A Mother to Us All Rises in the Land of Oz

These are the Heavens over her bed of deliverance.

She rises to the bow of the Sun Boat as Maat, where her Truth now guides from above.

In the earthly direction of the Body Soul a Peacock dances on the horizon.

Through Hathor's Eye in the West she sees, "I Am now the Shadow of my reflected Light."

To the North the message remains less clear, though Time is with the will of Leo and Feelings mount the meridian of the Children.

Looking beneath her bed we find the missing meaning, for a King of the North salutes her final breath on her daughter's birthday.

From above her bed the view looking back and beyond her bed is that of a Northern Cross and a Swan's Song.
Goodbye Sweet Heart.

By far the greatest view is where the stars rise before a comet that will bring Life Giving Water to the fires of Oz.

With one foot still on the ground she drops her flower for those she desires to follow her. Dominion, Wisdom, Love, Enlightenment, and Rational Order are the fragrances of her flower in the final Judgment Hall. That is the All that she desired to give, and that is why she went to the Land Above the Land at 6:50 am on November 5, 2006. She went while she was alone so that when her Soul Mates came to find a Peacock at her Body Soul, they would know that she left them with the greatest gift any mother can give. She gave them the memory of her Love. That is the purpose of every Swan Song and every Feather of Truth that has ever settled upon the earth. There can be no greater present than this, for it is the Essence of an Immaculate Conception. Her Spirit is now an Eternal Presence.



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