Debra Jean Flies From the Great Red Dragon
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A great wonder in heaven;
A woman clothed in the sun;
A woman with the moon under her feet.

The twins signify the duality of the birth child.

Mars at Praesepe in Cancer signal a new perception for a child born backward.

The Archer carries the vision of the Christ Child as true consciousness ascends from beneath.

Three heads cross the meridian, a Peacock, an Archer, and an Eagle.
Humble wisdom derived from eye witness experience raises up the child from Hades to Olympus,
from the Sea of Reeds to the Elysian Field. This is the apparition of the kings from the east.

To the south Isis guides the great ship as it turns to the right, having journeyed in reverse 41 years.

On the north horizon a Swan Song plays beyond the Pillars of Hercules,
as the Queen and King of Atlantis watch their daughter come around
from the flying horse below to the Happy Hunting Ground above.

To the west we see the Sign of Jonas that has caused all children to sound
to the depths of creation in search of the place to begin a Flight of Isis.
Crossing horizon is the wand of Seshat, the consort who told Thoth what to write.

The time has come for another sign to appear. It is the Behemoth of Job,
for this child has suffered much for doing what felt so right.

And with the acceptance of humiliating truth, the child has earned its wings.
All that is left now, is to recognize that a Nazarene is simply the sucker root of a great tree.
When the first Nazarene is sacrificed, that is the time for beginning again.
The wand of the Fairy Godmother, Seshat by name, mistress of writing by profession,
is the implement of magic that empowers the stylus of every story in the heavens and on the earth.

Then, as we look to the east we can see that this child was born so that the Heavenly Mother could stand
 upon the horizon with the dawn, with the Scorpion behind her,
and the Kingdom of Heaven upon her head with a crown of twelve stars.

At the ancient place called the Sea of Reeds, between the head of the nestling and the Ram of the I Am, sat Mother Earth, saying, "This is my child of whom I am greatly pleased." At the Good Samaritan's arm and upon his beast stand the Ruler of the Solar System and the Father of Wandering Time. This child was born in reverse, not of her own doing, but of the misunderstandings of those who have eyes but cannot see what is now, and always has been, right before the face. She has come to give birth to Horus.

A child told it was a Scorpio, when clearly the Virgin was clothed in the Sun. But on the claws of the Great Red Dragon are three gods ready to ring the bell and set the Balance at Liberty. At the apex of the Balance, Neptune releases the child from bondage to the unknown. In the palettes of the Balance sit the Moon above, and Venus below. Together these three have carried the birth child by balancing Lunacy and Love in the physical domain of the Zygote of Job's Behemoth in the Sea of the Abyss. Both the Sun and Neptune rest in the Celestial River. By a close inspection of the Sun's place it is clear that this child is a Virgo in the Creation of God, for the Sun has yet to cross the boundary into Libra, and it is clear that the wonder in heaven is that the woman is clothed in the Sun. She was not misled by one sign, but by two stations of the Sun  was she misguided. Proof of this wisdom is shown by the god child in her bosom. It is Mercury, the child of wisdom. The wisdom imparted at birth to the child was that being born in a backward world requires a special approach. At the head of the Woman of Wonder, the Lion carries two wandering gods. At the anal orifice is Pluto. He it is who named his domain after himself when it and he were called Hades and he abducted the innocent daughter of First Mother. So, this simple metaphor is the message that the child heard before she was ready. It was not her human birth mom, it was the stars of Heaven herself. For the Kingdom of Heaven said, "Get Hades out of Heaven." Beneath the feet of the royal beast wanders Uranus. He was First Father, and his placement tells the birth child, "Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven." Is there more? Sure, for the god of war by the name of Mars stands in the place of Praesepe in Cancer. This is the House of Khephera. It is the place where we first gain access to feelings and to the Light of Day. Our first feelings are the prescient consciousness that we are given by Heaven's Mother. The first feelings are immaculately conceived into a world that thinks without knowing down from up, or back from front.

Two hours after this child backed into life, the Mother of Heaven stood on the Morning Star. Her's is the most important message ever forgotten.
It says, "Remember who you are, and Come Forth By Day."

She holds her flower for all to see. She is She Who Faces Her Lord.
Greater wisdom has no woman ever carried than this.

Born a breech birth, the Love Child was simply fighting against being born of the Great Red Dragon. Mercury had gone into retrograde on September 24, and came out of retrograde on October 15. But, it is Venus that marks the direction of Love's Birth. Venus went retrograde on October 23 and came out of retrograde on November 25, and stayed in Libra until January 8, 1963. Libra is the man-child that rules with an iron hand. As Revelation 12 states, the Wonder in the Heavens is the birth of Loving Judgment. This child was synchronized with the Cosmic Mother, where even the wandering stars of Wisdom and Love appear to go retrograde from time to time. These are not moments of backward tending. These are moments when sentiment renews the foundation for the Victory of the Sacred Cow when she gives birth to Good Judgment.

Revelation 12

1   And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars:
2   And she being with child cried, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered.
3   And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads.
4   And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth: and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born.
And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron: and her child was caught up unto God, and to his throne.
6   And the woman fled into the wilderness, where she hath a place prepared of God, that they should feed her there a thousand two hundred and threescore days.
7   And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels,
8   And prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven.
9   And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.
10   And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of his Christ: for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night.
11   And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.
12   Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.
13   And when the dragon saw that he was cast unto the earth, he persecuted the woman which brought forth the man child.
14   And to the woman were given two wings of a great eagle, that she might fly into the wilderness, into her place, where she is nourished for a time, and times, and half a time, from the face of the serpent.
15   And the serpent cast out of his mouth water as a flood after the woman, that he might cause her to be carried away of the flood.
16   And the earth helped the woman, and the earth opened her mouth, and swallowed up the flood which the dragon cast out of his mouth.
17   And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.

The words of Rev. 12:1 are, "And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars." The "wonder in heaven" is that a woman can overcome lunacy. But, the wonder is not because of the woman's means, or actions, for she was immaculately conceived. The wonder was never hers. The wonder always belongs to those who do not understand her. She is not crazy, she is simply the wisdom that knows what one feels is more rational than what one tells the self to feel. It is simple Common Sense. Without Common Sense there is no sharing of sensation. If communication between mortal or the divine beings does not carry any Common Sensation, then the communication is not irrational, for it plays with what the meaning of is is. It is lack of communication with the beast, which becomes a Behemoth because the Truth becomes too heavy a burden to bear. The child of these charts may have come into life backward. But, the spirit of the stars for this this child set the proper course for living in a backward world. She turned herself around, and that is a lesson most people do not learn until they have followed Job and Jonah into the Abysmal Sea of Reeds where the Minotaur's Labyrinth is the belly of the Eater of the Dead.


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Debra Jean Witnesses a Double Lunar Eclipse

In a message dated 7/21/2004 12:22:24 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time, Debra Jean writes:

Lunar Images by Philipp Salzgeber

In the Depths of Hades Debra Jean witnesses a Lunar Eclipse as Mother Earth jumps over the Moon and a daughter seeks victory over the Voice of her Biological, Earth, and Cosmic Mother. The trauma of silencing ones mother by a daughter represents the transition from child to adult for the female. The tragedy of Modern Civilization is that the role of motherhood ceases to be a quest of daughters. The concern Debra Jean voiced in the conflict of her own journey through the Cosmic Abyss is why she must be forced to do what only a mother can do. The "dream state" that others see as insanity in Debra Jean are, in fact, the state of "ecstasy" when the Archangel Gabriel comes to tell the female child that her choice is between being a Harlot of Babylon, or a Virgin Mother. In Debra Jean's case she wrestled with the angel until she realized that the angel was bringing to her the Conception of the Logos of Heaven. The Logos of Heaven is a reward for the travail of the Woman clothed in the Sun with the Moon under foot. That woman is Mother Earth. The Logos of Heaven is the Manna of the Son of God, yet that genetic wisdom cannot over come the rationalizations of the Harlot of Babylon or the Great Red Dragon without the instinctive record written in the soul of every human mother.

Before we visit the struggle with Angel Gabriel that Debra Jean experienced it is important to picture the totality of the Manna of Heaven that is carried in the genetic wisdom of all mothers.

 Every female contains the code of the galaxy within a very few seeds within her reproductive organs. Initiating the reproductive code requires that the woman passively accept the Manna from Heaven and "Let It Be!" If the woman fails to do this it means that the cosmic reproductive code has been corrupted by he ancestors. Clearly, Debra Jean had every reason to deny motherhood after 13 years of sexual abuse and another 23 years of repression of the genetic wisdom in here seeds. The occurrence of a lunar eclipse on her biological mother's birthday carried a message that Debra Jean could not repress. The strength and threat of Nike to silence the Sacred Cow was taken away on the occurrence of the alignment of Father Sun, Mother Earth, and their child of Lunacy. Before reading Debra Jean's travail, take the time to understand that she had come to understand that the words "Let It Be!" meant, "God! I Love This Place!" This was the "Robe of Righteous Sentiment" that her mother had placed around the soul of Debra Jean. So, as she fought her mother, angel Gabriel, the Sun, the Earth and the Lunacy of the Judgment Hall, Debra Jean knew that her biological, earth, solar, galactic, and cosmic mothers were communicating directly with her. She was under the influence of lunacy to a man that is the transit of Cosmic Wisdom through the Intuitive Serpent of Mother of God.


 The zenith at the moment of the alignment of the Sun and the Earth and the Lunacy of the Judgment Hall shows the ascending of the Doctrine of the Highest. There a man works his dogs and plows a field where the celestial virgin hold the Cosmic Seed in her up raised hand. Beneath her feet is the man-child of the Iron Hand that represents the pathway to Cosmic Balance. The man-child is Libra and the Cosmic Balance is Libra caught in the claws of the Great Red Dragon. The second coming of the Lunacy of the Judgment Hall occurred on the birthday of Debra Jean's mother, who had died July 13, 2002. Debra Jean: "I was there with mom when she died. I was holding her. She didn’t want to go, but she had to go. I will never in my life, forget this day." Crossing Over Boundaries (pp. 124-125).

Under the heavens at the Zenith was the Sign of Jonas where a Jacob's Ladder dangled down into the Dark Abyss. The Sun stood on the boundary of the Sacred Cow and the Sacrificial Lamb. Jupiter, the Lord of Reason, was between the Horns of the Taurus of Lascaux, while Mercury, the Lord of Wisdom, was under the I Am. Under the edge of the I Am and the Valley of Death above the Gordian Knot sat Venus beneath the Key of Heaven that Andromeda drops from the free hand. The alignment of the meridian and the Great Square represents the rational state of Debra Jean. The struggle, she would learn, was not with her mother or angel Gabriel, but with the Great Red Dragon, the beast of Unbalanced Desire of the Harlot of Babylon that angel Michael would drive out of heaven when Debra Jean established Lunacy in the Balance. The struggle with lunacy and intuition is the woman's greatest affliction. The intuitive wisdom is the Logos of Heaven, and a woman "knows" that it must be true. What the woman must learn in the travail of birthing the man-child of Judgment is the struggle of all mothers before and after the Virgin is given the Word of God.

On the south horizon the Word of God reveals the Place of the Scull where the Cross stand in the Coal Sack as Demeter before the rising Persephone.

Why does the daughter seek to silence her mother? Could it be that the child does not want the mother to leave her behind? The child must seek the Gateway of Gods, for which she has personal doubts that keep her locked in the Place of the Skull. But, if the daughter acknowledges the eternal potential of the Divine Soul, then the daughter can return to the eternal Soul and find the mother. This was the very journey that Debra Jean set for herself.

July 17, 2002 Today at Queen of Heaven Mortuary is the Rosary. I developed five rolls of film today and am making a book of mom.   July 18, 2002 Today was her service at 11: 00 a.m. My brother Rick dropped the piece that we hold to sprinkle holy water. He cut his hand badly and the blood was dripping on the floor. He went to the hospital and received four stitches. I went to Mike’s after and got into a fight with my uncle.   Saturday Night, July 27, 2002 I’m going to write a book! Title: Crossing the Boundaries. Crossing Over Boundaries

These words in a journal prove the eternal soul does not perish. Rather, it passes on the legacy of parents. At the death of her mother, Debra Jean vowed to become a mother in her own rightteous sentiment. The means to that objective was in submitting to the child of her mother and allow the Cow of Nike to speak while the lost daughter picked flowers in the Cosmic Lunacy.

Victory in the form of Nike is the repression of the maternal wisdom of intuition. Because a female seed represents a passive role in the generations, a "she" must "let it be." The rationalized Men from Ur are simply block head seeking to kill the Bull of Heaven to acquire the pasture. When a "she" becomes a conqueror she is a Queen of Sheba, a Matriarch of Stars. The grapes of wrath demand blood, but the "robe of righteous sentiment" says, "Let it be." With Debra Jean her need to repress caused her to seek flower arrangements under the light of lunacy. All her associates told her intuitive nature that she was insane. Yet, this judgment was based upon her need for affection and rationalizing the sense of rejection that she was projecting upon her flowering field. The power to pass on the maternal wisdom of the "robe of righteous sentiment" can hardly be more specifically expressed than in "Crossing Boundaries." First, Debra Jean had to give he repressed child the power to make rational. By giving the repressed child the repressed love, Debra Jean would be able to know again the wisdom of her mother. The Synchronicity of the heavens at birth and at the lunar eclipse on the birthday anniversary of the mother indicate that there was a Cosmic Mother involved in the dialog. The Cosmic Mother is the easiest to read, for the body of the cosmos is tattooed with the Word of God. We simply have to connect the dots and we can find the seed of every thought knowable to Man. These thoughts begin their journey at the Manger (Praesepe) in Cancer and they wrap around the Sea of Galilee through the Lamb and the Valley of Death (Pisces) back up to the apparition of the Sages of Sagittarius where the Christ Child is born and brought to the Judgment Hall of Libra. Then it is that the Virgin receives the Name of Re, "I Analyze." Her purpose is to accomplish the depth analysis of the Cosmic Soul that reveals the Mind of God the Father. The is the Virgin the Mother of God as the Kingdom of Heaven comes full circle. Such is the words of the Book of Revelation, and in particular Revelation 12.

For this "reason" the Lord of Reason, Jupiter is placed in the manger after birth of the Heavenly Virgin. These are the visions that plagued Debra Jean as she sought to comprehend the spiritual order of her journal.

Chapter 15 Spirituality: Finding the Truth This turned out to be one of the most difficult chapters to write in this book. Like many people, I found it hard to clarify my own spiritual beliefs in a way that others could easily grasp. Over the years I had been confused and unsure about what I believed, and being a stressed-out alcoholic and crystal meth addict didn’t make things any clearer. But when I wrote this chapter, I was clean and sober, and as clear as I have ever been about what I believe. Crossing Over Boundaries (p. 193).

When spirituality is based upon beliefs there is a repression of the ancestors who say what they had written in their journals. Debra Jean saw what she wrote, but like Jung, she could not see what was outside the lunacy of her mind. Faith comes in two forms, doubt and belief. But, the Word of God comes in the fulfillment of Cosmic Intent. The Mind of God was recorded in the placements and movements of the heavens so that mortals could distinguish fantasy in the journeys of the Moon from the firmament of the Divine Father's Intent. The firmament holds the Two Tables of Moses and "Robe of Righteous Sentiment" is the intuition that there was a purpose for revelation beyond the fantasy of the human mind. This message was in the halls of the repressed child in Debra Jean. She saw the handwriting of the Lord, but the simplicity of its expression was not satisfying to a child that did not desire the loss of its mother. Once Debra Jean experienced Crossing Over Boundaries, her belief and faith found the foundation of the Land of the Rising Sun in the way that one connects the dots above the flowery field of the night. As a woman, she did not need the rationalized details, for she had the intuitive power to feel the Robe of Righteous Sentiment all around her and then she knew that the Aquarian Messiah had come to her in the Light of the Moon.

On the north horizon sat the throne of the Queen of Sheba deciding what wandering stars could come into the Land of the 72 Virgins. Behind her was the head of John the Baptist and the full body of the King of Kings at the top of the Jacob's Ladder kissing the hallowed firmament of heaven..

Then on the eastern horizon we see the travail of the dream of Debra Jean. In her mind it was a dream of reality that she could see without the light of day because the Robe of Righteous Sentiment told her how it must be.

l feel an energy holding me and pulling me (my soul).

It was pulling through my mouth and then l was shaking like electricity surged through me to something over and above.

Then it released.

l'd let out a gasp through my mouth but continued to lay still.

Then again it began, pulling and pulling and pulling. Like it was trying to pull my soul out of me. l set frozen while l felt the intense, unbelievable tugging and pulling coming from above, pulling and pulling and the intense vibration was incredible. The force behind it was astounding.

Then again, l felt the release and l laid still. l knew it wasn't finished.

Then a few seconds later, the whirlwind energy swirling began again, pulling and pulling, with such an intense force l felt l was leaving my body and then l began to see video c1ear snaps of myself with someone in a garden setting, just talking. when in another setting, maybe in a kitchen. l know it was not in this life.

l don't know for sure if it was a past life or the other side.

Debra Jean had finally bonded to her mother after a breech birth and 42 years of repression. Not only are these words describing the birthing process of the child, they are formatted in the image of the ancient transit know as the Gateway of Gods. When Debra Jean allowed her unconscious to speak, not only did the messages of her physical flesh communicate, but the collective unconscious opeded the way for Crossing Over Boundaries. Having done so, Debra Jean was prepared to be the scribe of Gabriel and record the Journal of Truth that became Crossing Over Boundaries.

Was Debra Jean a gifted child? Or, was Debra jean a Chosen One? The Heavens Declare the Glory of God and the evidence of Debra Jean's encounter with the cosmos is that she was chosen at birth to tell a story of the birth of the Son of Man that would show many that Crossing Over Boundaries requires the intuitive affection of a Mother of God, a Cosmic Mother, a Solar Mother, an Earth Mother, and a biological mother. All of the Sacred Cows jumped over the moon to ensure that Debra Jean would understand that love is the Robe of Righteous Sentiment, even when the passion is more painful than a child can bear. Debra Jean did not lose her mother. Rather, Debra Jean became the mother of her self and that love made her a mother to us all.

Debra Jean Returns to the Judgment Hall

In a message dated 5/23/2013 9:46:23 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, Debra Jean writes:
It is 9:39 p.m. and I went outside and took a look at the moon. It looks pretty full and there is a nice red ring around the entire moon. I think tonight might be a special night.

Also, when you get to the Memory bleeps in the Spirituality chapter I speak of an image I saw on your website that caused me to go back to a place I have never been. That is where I remember typing the very story that I was reading
(YOUR story!)

It was the Axial passageway.

The axial passageway of the Hall of Common Sense.

The Zenith sat upon the Heavenly Rose and the garland around it was the Milky Way.

On the Nadir point was the Virgin's consort in the Sea of Galilee.

Toward the south we see that the Centaur has been restored to the Stag at Golgotha.

Above the West point is the place where the Cows Come Home at Lascaux.

The Queen of Heaven sits on her throne directly on the North with the swan rising in the northeast and the Good Shepherd coming down to the horizon in the northwest following the wall of celestial Hebrews in the Sacred Cow at Jethro's Well of the Seven Sisters.

Rising in the East is the child of the Son of Man after a journey of horrors through the abyss on the wings of the Mother Eagle to the Gateway of Gods. Between the Ancient of Days and the Shadow of Earth the Moon was on the beam of the Balance. A clear sign of a reflection of the Judgment Hall of Debra Jean's Journey to a Journal.

As for the Moon, it is caught in the Claws of the Great Red Dragon with the Shadow of Mother Earth in the Desire of Heaven, the beast of Isis, and the Ancient of Days under the legs of the Virgin. The child's swaddling cloths are still sitting upon the equator of the Earth where they were when the Christ Child was born of the Virgin 2013 years ago.

Now this is a Moon of Reason, for it sits on the beam of the Balance between the Ancient of Days and the Shadow of the Earth telling us that the orb identified by the three orbs is the Son of God born of the Virgin when the Great Red Dragon was driven out of Heaven by Archangel Michael, the warrior at the head of the Father. This is the Gateway of Gods that opens to all who seek the Name of the I Am.

But, there is no need for me to complete this Revelation. It was put into words by St. John the Divine when Gabriel gave him the conception of the Greatest Sign of the All. It was put into words at the revelation of the birth charts on July 21, 2004, as shown above. This message correlates to a breech birth child coming full circle in the Hall of Judgment. Debra Jean had performed the very acts identified in the birth chart. She was True to her Birth Child and the Lord of Heaven gave her the vision of the Moon on
5/23/2013 9:46:23 P.M. to confirm her incredible journey in accordance with Revelation 12.

Paper Back Cover, Barnes &

Crossing Over Boundaries -

Memory Bleeps I have had other experiences that are not the typical déjà vu experiences but more like dreams or flashbacks. Yet I know they are not memories from my life, and they don’t feel like something I would describe as a memory of a past life experience. They are not my typical dreams because they are much clearer, so I like to think of them as memories of where we came from— we meaning our spiritual selves— that have been “bleeped out,” but that I have nevertheless been able to glimpse. I can remember them just as clear as any memory from this life, including the feelings and emotions that I felt at the time, but I know they are from some other time and place. It happened one time in 2003, when I was at my computer surfing the Internet. I landed on a website that very much interested me because it felt so familiar, although I had never seen it before. It contained a few pictures, and told the most incredible story. The more I read the more I began to connect with it. Not only did it echo the very experiences I was going through at the time but it also triggered a flashback or a daydream or vision— whatever you want to call it— of myself sitting on a long metal bench as I was typing on a computer. The room I was in was very large and I could see rows and rows of computers, something like you might find in a school only larger and rather dim. I could see that the story I was typing in the vision was the very story I was reading on the website. I was typing it from memory and I didn’t have any books or notes to help me with the knowledge of the data. I was looking at the images on the website that set off the memory “bleep.”

Collins, Debra (2013-05-05). Crossing Over Boundaries (pp. 204-205). . Kindle Edition.

One of the most interesting and amazing facts about that experience is that the website was called SILOAM. I found out later that the word Siloam can be found in the Bible in a story in which Jesus tells a man who has been blind since birth to go to the pool of Siloam to wash his eyes and then he will see. In this case I felt that I, like most people, had been blind to the truth, and after that I was able to see. Coincidence? A website called SILOAM gives me a vision… and the image on it comes from Earth Channel.

John 9, Jesus Heals a Man Born Blind— As he went along, he saw a man blind from birth. His disciples asked him, “Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?” “Neither this man nor his parents sinned,” said Jesus, “but this happened so that the work of God might be displayed in his life. As long as it is day, we must do the work of him who sent me. Night is coming, when no one can work. While I am in the world, I am the light of the world.” Having said this, he spit on the ground, made some mud with the saliva, and put it on the man’s eyes. “Go,” he told him, “wash in the Pool of Siloam.” So the man went and washed, and came home seeing.

    Just think about this experience that I’ve shared for just a moment, using these analogies:
Siloam = Home (Heaven)
Blind = See (the truth, a memory of home)

What made sense to me when I looked at that experience and the facts was that I must have written one of the stories on the website that I stumbled on, but I wrote it from Home— from where we come from— and found it while I was here. That would mean that it had been meant to happen, that it was a planned part of my life. But why did I remember it? Was I supposed to remember it and, if so, why? Am I now supposed to get you to search for understanding by sharing an experience I had?

Collins, Debra (2013-05-05). Crossing Over Boundaries (pp. 205-206). . Kindle Edition.

The birth charts posted on July 21, 2004 and the return to the Judgment Hall chart of May 23, 2013 illustrate a time independent Synchronicity that carries the same Revelation 12 message. Collins sensed Déjà vu events throughout her book. It is evident from the star charts that Jung's concept of Synchronicity and the Ancient concepts of the Manna from Heaven represent Déjà vu events that are "Common Sense" events. The Biblical authors, as well as the Quran author(s), and the more ancient Egyptian authors attribute this phenomenon to Angel Gabriel and Seshat, respectively. The occurrence is a form of existence that has been well established in all the great myths of human cultures. The myths are not revelations of rationalization of common sensation derived from pure imagination. The myths and the messages are processes within the cosmic cognition that reveals the Word of God. The very fact that the stars reveal the Glory of God is self evident of Divine conversations throughout the ages. The Infidels and the Non-believers are always those who "know" what they have not sensed. As Collins book shows, humans have access to the Gateway of Gods even if they have no concept of where it is or why it is.

Collins has put into words what Botticelli put on canvas as the Birth of Venus.

Collins had six years in a healthy family environment with a mother who understood instinctively what was required to raise children. The values that were given to Collins during her pre-“age of reason” years were the ancient identity known as the “robe of righteous sentiment” that is "love of truth."

In “Crossing Over Boundaries” it is quickly realized that some kind of loss had occurred beginning at six years of age and continuing for thirteen years. Many children do have what Collins lost. But, tragically, it took another twenty-three years before Collins reached bottom in her climb up the devil's stairway where getting high was the purpose of life. The losses and pains she felt were beyond acceptance for a child that had experienced instincts of  true love. And that is the powerful essence of her story. She had the solution inside her.

The non-literal education she received in her first six years had placed a Robe of Righteous Sentiment around her, as illustrated by Botticelli. Throughout the ordeal of 36 years the echo of the robe she wore at six was evident. Collins knew that she had truth inside, but it was locked in a six year old child. 

Six year old Debra Jean wrote the book. Debra Jean wanted to tell her story throughout the years, but there was no way to do so for a thousand rationalized reasons in the mind of Collins, not the least of which was the potential destruction of the robe of righteousness she still secretly wore.

After receiving external mothering in shelters for addicts, Collins made the transcendent decision to allow Debra Jean to tell her story because Collins recognized the need to restore what had been repressed in her unconscious during many years of failed self expression of her story. The child, Debra Jean, was the naked Venus of Botticelli’s masterpiece. Collins, the adult, became the Earth Mother with the robe for the Naked Love within her soul. Collins, then a rationalized adult, gave authorship to the spiritual child who was about to cross the boundary of an abyss filled with events of deflowering lust beyond count. Debra Jean became the Light of Naked Love within the mother that Collins had become and Collins embraced true love for Debra Jean without fear.

We all need to understand that the consequence of repression is the Great Red Dragon of deflowering lust seeking lost harmony by searching for true love in all the wrong places. 

Every temple built over the last 30,000 years has declared, “Know Thy Self.” Debra Jean was the sentiment of True Love bound inside Collins. Her story is unique in that it was told by an inner child to an external adult that listened with perfect pitch to the swan song of a childhood confession. The inner child spoke without rational judgment of the raw feelings. That is how True Love comes ashore from any abyss of repression. It must be felt. Twenty years of psychoanalysis can not bring about the salvation of True Love within that raw honesty brings. True Love comes when we face it with our heart in a righteous hand.

Her story needs to be presented for all human consumption because life does not always remain the harmony and grace we need. True Love is the Cognition of the Creator. If we see True Love face to face we will die, for True Love is to die for. When we return to Father Nature the Comforter is restored in Mother Nature and we are reincarnated with Re-Cognition of their Hieros Gamos; Sacred Marriage.

The Hieros Gamos is the bondage in a Paradise of Common Sense and Common Knowledge as the harmonious affection of Heaven and Earth. Debra Jean Collins is a light at both ends of a Tunnel of Love.

Sadly, her example has become an ever increasing need in the collective unconscious of a world where little girls become objects of lust without the maternal instinct for True Love to help them when Crossing Over Boundaries. 

Read the book and get to know yourself as a higher external perspective that ascended from a lower internal perspective.

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How the Obama Regime Destroyed America

Eye Of Siloam

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