litigious culture is a culture that denies Common Sense as its First Principle.

Today, the Liberals and the Conservatives are playing the same destructive game played by the advocates of Seth and Horus in Ancient Egypt. That message needs to be made clear. We cannot restore the Founding principles of “Order, Justice and Freedom” by dictating what they are supposed to be. That is what is dividing America. Our failure to comprehend our own divisiveness is why America cannot comprehend what is dividing Iraq. We must Divine New First Principles and become the Founding Parents of a New Democracy where Common Sense relies upon the precedent of the Heavens and the Earth. This is not liberal, for it conserves the actions of the Founding Fathers to divine New First Principles. Time has tested the Divination called Democracy. In the millennia to come, Time will test the New Democracy by the Common Sense which it upholds. That is the Great Pillar upon which America depends. Is America a culture that lives Under Law and Above God? Or, can America evolve to live Above Law and yet Under God..

If the congress cannot fulfill the responsibilities of a Department of Divine Affairs as they are deflowered by the dreams of Hades and Seth, then it is time to establish a separate department that will remind the members of congress that the Heavens and the Earth existed before Congress. By being so reminded, the potential for getting beyond the bondage of Hades and the chaos of Seth will be enhanced and America can get back to the process of divining a world where “Order, Justice and Freedom” are not simply words, but the means to what they stand for. “Order, Justice and Freedom” are the offspring of Responsible Divination, which is Reason born of Common Sense.

Good luck, Tom. You have all the skills to accomplish what needs to be done. But, if I may be so bold, I would advise that you get your feet on the ground when you look heavenward. By this example, millions of people will see that you are a Master of Divine Affairs. If you can do it, so can they. Be the example that God intended you to be.

Sincere good luck to you on your new adventure.

Rush Allen

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