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The Virgo connection to the District of Columbia. The triangle is the District of Columbia. She was invented as America's Goddess. Now we have the original intent of the designers to reveal Heaven's Gate without denigrating the Immaculate Conception. This site presents a discussion of David Ovason's representations of zodiacs and Washington, DC. To understand the relationship between the stars and any City of God, it is mandatory that the logos be discriminated from the spirit, the rationalization, the emotion, and the substance. The Logos is the Light of the World. These five entities represent the Universal Soul. Anyone who criticizes astrology and the orientation of horoscopes and zodiacs is simply reacting to the redaction of the Celestial Logos that Babylonian astrology caused to civilization. All great cultures have used the stars to orient their own City of God. Washington, D.C. has all the ancient traditions of the Golden Age. These traditions are intact on the One Dollar bill and in the monumental design of the City of God constructed in the district of Columbia which is located in the place of the same name. But, the name of the City of God, should not be confused with the place of the Goddess. When it is confused, self identity is polluting cosmic identity. I do not have time, nor sufficient information, to reveal the holistic process of creating a City of God. But, I can demonstrate that the place we call District of Columbia is the place where Novus Ordo Seclorum and E Pluribus Unum were given the womb of Columbia so that they could be born in Giza, USA in accordance with cosmic traditions known to rational men for well over 20,000 years..
America's Arcane Origins By Frank Joseph
Political activists of the so-called “religious Right” in the United States never tire of preaching that their country was founded as “a Christian democracy.” But they are wrong on both counts.

Deist but not Christians?
Yet more shocking to bible-beating conservatives, if they were to learn the awful truth, is that the United States was not founded by Christians, at least of the kind they would approve. Instead, that country’s constitutional republic was conceived, fought for and built almost entirely by deists. While the majority of Americans, then as now, were at least nominally Christian, most of their leaders were not. George Washington, John Hancock, Patrick Henry, Paul Revere and virtually all of their intellectual compatriots were deists. The term is not generally familiar today, but signifies a person who believes in a universal, compassionate Intelligence that made and orders Creation, manifests its will through natural law, but requires no religious dogma to be understood, only the faculty of reason with which every human is endowed.

In truth, it was God who founded America, and he gave his Daughter-Mother Columbia through the Masons, Deists, Christians, and other groups. The Christian Gospel clearly reveal that the daughters and mother arrive at the time of redemption. Their sorcery is affection for life as sentimental purpose, a.k.a., love. This is Isis being impregnated by her deceased husband-brother, Osiris. It is a soulful event. But, the guiding principles of democracy are based upon a code of behavior that requires the Greek principle of chrestos, or kindness and goodness. The Greeks did not invent science and religion. The Greeks invented Socratic wisdom, which is that wisdom that does not have sentimental connections. Socrates was rightfully put to death because he initiated a form of science that practiced impiety by denial of the spirits of being.

The Trial of SOCRATES

My accusers have said little or nothing that is true, but from me you shall hear the whole truth. Not, I can assure you gentlemen, in flowery language like theirs, decked out with fine words and phrases. No, what you will hear will be a straightforward speech in the first words that occur to me, confident as I am in the justice of my cause; and I do not want any of you to expect anything different.

This is my first appearance in a court of law, at the age of 70, and so I'm a complete stranger to the language of this place. I make this request of you, which I think is only reasonable: to disregard the manner of my speech, it may be better or it may be worse, and to consider and concentrate your attention upon this one question: whether my claims are fair or not. That is the first duty of the jury, just as it is the pleader's duty to speak the truth.

The tenet of Egypt was that second thoughts are more informed of truth than first thoughts. Impiety was the process of denial of the sources of one's own thought process. 
Conclusion: Guilty as charged, for Socrates was cognizant but failed to re-cognize.

The Greeks told a story about Thales, the "Father of the Modern Science of Geometry," going to Egypt to be educated. The legend says that he amazed his Egyptian mentors by telling them the height of a pyramid. And yet, it was the students of Thales, e.g., Pythagoras, who began the process of stripping out the spirit of truth from the rationalization of truth that established the mundane sciences of today. Thales claimed that all things are derived from water and they rise up to fire and eventually into Eternal Light. This was pure Egyptian metaphysics, for Ra brought himself out of the abyss of the primordial waters to stand upon a Ben-ben at First Light. This was the foundation upon which all material sciences had been established. When Socrates opened his argument with the words "from me you shall hear the whole truth," he hung himself with an arrogance he could not comprehend, for he had denied his own soul.

We see the same arrogance in the Saddam Hussein trial today. Rational minds do not comprehend that reason is the process of "twice thought" experience. The first thought is always a feeling, a virgin intuitive experience. From this comes the notion that we all begin life being born of the Virgin  Experience. The second thought is the rationalization of the feeling or the recognition of the loss of virginity. Reason (cognition of intent) is the process that balances the fore thought (intuitive cognition) and the after thought (recognition). Socrates, like all Aryan men, sought to liberate the mind from the moment of the first occasion when feeling inspired cognition. In other words, Socrates was tyrannically impious. The consequence of his sheep following him out into the desert was that Western Civilization became lost in a flood of words and books, even though Thales and Socrates were illiterate to the point that they never wrote a word. Socrates and his students turned the table of the soul upside down and declared a material science that they could recognize and decreed the primordial deity based cognition as sorcery. The journey from Thales to Socrates is echoed in Luke 2:41-52. Thales tried to pass on the higher wisdom of Egypt, but his students were all arrogant Aryans who saw truth as what they wanted it to be. This is the "Harlot of Babylon." For that, Socrates got a drink of hemlock. Unfortunately for Western Civilization it came too late. Socrates had already poisoned the minds of the Occidentals. The Orientals continued to pay attention to their senses and did not get bound by book learning. Yet, the pen is mightier than the sword, and book worms devour paper tigers, as the Sphinx gets buried in sand.

Today the National Academy of Sciences proudly publishes a book with the impious title The Last Sorcerers. Though the NAS adds a disclaimer regarding whether the NAS accepts the opinion of the author, Richard Morris, their actions are denial of the soul of their bureaucracy, which is to act as the philosophical guide to the scientific principles of the nation. "The National Academy of Sciences (NAS) is an honorific society of distinguished scholars engaged in scientific and engineering research, dedicated to the furtherance of science and technology and to their use for the general welfare." Like Socrates, they deny their own soul and purpose when they reject perspectives they do not recognize. The way of propaganda is to repeat an idea enough times so that the idea is recognizable, even if the principle behind the idea is not. Socrates failed to comprehend that he was a creature of habit. By his habits he practiced a rationalization of truth, which is sorcery based solely upon self knowledge without any consideration of the source of the aboriginal cognition. He had misled himself and in the process, by the coercion of his own spirit, he caused the whole of Western Civilization to deny the sources of their own soul. In Egypt the source of all cognition was Osiris, Ab Origine. Osiris was the essence of First Experience, and founding father. We will see that George Washington had a very strong relationship with the source of his cognition. He was a Deist who knew that all religions have the common goal of getting the mortal soul in union with the immortal soul. Washington lost his father when he was eleven years old. As such, he was raised by his own boot straps. Those boot straps were the ligaments of the Divine.

The alternative to feminine sensitivity and intuition is tyranny of masculine principles---bullheaded rationality---rehashed self cognition. The Egyptians claimed that the Creator must have been playing with himself when he started creation. Ra was doing it for the fun of it. Like Ra, Socrates was creating the "truth" with every word he uttered. As such, for democratic principles to work there must be the Mother's Son (Reason) as the guiding principle of compassion and self sacrifice needed to accomplish the restoration of Original Intent. This by any name is the Christian Tenet derived from the resurrection of Lazarus, El Asar, Osiris. When intolerance infects religion, the cult descends to Hades, which is a state without free will and leads to the non-reasoning behavior of Socratic wisdom, i.e., arrogant self knowledge. Civilized Order requires that reason be the guiding principle, or else tyranny and chaos rule, whether by dictatorial tyranny, or by an angry mob. To say that Reason is the God of civilized behavior would represent the fundamental tenet of cultures that adopt the Mother's Son (Virgin's Man Child) as their guiding principle. Archaeology has revealed that all civilizations that existed during their own Golden Age were guided by wisdom based upon inspired reason. They read the handwriting on the cosmic wall and concluded that the stars do not rest in a Big Bang sea of chaos, but the stars were put in places to express specific intent. Revelation of that intent is the purpose of all sacred sciences. Arrogant sciences are distinguished by the self imposed belief that the universe evolves without Cosmic Intent. With this belief, anyone who possess Socratic wisdom is the ruler of a chaotic creation and by such authority is the Light of the World. Had the students of Thales desired the Cosmic Intent of Egypt, RA, they would have realized that Thales measured the height of a pyramid using his own shadow and the light of the sun to compare the shadow of the pyramid. When Thales spoke of this "measure of a man" he was describing the "cosmic soul," for which the pyramid is its symbol. Because Thales did not demand obeisance to the spirits of creation, what he called gods and soul, his students were misled to believe that the mind was the source of all being. They never asked the simple questions. Who built the pyramid Thales measured? Who, or what, hung the sun in the sky? It is a cinch it was not Socrates, yet Modern Science holds Thales and Socrates as their gods. It was for this inspiration that Prometheus was forced to have his liver perpetually gnawed at by an eagle.

Prometheus Bound  By Aeschylus

Hermes speaking to Prometheus::
I have talked much, yet further not my purpose;
For thou art in no whit melted or moved
By my prolonged entreaties: like a colt
New to the harness thou dost back and Plunge.
Snap at thy bit and fight against the rein.
And yet thy confidence is in a straw;
For stubbornness, if one be in the wrong,
Is in itself weaker than naught at all.
See now, if thou wilt not obey my words,
What storm, what triple-crested wave of woe
Unshunnable shall come upon thee. First,
This rocky chasm shall the Father split
With earthquake thunder and his burning bolt,
And he shall hide thy form, and thou shalt hang
Bolt upright, dandled in the rock's rude arms.
Nor till thou hast completed thy long term
Shalt thou come back into the light; and then
The hound of Zeus, the tawny eagle,
Shall violently fall upon thy flesh
And rend it as 'twere rags; and every day
And all day long shall thine unbidden guest
Sit at thy table, feasting on thy liver
Till he hath gnawn it black. Look for no term
To such an agony till there stand forth
Among the Gods one who shall take upon him
Thy sufferings and consent to enter hell
Far from the light of Sun, yea, the deep pit
And mirk of Tartarus, for thee. Be advised;
This is not stuffed speech framed to frighten the
But woeful truth. For Zeus knows not to lie

Had Socrates understood the words of Hermes to Prometheus he would have mitigated his own gall.

This wisdom cannot be found in books or laws. The reasoning power is only transferred to an individual that practices it. As we will see, intolerant theological principles are antichrestos and antichrist, for they know not the All. When reason is present the light of wisdom reveals truth, and reason and truth are one essence. God is that eternal omniscient omnipotent being that is revealed in the shadow soul of a free will. An arrogant soul knows God, while the humble soul knows itself within the relationship with that Universal Being that it can never even fully experience, much less know it all. As the mortal being practices reason, a reasonable relationship between the mortal and the immortal being develops. As the process continues to accumulate experiences the light of immortal reason flows through the mortal being without blockage as all barriers to attentive communication cease to stand in the way of enlightenment. The free will is eventually lost due to true reasoning as the mortal reasons that denial, betrayal, and doubt of the Oneness of Universal Being must necessarily excommunicate the mortal's own cognition. Blind faith and immaculate conception produce the ascending relationship that eventually lift the shadow from the soul as the gnawing ceases at one's gall. Once reasoned truth is the focus of self identity the freedom to judge truth fades since such judgments are simply breakdowns in communication as free will binds itself with incomplete experience. Prometheus and Socrates lived in bondage to self knowledge that was their own runaround; Prometheus in the spirit and Socrates in the flesh. At the last judgment of truth the mortal transcends mortality and is within the Eternal One. The mortal becomes what truth intends.

All cultures that have the goal of religamenting the children of tomorrow to the Universal Being are religious as long as they practice their cult knowledge without reason. (Definition: Religion as religamentation is sinew connected between precognition and recognition.) It is the practice of cult knowledge without reason that creates the mortal within the immortal. This essence of feeling free is a form of rational bondage to self comforting expression that requires that wisdom rethink the process of knowing and approach truth from the perspective of a communicating relationship with the whole. Comfort cannot be the goal, for comfort seeking degrades to seeking physical security or rational security. Comfort seeking is the goal of the Harlot of Babylon under the influence of the Great Red Dragon (Zaniah and Antares). Its unreasoning emotion is insecurity, which has no basis in fact, else the threat would be at hand. Physical security requires benevolent feelings void of thought, while rational security requires repression of feelings by thought. When reasoned will is achieved, the mortal loses free will and becomes a Son of God. This is not conformity, for it employs the act of self creation within the Divine Plan of self denial. The acceptance of Divine Will and Plan at the expense of Free Will is the agony in the garden. "To be or not to be" is the question that a reasoned answer affirms by the developing relationship with the I AM THAT I AM, the Most Significant Other.

As we will show latter in this presentation all of these actions have been identified in visual presentations of the stars by "high cultures" throughout the ages. Their stories are examples for all beings that can self create while aligning the mortal soul to the Immortal Soul through faith in the existence of a Divine Plan and a means to experience the presentation of the Divine Plan. Secret Societies and Mystery Cults are overt methods of reestablishing faith in the faithless mortal and religamenting the sinew of precognition and recognition. The specific goal of any pursuit is not fundamental. The belief in the second coming of the result of the pursuit is the magic wand that says the secret will be revealed. This is the power that motivates virgin experiences to give birth to reason within chaotic circumstances that are instantly transcendent accomplishments. This is the primal tenet of all cultures that pursue life as a Holistic Relationship that is conservative of the Original Intent, i.e., Father Image.

During Golden Ages long ago, cultures pursued wisdom before power corrupted the pursuit---Tower of Babel scenario. However, when the wisdom gained led to adversarial coveting relationships reason was lost and so was the Golden Age that existed before Cain slew Abel. Even though the Golden Age has been lost, the dream of its cyclical return still pulls on the genetic strings of the heart and soul of those mortals who have the strength and fortitude to wonder and then seek answers to the questions "Why?"

People who come to see the Creator's Creation will have a difficult time rejecting the bondage of the Seventh Letter of the English alphabet to the Seven Spirits of God. 7 = G. This is so, regardless of the declaration that the G is for the geometry of Thales. All the Secret Cults recognized that there are only seven spirits possible in any creation. The Socratic wisdom fails miserably at this truth because it denies that the Mother of All Being is the life giving water of soul. The divination systems all carry the seven spirits as the primordial tenet of the system. Astrology has water, earth, air, fire, fixed, mutable, cardinal. The cosmic metaphysics include these four element and they split the light into intent, medium and cognition. The Mithrasians had Crow, Nymphus, Soldier, Lion, Perses, Sun Runner, and Father. Thales claimed that all was derived from water, meaning that love of life and the umbilical bondage of being is the first essence of the All. The love motive, which is the Life Giving Water, causes the substance to become life bearing earth. The earth then provides rarefaction of the substance as rational dreams. The truth in a rational dream has the power of inspiration and is the fire of the soul which Prometheus thought was his own. When these four elements merge in the pyramid of the soul they comprehend a greater being as they rise up the pyramid. This has the effect of reducing the shadow of the mortal soul. At the top apex the four created elements disappear into the light. This is where communication between the immortal soul and the mortal soul takes place. Communication is a process that is self defining and all entities, including God Almighty, are subject to its definition. The communication is not created, for the elements of creation are what communication is about. The communication process requires intent of the Father Image, a medium for intent within the Mother Image, and cognition of intent as the Son Image. The image is not energetic light. The image is the light of wisdom regarding the intent, medium, and cognition of communication. That is the All Seeing Eye on the pyramid of the soul of the Illuminati. When a person achieves the capacity to "see the light" they communicate wisely.

The so-called Christians are the Children of God who have not experienced the resurrection to life after the crucifixion of the King of the Jews because they are unaware of the Sacred Geometry that reveals a Divine Plan. The Antichrists are the Eighth Kings who have knowledge that cannot be known by God, for "Zeus knows not to lie." Once the man-child rises from the tomb of the Golden Fleece at the hands of the Magdalene and her sisters, the rational emotional folly of the pre-crucifixion child is set aside for the sake of the Right Hand of the Father. Until the man-child finds the Heavenly Truth, the man-child must remain a Mother's Son in the hope of salvation. Rationalization represses the evolving emotions that carry the genetic intuition which says, "Let it be." For Frank Joseph to deny the Christian Origins of America's City of God is like saying that a child born of a woman with no man around has no father. The evidence of the seed of Christ is all over the Washington Mall. The Christian Churches all present the path from the womb to the tomb. After accomplishing that journey it is impossible to show Life's Plan (the way) without defeating the goddess who stands on the Capital Building in America's City of God. In other words, mystery cults are not options to soul development. They simply provide the emotional essence that tells the seeking rational mind (man-child) that the purpose of the journey toward truth will be revealed. The pursuit of truth is how a free will removes self inflating judgment and transcends into the light and love that was the hidden treasure that had been lost and forgotten on the journey into the Light Eternal. The feeling that comes is that of being part of the All, which is the Cosmic Being. The individual and the earth are no longer under the heavens, but in the heavens. When it happens the body actually reports to the mind, "We are floating upward." This is the Rapture at communication during a moment of Truth.


If the District of Columbia was designed to be a City of God, it can be assured that intolerance will raise its ugly head when opposing views of the Heavenly Father's Intent are pursued. Yet, that very pursuit is the purpose for placing the Statue of Freedom on the Rotunda of the Capitol Building. The following two articles show arguments against celestial revelations. In all these arguments the reference code is scripture derived from celestial perspectives. However, none of the arguments reveal the source of the scriptural perspectives because the author(s) have not experienced the vision of Saint Paul when Truth and Logos are the Light of the World. What they reveal is a search performed by self fulfilling desire that is intolerant of a Cosmocrator's bondage to the material medium of Mother Nature in a rationalizing worldly science that has demonstrated material essence to be the result of a Brilliant Disguise of Light and Matter at the Zero-Point Field. Modern quantum physics has proven that energetic light and matter are the result of the process of repressing photon energy (light) as it crosses the boundary between non-being and being (zero point field). At the quantum edge of creation, matter stops energy from transcending the boundary between perdition and creation. The exact same process occurs spiritually when the human spirit is lost in an abyss void of enlightenment. Materiality blind spiritual wisdom, and vice versa. The arguments of foolish children reveal the Light of the World even though the authors have never been to the Pool of Siloam within which he was born blind with a desire for self enlightenment. Such wisdom is simple a man driving a car with mirrors for windows. Self enlightenment was not the goal of the Masonic Code. The goal of the Masonic Code was to be illuminated by the Heavenly Light for the sake of an empathetic relationship with the Source of Light, the Light of the World, and the Light of Men. To see this light the initiate must allow the Creator to commune through the medium of Creation, which is the Cosmic Reality. In the masculine (rational) secret societies the evidence of knowing is the Golden Fleece which takes the initiate out of the darkness of all virgin experiences. As the initiate becomes more adept at transcending virgin experience it becomes at One with the Universal. The society cannot dictate the path or the initiate will be led to believe that the initiate must dominate the seekers---like father like son. For this reason a "code of silence" is imperative. The "code of silence" results in intellectual obscurantism, and mislead the self seeking soul into darkness.

Serpents have been chosen to symbolize Wisdom because the rationalizing mind cannot comprehend the emotive powers of serpents. Yet, the lowly serpent has no difficulty accepting the powers endowed in it by its Creator. Wisdom is the capacity to self reveal and to live within the tree of life. Over 4000 years ago the Sumerians killed Tiamet, which was the wisdom of motherhood. She had "virgin experience" which the Mesopotamian fathers would not rationally comprehend. Because her feelings seemed to be unguided by a rationalizing mind, they destroyed her. In due course the Egyptians fought with Apophis and the Greeks destroyed Typhon and the Jews were cast out of Eden because of an encounter with Eve's serpent. All of these serpents of wisdom were derived from the most fundamental message written on the cosmic wall. When a being can connect the dots in the heavens that being can travel within the Garden of Paradise with the humblest of physical assets. Such is the case for wisdom. Wisdom comes only to the humble. Although the Ministers at The Cutting Edge have desire to do good, they demonstrate the anger of Cain as they reject God's love for Cain's brother. In their own way they fly airplanes into the towers of man. Because of poor judgment of desire, they are not Abel to love the intent of God through the fog of the double edged sword in their voices. "He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; He that overcometh shall not be hurt of the second death. And to the angel of the church in Pergamos write; These things saith he which hath the sharp sword with two edges; I know thy works, and where thou dwellest, even where Satan's seat is: and thou holdest fast my name, and hast not denied my faith, even in those days wherein Antipas was my faithful martyr, who was slain among you, where Satan dwelleth." Rev 2 "For God hath put in their hearts to fulfil his will, and to agree, and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled. And the woman which thou sawest is that great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth." Rev 17 It is the serpents in the midst of the celestial tree that provide the fruit of the Tree of Life. The create the opportunity for learning experiences. A learning experience is a virgin experience. The woman that is the great city is the emotional spirit inspired by the "snake in the grass" to causes the emotional complex to go over and through all traumatic virgin experiences. It is written on the cosmic wall for all to experience as virgins with immaculate conceptions---no judgment. Once experienced, these concepts become the ouroborus of a new habit and the conscious self transcends to a higher plane as the body (woman) carries virgin experience into habitual pondering on an astral plane, i.e., we learn by rote.

Secret Architecture
The Secret Architecture of Our Nation’s Capital
The Masons and the Building of Washington, D.C.
David Ovason

Ovason has done research but does not demonstrate an understanding of the difference between astrology and the Cosmic Logos. Nevertheless, his thought processes reveal the core information. The Cosmic Logos can always be unraveled once Pandora's Box has been opened. The important point is to realize that secret codes are Father Code not Mother Affection. Father Code speaks truth without affection for arrogant dreamers. This lack of affection generally frightens Mother's Sons away from the tomb of Arimathea (Arrogant-Mother-God). Truth and wisdom come only to those who can see the Medusa's without turning to stone. Fear of material existence is the killing glance of the Medusa. Yet, to communicate with material existence a singled stiff necked rationalization is the nemesis of true communication. When it comes to communication, the more paths of perception one has access to, the more just will be the judgment of the meaning of a communication. A single minded fundamental perspective is always a dreamer's unjust desire, for single mindedness and tyranny are a closed mind with an attention deficit disorder called arrogance..

STRANGE CONSTRUCTIONS is an excerpt on The Daily Grail that provides insight provided by Greg Taylor in Da Vinci in America: Unlocking the Secrets of Dan Brown's "The Solomon Key"

With names like Virginia, Maryland, and District of Columbia, it is clear that the Virgin's Dream of Kingdom Come was on the minds of the Founding Fathers. This message has been at the heart of every religion known to man. Why? Because the purpose of all religion is to pass to future generations the experience of past generations. Knowledge is not a sign of wisdom, for arrogant fools know everything. Solomon failed to pass on his wisdom to his son. In so living he demonstrated that the wisest man in the Bible was simply a fool who knew not how to show the Stairway to Heaven found by his father to his son. This is why the Mystery Cults were created by wise men. Experience at unraveling the mysteries of life is the Stairway to Heaven.

Same message as Stariway.gif.

This image reveals the transfer of life from the Father of Time, Uranus-Sebek, to the Son of Time, Zeus-Jupiter. Saturn, which is Time itself, Cronus, is Horus the Bull between Libra and Virgo. This is the location of the Last Judgment before rebirth in Virgo. Thus, the Father of Time ascends to Heaven Above at Cancer-Khephera, and the Son of Time descends to Earth at Hathor's Star. In these three generations we are given the key to witnessing the Logos of the Saint Paul, which he saw as a light on the road to Damascus. The Solomon Key is in the hands of Bootes. It is the Plow of Truth. "And Jesus said unto him, No man, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God." Luke 9:62

Mother's Sons are not privy to the Secret Codes because the Father's Sons are raised under a Code of Silence under penalty of death. The process of initiation into the Mystery of Life requires self discovery as a result of painful gain in a land of the Begotten Son. Balance requires that the arrogant children be silent so that the truth seeking children can climb the ladders and stairways to heaven with the force of their own souls. To understand the secrets encoded in plans for any City of God, the importance of secrecy can only be revealed to the seeker by seeking. There is no secrecy in a Mother's Breast. There is only bondage. The Heavenly Father, and all sons who rise to the Immaculate Conception of the Holy Virgin will inherit the throne of the Father on the Lion's back. A Mother's Righteousness leads the way to the Father's Righteousness as the self seeking child of the "I Am This I Am" discovers the Divine Self within the "I AM THAT I AM." When the Father's Righteousness is accepted, the seeker receives by a process of Free Will. If this were not true, then the Father in Heaven would be a tyrant. Yet, Free Will is Freedom's Perch, and that very fact proves that the Washington, D.C. is the City of God of "novus ordo seclorum" for the sake of "e pluribus unum" by the virtue of "annuit coeptus." In other words, when we put aside or childish thoughts we begin to align ourselves to the stars in heaven. That is the ultimate secret that is within the Father's Code, and Da Vinci's True Code. Arrogance and timidity are two sides of imbalance. The Man In The Middle has an eye for both hands and can distinguish one from the other. Arrogant fools cannot tell right from left.


Any one who can see Da Vinci's Code in the Right Eye and hands of the Man In The Middle, can read a One Dollar Bill. An All Seeing Eye is one that can read the mind of a Medusa. Most importantly, an eye that can see All, will have the power to seek true justice with vision in balance. The left eye is a symbol of the passive eye that witnesses the passing of truth. The right is the active eye that project truth received and enhances the vision of righteousness. That is why the one dollar bill has two left eyes in it roundels. They say to all who would succeed, "Pay attention."

Kite of Isis, Click for full size
<< West << Click on this image for an larger view of the Kite of Isis.  >> East >>

The layout of the monumental construction west of the Masonic Compass reveals the same celestial correspondence implied by the oldest image of the founding of Egypt by the Scorpion King. It shows Bootes with a Virgin's Crown with a welcome matt placed before his feet as he sees before his eyes the desire for Seventh Heaven, which is King Scorpion's Flower. This is the path of righteousness, which is the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mother. It is so old a concept, that no archaeological discovery has been able to predate it. The Magdalenian caves in Southern France (circa 30,000 BC) reveal the Dream of Kingdom Come that was present when the Father of Time conceived the Birth of Time as an intermediate step on the way to Reason. It is not the Big Bang Universe of modern material arrogance. It is the Heavenly Father's Intent that Earthly Fathers would share Free Will with grandchildren throughout the ages. This process can only be accomplished if the Grandchildren can find the Truth under the Rock of Ages at the entrance to the Elysian Field. The very same message can be read in the cave art of the Australian Aborigine (Father Original) that is dated by some to exceed 50,000 years. The message is simple. A father must guide without bondage the fathers to be in the eternal journey toward Kingdom Come. Prophesy is the essence of all Mystical Codes. The mystery is how will a son become a father. There is no mystery in how a daughter is made a mother, but genetic wisdom is not all that has been created. On the contrary, genetic wisdom is that physical knowledge that is passed from father to son through an habitual organism ruminating without reason and through a rational mind that that can be raised by reason to the enlightenment that all action results from intent. That intent which planned the movement of the stars is the Heavenly Father's Will. The mortal mind that can connect the dots on the cosmic wall will realize that the paw of the Great Sphinx has the Regulator of Time.

The sA of Egypt is Heaven's Gate through which the king has passed.
The sA of Columbia is One with the sA of Egypt.
Columbia's secret code is a message of trust in the Heavenly Father.

Zaniah is the star once known as the "Harlot of Babylon" and it rose in the east over Freedom's Perch from Washington monumental phallus. This is the Gate of Heaven (Babylon) and can only be passed by the desire for personal righteousness on a path toward the Heavenly Father in the Garden of Paradise. It is the Immaculate Conception of the dream of Kingdom Come which a mortal must pass from father to son on a Day of Judgment. It is not the judgment of the son, but judgment of the father that determines the course through Heaven's Gate. This gate requires that each rational mind be born of the virgin so that the legacy of past communication is not broken by a Solomon in a quest for Delilah.

Mintaka is the third star in the Strong Man's belt. It is the Star of the Son of God, and it is the star toward which the Great Sphinx gazes. The Great Sphinx was the body of the lioness Sekhmet (Virgo-Leo), the Teacher of Righteousness, with the head of a man looking toward the future in the east. A man's head on an image of Virgo and Leo says that a rational prophetic conception had been conceived without mistake. The Man, Arcturus, the Woman, Spica, and the Pride, Regulus, are joined in a trinity of Father, Mother, and Son. This is not a provable tenet, it is the Immaculate Conception known only to those mortals who have mastered the Agony in the Garden to set aside self will for the sake of the will of the Heavenly Father. In Egypt, this was the Flight of Isis upon which she embarked when Osiris had become a legacy of a dream. In her dream of his legacy, she impregnated herself with the intent of Osiris and brought forth a son for the sake of Kingdom Come. All these mysterious actions are not denial of the Medusa's Face, they are the process though which a mind ascends Jacob's Ladder and any Stairway to Heaven. But, for a mind to accomplish the cosmic journey it must be born of the spirit of the Father in Heaven. This was the Legacy of Horus and the Legacy of Mary's Immaculate Conception. This is the meaning of the correlation of Washington's Monumental Phallus and the Virgin's star, Spica. Death is not an option to life. Death is a loss of options for life. Yet, if a mortal can establish a legacy for generations, then that mortal will live on in memoriam for generations to come.

So what is the great moral in the Kite of Isis that can be seen in the overview of the Mall of Washington, D.C.? It is a moral that shows a Mason's Compass in the East, and the Divine Compass of the Teacher of Righteousness in the West. What is the essence of a moral code, if not that human designs should reflect the designs of the Heavenly Father? There can be no greater wisdom than that which reveals the purpose for Free Will without destroying the process of freedom that allows for the pursuit of happiness by free will. That is why Freedom stands oriented to Zaniah on a rotunda like the navel of a mother with child. Freedoms birthplace was memorialized in Columbia's District from heaven above to the earth below.  That is also why the memorial to Abraham Lincoln occupies the orientation to Mintaka, for he was a son of Columbia who saw the legacy of the forefathers and saved a nation when self desire had brought it to its knees as brother fought brother in an echo of Osiris and Seth, and Cain and Abel.

Although many would ponder the rose line of Washington, D.C. Do not fall for these street cars named desire for they deny the memoriam of our forefathers. The rose line and prime meridian of Columbia's district runs true north from Jefferson's Rotunda to the President's Mansion. The guiding influence of any memorial is that it inspires future generations to strive and to reach the dream of Kingdom Come for which the memorials were created. These monumental constructs are not meant for fools to ponder, but for great men to emulate. If there is doubt that the architects had resolved this design, then consider the two triangles on either side of America's Rose Line. To the left the angle between the Rose Line and line between the White House and the Lincoln Memorial is essentially the same as the side slope of the Khufu (51.8°) and Menkaure (51.3°) pyramids of Giza. It would not be out of line to say that the message is that the Father and Son are one, for the Khufu pyramid is dedicated to the Father of Time, and the Menkaure pyramid is dedicated to the Son of Time, or Reason. The line between the Jefferson Memorial, which has a rotunda to signify mother, and the Lincoln Memorial is the same as the side slope of the Khafre (53.1°) pyramid, which has the Great Sphinx (Virgo-Leo-Mintaka) resting along side its causeway. The three great pyramids at Giza are clearly represented by the architecture of the City of God called Washington in the District of Columbia. So, what of the Masonic Compass and the symbol of the soul to the east of the Rose Line with the apex at the feet of the Stature of Freedom on the rotunda of the Capitol Building? Is not this the legacy of all ancestors that their descendants should extend the boundary of the soul farther with each generation. This is the purpose of ancestors and they have told us so in many ways. "The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly." John 10:10

Did the Egyptians and the Masons have something in common? The evidence is overwhelming that they both drew the same understanding from the Heavenly Lights. Egypt was a land famous for many forms and forums of religious freedom that revealed the Cosmic Plan. America has no less goal. The pyramid texts clearly say, "The king must return to the imperishable stars." On that premise they designed the City of God at Giza. It would be the highest folly to assume that the Masonic Code did not carry the same light from above.

Did the Masonic architects know from personal thoughts the Holistic Mind of God? Or, does their work declare that the Mind of God will reveal itself to that man-child who seeks and finds Truth that sets one Free? Chance could not have designed the city in the District of Columbia. Yet, if the Masonic architects did not build the Temple of God in accordance with the fundamental tenet of the compass and square, then God Almighty must have intervened without their knowing. An it can be easily proven that God does such things, if we destroy the Intent of our forefathers, we are simply denying the legacy of our own souls. Which love would be greater, that of God directly, or that of God through benevolent ancestors? In either case the message is that a Gateway to Heaven sits in the architecture at America's Rose Line.

The Da Vinci Code was clearly revealed in Leonardo's Last Supper. But, does that mean that the Holy Grail is the "V" between the "Man In The Middle" and the Face at the Comforter's Hand, and that the Holy Grail is Mary Magdalene as Dan Brown would fantasize? If that had been Leonardo's intent, then why do all the men at the table of the ecliptic reveal the stars on either side of Pisces? And, what of the grail of Vessica Pisces revealed in the hangings on the walls of the past and the future, the light and the dark? And let us not forget that the Eye of the Man in the Middle is at the apex of a triangle of his own two hands. What ever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it will achieve. That was the tenet of Leonardo and that is his secret code.

The designs of every great City of God constructed by any civilization have always carried the fundamental message that man does not know what God has not revealed. The Comforter is the Good Samaritan who pours Life Giving Waters on the head of a seeker of compassion. When compassion comes to the Man In The Middle, that Mother's Son will save a Lost Soul in a revelation of the All to the child of its Father. This is how Isis reincarnated her lost husband and brother. This is how it was intended to be done before the first sentimental memory found a monument on Earth.

Did Dan Brown say that? No, because Dan Brown did not know what he was doing. He was selling fiction to a world thirsting for wisdom and understanding with the caressing desire of compassion to come blinding them to what they already have. The King must return to the imperishable stars to witness the tapestry on the cosmic wall. Da Vinci revealed this Truth. Dan Brown earned a lot of money fleecing the flock by telling them what they wanted to hear. Dan Brown's new book can be expected to do the same.

When The Solomon Key comes out, the Kite Of Isis must be revealed at the Mall where Washington's memorial phallus reveals the Immaculate Conception of Columbia in her Elysian Field. If The Solomon Key does not reveal the welcome matt and the Scorpion-Flower, then Dan Brown will be a rich man by virtue of the Golden Fleece, and innocent souls will become lost in a search within The Daily Grail.

Listen to your own soul and it will become clear that reason is not a coincidence in monumental architecture. Reason is the purpose for constructing monuments to great accomplishments. Unreasonable men will fly airplanes into great architectural edifices for the purpose of self satisfaction after 50,000 years of death before Judgment Day. But, these foolish children will not know the 72 Virgins they seek because the virgins are the daughters of Columbia who stand on high places in her district around the Rose Line of America. The challenges overcome by the accomplishments memorialized on the Washington Mall will eventually become pale when they are compared to a nation's dream of creating a place where a Savior will return on the Day of Good Judgment. When will that day come? That is up to you. The images and words provided here are meant to show that the Day of Good Judgment waits for no man. The Day of Good Judgment comes when a child puts aside childish thoughts and focuses on the Mind of God as it has been exposed to ancestors throughout the ages. When this Judgment Day comes a child of woman will become a Child of God. If that does not imply that the founders of Columbia's Rose Line are the still living apostles of Jesus Christ, then darkness has enveloped a lost soul whose desire for a mother's sweet breast has overwhelmed the desire to surmount the throne of the fathers in their dream of Kingdom Come.


Washington, D.C. was designed as a Sacred Site, a City of God. By contrast Boston was designed through the daily course of life. The pasture was used by all the inhabitants for their cows. As a result it became known as The Common. People could trust that their cows would go to The Common and come home every day. The cows created paths going to and from The Common. Eventually the cow paths were paved and widened. The result is that heart of Boston is now a city laid out by cows. This makes Boston a unique city with a personality unlike any other. Since the cows were simply doing their local daily thing, they did not need a cosmic orientation. The cows did not need a star with a Rose Line orientation, or so I heard when I lived in Boston.

The contrast with New York is evident. Of course, New York was built on an island and commercial efficiency had a lot to do with the practical layout of its prime meridian which parallels the Hudson and East Rivers. Yet, as logical as the streets of New York may be, there is very little room for spiritual complexity and cosmic orientation.

The map of Washington, D.C. clearly shows that some intent other than grazing cows was behind the street design before habitation in the area. A Rose Line orients the city plan to the Earth. If the line between the Lincoln Memorial and the Capitol did not lay perpendicular to the Rose Line, then some other intent than orientation to an earthy Rose Line must have guided the city planners. Washington has a lay line not unlike Teotihuacán and Giza. These cities were dominated by their pyramidal architecture and the lay lines to celestial orientation and cosmic spirituality.  However, the fact that the Washington Monument is on the line between the Capitol and the Lincoln Memorial means that there was an intent to draw a line between the Capitol and the Lincoln memorial. Cows meander. Men of good judgment take straight paths to their destiny. The east west line is approximately one degree off the true east-west line, and yet the position of the obelisk is evidence that the designers knew that the line was straight. Either they had a defective protractor or they intended that the line be "off line" with respect to east-west line. This is how we know that the urban grid is a City of God. Teotihuacán  is oriented 15.5 degree off of the north-south meridian for the specific purpose of aligning the City of God to the return of the child in the mouth of the Feathered Serpent. Giza has so many lines of intent that one is often afraid to open Pandora's Box for fear of the Medusa that is locked inside. Yet, the Teacher of Righteousness, who was Sekhmet still stares due east at the rising stars. It has been shown else where that Sekhmet looks toward the star Spica and the dream of cosmic rebirth. But, her cosmic message is less apparent than her earthly message. She says, "Look eastward while you can, for the day is coming when you will pass through the gates of my necropolis.

New York City was not laid out by Sacred Cows or Righteous Lionesses. The intent behind New York City was efficient transit and maximum utility of a limited resource, land. They aligned the streets and the avenues to assure a thriving metropolis. The result was that NYC became the hub of rational commercial discourse. Nevertheless, Boston, Washington, and New York City clearly reveal design intent of Holy Cows, Sacred Fathers, and Commercial Enterprise. The designers put the spirit in each city at the Moment of the First Occasion for each city. The Moment of the First Occasion is the moment of the Intent to plan.

Artifacts found around ancient sacred cities clearly demonstrate that there was more than Bovine Intent when they started the project of civil construction. These artifacts may carry the essence of the Moment of the First Occasion, if they are the refuse of the original design. In archaeological undertakings we must assume that to be the case and then test the assumption by planning a city or sacred site around the artifacts we find. If the artifacts carry the true spirit of the planners the design will make itself known. However, if the rediscovered artifacts of the gods are interlopers or late comers, then we will be led down some primrose path. The next mistake is unconscionable. When we have false gods we must not force them to be the right gods for the sake of our own comfort. We desire to be on the right path. That is why the mistake of following false gods is unconscionable. We desire ourselves to be with the Right Gods and we have the power to choose which way we go. That power can get too close to usurpation and we fall into Perdition as the Eighth King of Seven. The Truth does not come with judgment, for that is when the truth dies in a mocker of a trial. The truth comes and comes and comes for ever when we witness is magical rebirth. It is for the sake of the rebirth of ancient truth that all great monumental cities were constructed. For what else is a monument is not a restoration of a Moment of the First Occasion.

That is why Judgment Day is the most important day in the processing of any plan. It is not a single Moment in Time. It is never being unconscionable for the sake of self righteousness. As such, it comes on the day of the last judgment when truth is self evident. In other words we have to see the false gods when we create them and before they become the habit of our own personality. Boston, Washington, and NYC are domains of the habitual where the people wander like ruminating beast chewing on the truth without swallowing its sweet grace.. The lay of the land creates the habits of the occupants of the land. We feel comfortable being loose and fancy free in Boston. That is how Boston became a focal point of Liberal Minds. We feel the need to do commerce in NYC. That is why The Big Apple is the greatest center of commerce in the world. We feel the governing power in Washington. That is why Washington has grown to become the city that governs all cities on earth. The plan in Boston was to ruminate. The plan in NYC was for enterprise. The plan in Washington was to govern.

In order to establish a City of the God of Government it is mandatory that the urban plan incorporate the Cosmic Design, otherwise the city is governed by chaos and it is without judgment, or worse it becomes a lair for tyrants and pirates. The urban planners of all great civil enterprises have understood this fundamental essence. In a  city dedicated to the Gods of Government special tasks must be performed because of the undeniable corruptive power of governing power. Planners of the Cities of God have to put cosmic order in their streets so that the King of Kings remains on the Throne of Truth. Consider the many tyrants who have tasted power without an appreciation for Cosmic Truth and you will see many nations at war. Was Giza, USA a Sacred Site, or was
Giza, USA a commercial site, or was Giza, USA a pasture of good times? The way to find out is to unravel the lay of the Rose Line.

In Washington D.C. the earth bound Rose Line runs between the Jefferson Memorial and the Presidential Mansion along the Prime Meridian of the new country. The short north-south aspect was dictated by the need to incorporate the great civilizing influence of the Native American and Egyptian mentors who taught their people that the soul was composed of five parts, Water, Earth, Air, Fire, and Light.. The west triangle off the Rose Line dictates the width and breadth of the mall. Lincoln, being a fallen hero needs to be memorialized in the west. Freedom, being the goddess of the New World Order needs to be on a pedestal to motherhood in the east. The soul matures during the experience of life. If the individual does not make a mockery of the trial of life the soul of the individual will merge all the apexes of the pentahedron into the highest apex. This is the point where the four created parts of the soul merge into the Eternal Light that is the essence of the Universal Being. To be One with God is a lofty goal, for sure. But, to deny the potential of one's own soul is simply a path to perdition. That is why great cultures have always crated Stairways to Heaven. That is also why the crystal pentahedron on the Washington mall is hidden in plane sight rising high above the grassy knoll upon the memorial phallus of the First Father of the nation for which Washington is the Rose Line and Capitol. Most people see the great obelisk, but to see the crystal pentahedron an individual must learn how to utilize the All Seeing Eye. The Beatles made the pathway to the top of heaven popular in a song about Mother Mary speaking words of wisdom, let it be. That is how we become adepts at cosmic accomplishments. We let the accomplishment unfold within us as we witness the All Seeing Eye through us in such manner that our own example is the example of heavenly righteousness. It is this spirit of righteous freedom that ruled the urban planners when they set out to raise an Eternal city of God out swamp lands of Maryland and Virginia.

Like Giza the soul of America needs cosmic alignment. The south is the physical being, the baboon, the body soul, and it is asexual. Thus, the Jefferson Memorial is a feminine monumental design dedicated to a masculine personality. That was Jefferson. The west is the land of the Ka. It is the eternal material essence. Our genes carry the Ka of billions of years of the ascending soul from one generation to the next. When we die we return to the Ka. Thus, the president who most immortalizes death as a resurrected spirit belongs in the west. No president comes close to Lincoln in this regard because he took the holocaust of the Civil War and made it an example of the United States of America. That is the Ka of our land. The north is the land of the mind, Imsety. It is here that we must place the president's mansion. What the country needs most in this mansion is a mind for the ascending soul of America. This is the House of Seth and the House of Horus. These two gods of Liberalism and Conservatism must perpetually cycle through the mansion to maintain balance throughout all the land for all ages. The final point on the plan of creation is the east. It is the direction of future rising stars. It is also the direction of the gaze of the Sphinx and the place where Wise Men see the rising stars of kings to come. This is the direction of Kingdom Come. This is the future of the intent present at the Moment of the First Occasion when the city designers set about to accomplish the will of God. On the rotunda of the Capitol stands the dream of Kingdom Come, she is a Goddess called Freedom and she is the spirit of the Native Peoples of the Land of the Free. This spirit still reverberates in the land even though the overt traditions of the Native Peoples remain hidden from the view of impious fools.

The four compass points are visible in the codex of the urban grid of Washington. And they were not placed by accident or by ruminating cows. They are intentional. There is one other point of prime interest. It is the monument at the center. The obelisk is the phallus of the God Father. He was George Washington, whose name carries on under his monument. That monument points skyward to show the way we must all strive toward. Once we can see the pyramid of the soul on the mall in Washington, we can merge all the elements of creation, body, earth, mind, and spirit into a vision of the divine. To get there we have to rise on the wings of the eagle. That eagle has the Seal of Solomon on its obverse and the vision of God on its reverse. It is the Eye of Oneness. The magic of paying attention will overcome chaos, doubt, and denial. Eventually the Great Man with the crown of innocence will walk with the Heavenly Host.

The five primary stars chosen to tell the story of the birth of the New Age are Regulus, Spica, Arcturus, Zaniah, and Mintaka, but the whole of the heavens is implied by the destiny of all Great Men. The axiom "as above, so below" must be applied in the projection down to earth. That means we must project the stars down to the earth as they are seen from beyond the stars. The image of the Potter's Field shown above is the mirror image of the Potter's Field in the District of Columbia. It is what we see when we turn our back to Mother Earth and face the heavens. This is the major stumbling block of all cosmic research. We want to project what we see onto the ancestral monuments. But, having taken our hand from the play we fall on our back sides to the Redemptoris Mater.

Click on image to open a new window with the full layout.The Redemptoris Mater Chapel of Pope John Paul II shows Christ at the center of a revolving field of stars. This is the location of Polaris at the north pole. It shows Christ with his back to the heavens as he opens his arms to the four apostles before him. This is a crystal pentahedron of the Cosmic Soul in which the Light of the World comes back down to earth. This is the meaning of salvation.

The view from the heavens through the star field toward the earth at Washington D.C. is shown by the following correspondences:  Washington monument is Spica, Lincoln Memorial is Regulus, and the White House is Arcturus. The Jefferson memorial is a mirror image of the earthward projection. It says, "as above, so below" as a doubling unto the double of the Redemptoris Mater symbolized by the rotunda of the Jefferson Memorial. That projection represents the Birth of a Nation under Heaven on July 4, 1776.

More proof of the Birth of Kingdom Come? Why does the eastward line point through the Capitol at slightly less than one degree north of east? The only star that hits that alignment is Zaniah at the back of the head of Virgo. Zaniah was the Harlot of Babylon and it was the location of Uranus in the circular horoscope of Denderah. The metaphor at Denderah was the Dream of Kingdom Come. Did the Masonic urban designers want to restore the Harlot of Babylon? Would such a timeless moment memorialize the birth of a nation? In Egypt is was the Birth of the Age of Pisces. In America on July 4, 1776 it was Novus Ordo Seclorum meaning "thus is born a new order of the ages." These metaphors use the same stars and it is difficult not to see the same Eyes of the Gods. How could expatriates of England, France, and the rest of Europe see the ancient Egyptian message when Napoleon had yet to go to Egypt and inaugurate Egyptology? There must be a simple explanation. And it may be that the consequence of using stars to forecast the destiny of a new nation results in the founders of the new nation utilizing the Eyes of the Gods to establish a birthplace on earth as it is in the heavens.

The design of the mall of Washington was simply a birth chart for a nation. The most important celestial alignment is the one that reveals the Time of the Chart. That means that the east-west line is actually a "Time Line." It points to a specific time in the east and a specific time in the west. If it pointed due east-west that would provide a time of year for one of the equinoxes. Since the city is a government city we can exclude the vernal equinox in Pisces. The autumn equinox marked the astrological entrance into the Judgment Hall of Libra. This is not the celestial house of Libra on the zodiac it is the astrological house on the birth chart. By virtue of the precession we can unite the cosmic time with the horoscope time. Zaniah was just under 1 degree north of the autumn equinox on July 4, 1776. Thus, the offset is revealing where the vernal equinox was on the birth chart for July 4, 1776.

At 11:21 am on July 4, 1776 the Harlot of Babylon, Zaniah, aligned with the Statue of Freedom as viewed from the Washington Monument. With Saturn at her back, it was time for a Virgin birth. Neptune was at the top of her head as if he were lifting her out of the cosmic abyss. According to the historical records, Neptune had yet to become a twinkle in the eyes of man.

At 4:33 pm on July 4, 1776, Mintaka aligned with the Lincoln Memorial as would have been viewed from the Washington Monument. Above the head of Orion were Jupiter and Venus on the legs of the male Gemini and Mars was between the horns of the ancient Bull. Above the Eye of the Bull, Aldebaran, sat Uranus, the wandering star that carries the name of the Father of Time. As Uranus was setting in the west, his son, Saturn was just below the horizon preparing to rise in the east. Above Mintaka was the Son of Time, Jupiter, in conjunction with the Daughter of Love, Venus. These alignment would have been well known an well researched before picking the date of the birth of the first nation to carry the Greek promise of Freedom to a democratic society of man. The eyes of the gods said, "Annuit Coeptis."

Square on the zenith at the rising of Zaniah a Good Shepherd climbed a mountain with the plane of the earth fortified under his feet with a Grand Conjunction of five planets and the Sun. This is the return of Elijah at the Gateway of Men.

Directly opposite the Good Shepherd and at the Gateway of Gods the nadir rested in the Southern Crown beneath the sign witnessed by Constantine I (the Great) on the last night before he earned the title of Emperor of Rome by telling his soldiers, "In this sign you shall conquer." The sign for Constantine was a grand conjunction of planets stretching from Aquarius to Sagittarius. On July 4, 1776 as Zaniah rose in the east three wandering stars marked the ancient place of reincarnation, the Moon, Pluto, and the Earth, whose presence is shown by her shadow in the eyes of the Sage. Above the gateway a child in swaddling cloths in the mouth of Quetzalcoatl and a man wrestling with a serpent with one foot on the earth and one foot in the sea crushes the Great Red Dragon under his feet. The Great Red Dragon is the unbalanced desire of the Harlot of Babylon. But, "in this sign you shall conquer" means that a boy become a man when he can liberate unbalanced desire with the Virgin's Child with the hand of iron. Justice was born that day. And justice is born every day that Unbalanced Desire is divided into Balanced Desire. This is the word of god shown in the hieroglyph for neter between the Red Crown and Anubis.

Staying at the nadir while allowing the heavens to move to the position where Mintaka set in the west we see the ultimate meaning of "in memoriam." Rising from the depths of the galaxy is the tower of a King of Kings. It is also the Wailing Wall of the Eye of Hathor and the Jews. In the midst of the great wall a flying steed with the tale of a peacock and the face of a woman is bound. This is Al Buraq the wall, and the magical beast that Muhammad road to Seventh Heaven to start a New World Order six hundred and twenty years after the birth of Christ. The red line running through the heavens from bottom to top is square to the Rose Line at Giza, USA. The obelisk of the celestial tower below is a perfected message above where the great obelisk of America's First Father stands on the metaphor of the Virgin's Womb. As above, so below is proven again to be a reflection of the Moment of the First Occasion when the Creator said, "Let there be Light."

Rising straight up from the cosmic depths and beyond the cosmic heights without turning around we see what the celebration was all about. There on the meridian as Mintaka set in the west was Seventh Heaven. the little square at the zenith would have been directly above the memorial field between Freedom on the Capital Rotunda in the east, Lincoln's Eternal Throne House in the west, Jefferson's Rotunda in the south, the President's Mansion in the north, and the apex of Washington's Monument is the memorialized soul of the Birth of a Nation at Giza, USA. At that specific time and place, a nation was born of the Virgin and crossed the boundary into Kingdom Come.

When we look at the date of July 4, 1776 we see a conjunction of planets in Gemini. But, the conjunction does not say July 4, 1776, for the conjunction last for weeks. To find why the Masonic masters chose July 4, 1776 we have to look for a more convincing cosmic purpose. The answer is revealed in the movement of Wisdom, for the objective of all coded message is the wisdom they reveal. It was shown that Mintaka set on the true horizon at 4:33 PM. However, when we take refraction into consideration Mintaka appears to set at 4:36 PM. Why is three minutes so important? Because the wisdom in any revelation is in paying attention to and understanding the message revealed.

The urban designers could have left the details up to chance, but they were attempting to establish a place for supreme justice and they realized that an extra measure of precision was required. If later in history the people of the nation should wonder at the folly of their forefathers, they would be more likely to reject the forefathers based upon the attention to detail in their sacred plans. The image above shows that Mercury was retrograde on July 3, 1776 and it reentered Gemini from Cancer on July 4, 1776. Cancer is the house of sensitivity. It represents sensual acuity and the body's capacity to inform the mind of the situation in reality. If the mind does not pay attention to the senses, then the wisdom of Common Sense is lost to the meandering mind. By bringing into focus the reentry of Mercury, which is represented as the celestial orb of Wisdom, the urban planners were telling the future criticizes of the new nation to think twice before starting vast projects. The light of wisdom is the most valuable light we can receive. Even creatures that cannot sense the light of photons are capable of sensing the light of wisdom. Thus, the urban planners were saying, "Here is wisdom."

The elevation (declination) of a star or planet is the angular distance above the horizon, with ninety degrees elevation being directly over head. Mercury sat at +38°24'22" above the true western horizon at 4:33:20 PM on July 4, 1776. At 4:36:23 PM Mercury sat at +37°48'57" above the apparent horizon. It is at this angle that Mercury would have cast its shadow across the Washington Mall. So, what we must look for is evidence that the urban planners saw the wisdom of their actions in a synchronicity "as above, so below." If they chose the birth date of the nation based upon cosmic wisdom, they would have had the obligation to reveal the wisdom of their ways.

In 1940, a British Air Force pilot, P. Groves, was flying over the pyramids. He happened to notice the concavity of the sides of the Great Pyramid due to the shadow and captured it in the now-famous photograph. The upper section of the image above shows the shadow of the Khafre pyramid pointing toward the Great Sphinx in the Groves photograph. The shadow of a pyramid when the sun is below the angle of the opposite side of the pyramid produces two distinct shadow triangles. They are highlighted in red in the upper photograph section. The photo of the sun at the top of the Khafre pyramid provides a perspective looking past the pyramid to the west. The lower photograph captured from the Neave Earth web site shows the Menkaure pyramid and its causeway. Superimposed on the lower photograph is the shadow outline corresponding to the sun being at an azimuth angle less than the 51.3° slope of the sides. The artificial shadow was scaled based upon the proportion of the two triangles on the Washington Mall.

Assuming that the equality of the square and the circle was the intent of the urban planners, the Rose Line between the compass points on the mall would represent one quarter of the perimeter of the square base of the hypothetical pyramid. The Giza pyramids, particularly the Great Pyramid of Khufu was designed such that the perimeter of the pyramid was proportional to the height of the pyramid as the radius of the circle is proportional to the perimeter of the circle. The equation that applies is four times the side of the base of the pyramid is the perimeter of a circle whose radius is the height of the pyramid. Knowing that the height of the pyramid is proportional to the base we can then determine the elevation of the light that would cast a triangular shadow from the Rose Line to the Capitol Rotunda. Using the map photographs available on the internet at map sites for Giza and Washington and scaling the shadow to the Rose Line between the Jefferson Memorial and the White House we determined an azimuth angle of 37.41 degrees for the light that would produce the hypothetical shadow from the Rose Line to the axis of the Capitol Rotunda. The elevation of Mercury based upon the alignment of Mintaka to the apparent horizon in the west at the Washington Mall was determined using The Sky Level IV planetarium program. The value in decimal units was 37.82 degrees. That represents an error of only 0.41 degrees. The variation due to the refraction at the horizon was +38°24'22" at 4:33:20 PM  and +37°48'57" at 4:36:23 PM, or 0.59 degrees. The loss of precision is most likely due to the use of the images from the navigation map sites on the internet. However, the accuracy achieved in a cursor evaluation taking less than an hour is sufficient to confirm that the urban planners intended for July 4, 1776 to be the birthday of a nation that saw wisdom think twice, by Gemini.

Thus, the compass and the square on the Washington Mall were employed to tell the time of the birth of our nation. The vision of the urban planners can be seen on the back of the One Dollar Bill. The two roundels are a redacted horoscope that says, "Thus, a new order of the world was born on July 4, 1776." After 230 years and after the establishment of a fledgling democratic nation in the ancient land of Babylon, it is clear that the City of God designed by Washington's urban planners represented a new order of the ages. Giza, USA was designed to reveal the return of Osiris, the Egyptian Neter of Civil Planning. This is truly a memory worth preserving for all ages. The eagle on the back of the One Dollar Bill is the same message known to the Sumerians, the Egyptians, the Babylonians, the Zoroastrians, the Greeks, the Persians, the Romans, the Christians, the Maya, the Iroquois, the Algonquin, the Seminole, and all the Ab-Origine of the Great Mother Earth. That message is the message that Freedom wears on her helmet.

The message says, "Thank your lucky stars that you were given the gift of an Immaculate Conception and a free woman to carry the dream of freedom high on a perch in the City of God called Washington, D.C. America was conceived without sin, and as long as we can see the invisible soul of wisdom in the shadow outlines on Washington's Mall, we will be free to fly high as an eagle.

This memorial is dedicated to all the lost souls who celebrate life in the Ka of the dearly surviving for whom they fought so that the dream born on July 4, 1776 should not perish from the earth.  It is fitting that this vision should come down to earth at the beginning of Memorial Day weekend 230 years after the dream came to the earth. The nation born on the Fourth of July has been tested severely over the last four and one half years to determine whether the Virgin's Child should carry the children of tomorrow or whether one nation under God with Liberty and Justice for all should deny itself and mount a steed with the tail of a peacock and the face of a woman bound to a wailing wall in Jerusalem so as to rise to Seventh Heaven where the shaft to Love's Eye can be blocked by an angel's foot on a rock. The riders of Al Buraq may rationalize their wisdom as greater than the urban planners of Giza, USA, but they should be aware of the consequences of not respecting Mother Nature. It is not a Jihad that motivates the Mothers Sons, it is "e pluribus unum." Allah Akbar. God is great. God is One. In the City of God at Giza, USA, it has been proven, "So are the children of Columbia, Freedom, Liberty, and Justice for all." If there is to be peace throughout the land, then now is the time for all men to come to the aid of their country. Now is the time to reveal The Solomon Key to all the children of the United States of America. The time to memorialize greatness is written in plane sight for all to see on the Nation's Mall.


The Star at Foggy Bottom

The Washington Family, 1789-1796, oil on canvas, 213.6 x 284.2 cm (84 3/4 x 111 7/8 in.)
Andrew W. Mellon Collection 1940.1.2 by Edward Savage, American, 1761 - 1817

This portrait of The Washington Family may reveal the plan of the memorial grounds and the layout of the Rose Line for the new country. Most reviewers say that the man in the shadows is a man servant of Washington. However, in a painting filled with symbolism of a family, we cannot discount the idea that "faceless man" with no left hand as the "ghost" of Martha's first husband and the father of the two children in the portrait. It may be Washington's man servant as suggested by some, but it would not fit as a "family portrait" as much as if the man in the shadows was the actual father of the children and whose wealth was inherited by Martha Custis. The man in the shadows needs further clarification, for apparently the record does not support the idea that William Lee, the servant, was identified by Edward Savage.

The close ups shown here illustrate what can be seriously argued to be the primary axes of the mall. The daughter's right hand would be on the White House, and her left hand would be on the Capitol. Martha's right hand holds a fan that touches the Jefferson Memorial. Washington's finger would touch the location of the Lincoln Memorial. The placement of the sword is such that the "waters" flow from the wound of the sword. Martha's left hand is way down river, probably implying Mount Vernon. The right arm of Washington is resting on the left shoulder of his adopted son. The implication being that he gives his right arm too his descendant as a way of passing on strength. This is one of the requirements to be interred in Arlington. This image, together with the sword and the obvious memorial of the cross on the Mall having given the right arm, provide a "source" to the mysteries of the mall. Finally, the hand of the lad holds an architect's compass resting on a globe. The detail of the globe does not allow clear indication of whether it is an earth globe or a celestial globe and but the internet literature indicates a celestial globe. With the son holding the compass on the celestial globe it would mean the Creator's Compass was in the child's hands. In either case, the metaphor is that the means to worldly comprehension is in the compass and the right hand of the youth and it is the legacy of a Man of God whose memorial city is the main subject of the portrait. There can be little doubt that it was Washington's goal that the leadership of the new country would not fall on untrained descendants. The compass is the key to unraveling the whole code of the Mall of Washington. Between the compass hinge and the points is the Rose Line of America at the Mall. Further research is being done on the family portrait. However, this cursory review has shown that Washington was trying to pass on the key to good government to descendants who learned the architect's trade.  By architect he meant spiritual and rational wisdom joined together in the enterprise. The Masonic Compass defined by Pennsylvania Avenue and Maryland Avenue is the measure of man. The stars of Spica and Arcturus forming an angle with Regulus just past the Lincoln Memorial says that the Spica-Regulus line is the Creator's Compass of righteousness and that Arcturus is the rock in the garden of the righteous who accept the will of the Creator.

All of these symbols of the heavens and the ancient scriptures do not reflect a single theology. Rather they demonstrate the religious democracy that was Ancient Egypt. The founders knew the importance of religious guidance and they recognized the need to act with personal guidance. The Rose Line at the Washington Mall shows the measure of a man is the measure of the Creator. It says, "In God we trust." In this way, George Washington threw a silver dollar across the Potomac. The Great Seal of the United States of America is engraved in the streets of the Federal City that carries his name.

July 4, 1776, the last sunrise before the Heliacal Rising of Alnitak
as it transcended 33 degrees from the Sun and a Forefather Spirit.
  Horizon Rise Times


Rise: 4:47 AM on 7/4/1776 Azm: 59°17'38"  Alt: -00°49'53" 7/4/1776 4:47 AM


Rise: 04:49  Transit: 10:45  Set: 16:40 Azm: 91°54'28"  Alt: -00°56'38" 7/4/`776 4:49 AM
From Sun:    Angular separation: 32°37'02" 

32.62 degrees

00:02 After Sun
  Horizon Rise Times
Sun Rise: 4:48 AM on 7/5/1776 Azm: 59°25'28"  Alt: -00°49'53" 7/5/1776 4:48 AM
Alnitak Rise: 04:46  Transit: 10:41  Set: 16:36 Azm: 92°36'54"  Alt: -00°04'04" 7/5/1776 4:46 AM
From Sun:    Angular separation: 33°12'18" 

33.21 degrees

00:02 Before Sun
Unknown Soldiers are Honored with the Sunrise and 33° Status

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G. [sic] Schussele. "Washington And His Family." Philadelphia: Bradley & Co., 1884
George Washington Family Portrait Print by Savage

Columbia at the Funeral Pyre at Baqubah, July 7, 2002 6:15 pm


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