Solar Eclipse of September 11, 2007
On September 11, 2007 Mother Mary says, Let It Be.
Total solar eclipse caused by the combined shadows of the Moon and the Earth at 29deg 25min West by 85deg 30min South.

Location of Total Solar Eclipse in the shadows of the Earth and her Child.

Southern Vernal Equinox Sunrise

The Breast of Isis

View of eclipse from Antartica, with the shadow of the Earth removed.

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i refined the story one more time...many thanks
again and again for helping me do the
Father's Business...
if i can only get this last sale ...i'll step into the
place near the Lake of Fire....


Hi Bruce,

The attached images are meant to confirm the Vision of the Lion's Gate.

[LGC070625-071103a.gif ]    This shows the passage of Venus through the Ishtar Gate in 2007. Note that it is retrograde
at the gate, and that Mercury comes out of retrograde under the feet of Demeter (Eve) as Venus enters Demeter.

[LionOfJudah.gif]  This image is self explanatory.

[irak_300.jpg] So is this one at the Ishtar gate of Babylon

[sargon2.jpg] The use of the Lion's Gate Cosmology fades into the distant memory of Babylon (Lion Gate)

[Egypt_Sphinx_Giza_Pyramid.jpg] This is the temple to Demeter when her name was Sekhmet.
She is the One with the Crown of Twelve Stars. Why wouldn't the Egyptians create necropolises at the Entrance to Heaven?

[leontini.jpg] Coins have been minted to her mountain for as long as there have been coins.

[InannaLion.jpg] No nation has not worshiped at the Love Gate, for Inanna has the Menorah on her shoulders.

[MithraicLionHeaded_HiRes.jpg] The words of Revelation 12:1-2 and 13:1-3
are wrapped around the Gorgon of Mithras.

[forbidden-city-lion.jpg] With all the world witness to the Lion of Judah,
there is no City Forbidden from Demeter's Field. Humans, even Communist Humans,
are the Last Gods to fall on their knees.

Two Thousand Years ago the world tried to establish Demeter's Dream on earth. But, when it failed to take the hearts of believers because they could not trust the ways of love, tyranny of such enormous dread came upon the earth that all who believed in the Lion's Den were sore afraid to say what they knew. That is how the Lion of Judah came to save the Jews and the Gentiles. His death represents the end of the gods.

[LGC070815-1807.gif] Now, that the Great Human Ideal has been buried for two millennia, it is time to
open Ishtar's Gate. For that occasion, the Mourning Star will leave the Earth at the Lion's Gate on
August 15, 2007 as Venus and Mercury set on the western horizon with the Sun as Saturn marks Time at Apollyon.

[LGC070817-0600.gif] On August 17, 2007, Venus will lead the way as Light, Wisdom, Time,
and Kingdom of Heaven announce the arrival of the Lion's Gate as the Morning Star.

[LGC070922-0549.gif] As Mercury is born at the Womb of Demeter, and the Lion fully rises in the
light of the Woman Clothed in the Sun with a Crown of Twelve Stars, Venus will announce the
Time of the Lion's Gate as she sits precisely on the Leo-Cancer Boundary.

On that day, Lovejoy will sit at the hand of the Shepherd who plows the field of the Merchants' Wife.

If all of this were not true, it would be a fabulous fairy tale.

So, why is it not a fabulous fairy tale just because it is true?

Some self righteous human beasts have killed all the gods of creation.

Solar Eclipse of September 11, 2007

In case you can't see it, this is an upside down Solar Eclipse that occurs on a northern
horizon of the Earth on September 11, 2007. The highest declination of the Sun occurs at
the middle of the eclipse. Thus, the Sun rises when it is blocked by Lunacy and sets where it rises.
That is the truth, as irrational as it may sound. The facts of life do not have to be rational to be true.
Likewise, it helps for the cognition of the God called Man if he is truthful even if he cannot be rational.
This is the Lion's Gate Cosmology. We do not have to rationalize it to experience it.

Mother Mary came, speaking words of Wisdom,
"There will come and answer, let it be, let it be."

On the Day of the Solar Eclipse six years after the Holocaust of September 11, 2001,
the Morning Star of Venus will rise at the entrance to the Lion's Gate.

On the sunrise of November 3, 2007, Mercury have come out of retrograde to born again of the Virgin.
On that glorious morning the Heavenly Mother will carry the Morning Star of Love at her head and
the Morning Star of Wisdom at her bosom as the Lunacy of Time binds the great Apollyon of Rev. 9:11.
We have endured the horror of Muhammad's Son, and she has approved our undertakings.
It will be a New Day and a New World Order at the Lion's Gate,
for the New Babylon will join civilization in the New Jerusalem.

The Iraq War was the final stage in 11,000 years of war fought to free the mothers of Mesopotamia from the curse of Eve and Tiamet. Those who believe that the Cosmic Mother should be returned to the burqa of the Cosmic Well are warned that the Key to Heaven is in her daughter's hand. Even Muhammad was alert enough to unbind her mare of the night in order to take the irrational ride to Seventh Heaven. When material scientists are alert enough to realize that a rational cosmos is a Woman in a Burqa, mundane science will become Sacred Science, again. This is the omen of the second coming of Mercury to the Virgin's Womb after 2006 years, yes 2006 years, from the time when a child in swaddling cloth came down to Earth. Wise civilizations have always understood the cycle of Cosmic Virginhood that reveals the coming of First Father to every Begotten Son.



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