A Storm on Chronos and a Day in the Life of Achilles

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Follow the drinking guord.

Looking Saturn in the Eye


A Coat of Many Colors
All Lifelessly Frigid


A Vortex Eye
Spins on Chronos


A View of Apollo Leon
From Mother Earth


Chronos as the
Decapitated King
Following the Camel
Through the Eye of the Needle


Chronos as the
Upside Down King


A Time for a
Good Samaritan


Chronos in the
Kingdom of Heaven as
Viewed from the Heavens


Now that Deserves
a King's Salute


Chronos and Achilles
are the Alpha-Omega
as the Pointers Speak


Achilles : a mythical Greek hero of Homer's Iliad; a foremost Greek warrior at the siege of Troy; when he was a baby his mother tried to make him immortal by bathing him in a magical river but the heel by which she held him remained vulnerable--his"Achilles' heel"


So, if we look at the Eye of Saturn, do we see the spin of myth, the cycles of the heavens, or the Pool of Siloam, where blind men see the value of salvation?

Did Alexander Cut the Gordian Knot

Are we not still tied to the Spin of the Celestial Carts?
One fact was made clear by Alexander's greatness; If we believe in immortal accomplishments, our legacy is eternal life.

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Chronos and Achilles are the Alpha-Omega as the Pointers Speak here at the Eye of the Needle every 24 hours and beyond the Eye of Saturn every 10 hours 47 minutes 6 seconds.

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Chronos and Achilles are the Masters of Time and a shadow follows their every move with one foot on Earth and the other foot on Time.

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Chronos, the Lord of the Rings, aligns the Earth in a Fellowship of the Ring at the Virgo Gate of Heaven with the asteroid Ceres that was named after the Cosmic Mother Lioness, Demeter.

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Ouranos, the Father of Chronos, aligns with the Tower of the Ascending Sun, followed by ALL of the Children of Time. They are
(1) Moon,
(2) Venus
(3) Neptune
(4) Chiron,
(5) Mercury
(6) Jupiter
 (7) Sun
 (8) Mars
 (9) Pluto
Their combined metaphor written across the Three Days set aside for Restoration of the Temple of Sol-o-Man reveals the process of Creative Cognition. They are

(1) Reflective
(2) Loving
(3) Emotional
(4) Messianic
(5) Wise
(6) Reasoned
 (7) Enlightened
 (8) Rational
 (9) Total
The message is that the Brother of Jupiter has a new cognition, for Pluto was removed from the Depths of the Underworld and has become the 1st Lord of the Region bounded by the Neptunian Abyss through which Eternal Cosmic Light must pass. Pluto is no longer an omen of dark intents. Pluto is now evidence that the Cosmic Mother Loves All Her Children Perpetually and Unconditionally.

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How do we know she desires life? Earth during a Fellowship of the Ring said so by Gemini, Cogito Ergo Sum.

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Chronos and Luna arrive at the Tower of Solomon when the Bands of Orion are released and the spirit of Osiris rises from the Land of Bondage. This is the place of Khufu when the summer solstice aligns with the Great Pyramid's star Alnitak, and the three causeways of Giza align for the arrival of Father, Mother, and Son across the eastern horizon in the gaze of the Great Sphinx. The Giza complex was designed and constructed to remain in the Cognitive Sol-o-Man that knew the stars and the pyramids were the Work of a Benevolent Creator, both Man and God. Five centuries will have passed from the time when a "superstitious polytheist pagan culture" looked toward the Imperishable Stars and heard all verses in one verse, Universe. They saw the message "E Pluribus Unum" as an affirmative statement of many spirits in One Universal Being. With that knowledge gained by loving experience, they did what they had to do to remind the lost souls at the End of Time that the Land of the Rising Sun had arrived. They built the greatest monument ever made by the hands of man to pray for us now at the hour of our death.

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Chronos marks the Tower of Sol-o-Man in 2378 AD when the Prophesy of Giza becomes fact and the Father of Time will sit at Praesepe, where the First Sun rose as a feeling from heaven on its way to earth below. The feeling is demonstrated as the conjunction of Love and Man by Gemini and the conjunction of Earth at the Scorpio-Libra circumcision of the Great Red Dragon, which creates the balanced desire called Reason. All this occurs while the asteroid Ceres, named for the Mother of All, rests in the Bow in the Sky which the Creator used to tell Noah that memory of the Great Covenant between God and Man would never be forgotten. The echo of the Mayan Popol Vuh tells us that First Father will come from the Mouth of First Mother, as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be. 

A Men.

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