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This page is a temporary page for those who have an interest in the Turning of the Age of Pisces. It is the remnant of the very large celestial research web site which was available between November 1997 and May 2004 and was restored as an archive site in October 2006. The research was focused on the interpretation of the human mind before the advent of writing. The results of the research can only be described as "astounding beyond comprehension."

The intelligent human condition has witnessed many events over the last 50,000 years. But, no event came close in its effect on the annals of human history like the encounters with the stars. On the surface this should be an obvious result of the vast distances in space compared to the humble planet we occupy. Yet, as we dig into the ancient mind we find more evidence of their existence in the present than we ever could have imagined. All of our collective unconscious and the paradigms of civilization are still resident and active in the modern mind of man. The ancients understood how to overcome physical death. They understood how to accomplish the feat of Eternal Life for tens of thousands of years before the invention of writing. It is the understanding of the "chief of the ways of God" that they memorialized in their monumental architecture.

Without the written word they drew pictures on the ground of the patterns of stars in the heavens. As time passed in the measure of millennia it became apparent that the souls of the architects of the monuments did not perish from the face of the Earth. This result became so intriguing that writing was invented so that the greatest messages of the monuments could be carried in a sack of scrolls. Through the Written Word mankind could approach the stars within a matter of a few years of study of the Word of God. The great Age of Aries became the Biblical Age as many books of man came to the planet from the asterisms that were the Word of God. This was the age of the Classical Civilization of Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, and at the End Times, Rome.

Knowing that the great scriptures of mankind are "Star Stories" has been well known since the stories were projected back to the heavens for children to find and use as beacons of the ages. However, the Written Word represented a treacherous short cut to the Kingdom of Heaven. With the Written Word many a righteous man has wandered into spaces with no experience of what forces lay within the unconscious mind that dwelled therein. In the darkness of rational knowledge for which no experiential wisdom existed within the physical organism, many a righteous man contended with the Creator and told the Creator how creation should unfold. It was on the Chariot of these Phaetons that the heavens lost their primordial grace. The stories in the stars then began to speak of the fall of the Son of Man, and the eventual resurrection of the Son of God for these Phaetons had given Heavenly Fire to humble youths. Never having experienced the burning power of Heavenly Fire the arrogant youths flew too close to Great Enlightenment, and there the wax on their wings caused them to fall in disgrace.

These were the conditions at the Dawn of Pisces when the Classical Civilization gave way to a Generation of Vipers. The great celestial viziers knew that all the heavens would have to be erased to protect them from the graffiti of arrogant youth. Yet, in their great wisdom the viziers knew that the Word of God written across the wall of the heavens would have to be preserved or all the Souls of Mother Earth would be lost. So, they encoded the heavens within the great scriptures of the End Times, and warned of the coming of Nibiru and many other cohorts of angelic dreams and demonic emotions. They prophesied that the heavens would speak when it was time for arrogant youth to hear the Fables of the Ancients. They called it the Moment of the First Occasion and the sacred time is now at hand.

From the Gulf War of 1991 until the second transit of Venus in 2012 the heavens have prepared a message to verify the prophesy of the ancient viziers. The old web site had tapped into the code of the ancients and it was revealed on the web site that the moment of the Alpha-Omega was at hand based upon the correspondences of the monumental records of the ancients and the imperishable stars. During the year from September 2003 to September 2004 the heavens opened up and revealed that the ancient legends were not mythical stories told by ancient viziers. The message revealed in essays and images by the heavens is unmistakably a return to Earth of the Lord of All. Comets, asteroids, Kupier Belt Objects, planets, and meteorites all got together to prove that the universe is under the Absolute Control of an Omniscient Cosmic Mind. At the same time, the Omniscient Cosmic Mind said, "Do not speak of such visions until the time for the Rapture has passed. When the Son of Man has risen again, then the Fables of the Ancients must be revealed to make way for the Son of God." With that command, was removed from public access to random browsers to protect the innocent children whose dreams would become demonic by virtue of premature judgments gone awry. The removal was a very reluctant action by the author, but there was no choice given, for to do otherwise meant certain depravation on the order of Job and Jonah.

The Earth is about to move into the period of Rapture, but the innocent must be protected, lest the Rapture turn to Pride and then into Despair. As such, the following links are provided to any reader who is curious regarding the "Proof of the Fables of the Ancients." Additionally, the old  web site will be made available to any who want to witness the completed process of the passage through the End Times. When enough valid requests are received, a CD will be published and mailed to those who request a copy. (See The End Times Letter for the result.)

The worth of the CD cannot be placed in dollars and cents because at least 30,000 years have passed since the records were first logged in the ancient monuments, and there is no way to tell who will accept the Cosmic Truth, and who will reject it. But, one fact cannot be doubted. September 11, 2001 represents a Doomsday of such magnitude that it can safely be said no such day has ever occurred before. If the world does not heed the Fables of the Ancients between now and the transit of Venus on June 5, 2012 at sunset in Teotihuacan, then there will be no need to read the Fables of the Ancients ever again. All the monuments that were designed to secure the way through the Valley of Death will have been for naught. When the central message of the monuments is fully understood, then Muslim and Christian, Jew and Pagan, will stand before the Lord of All and each will understand what was lost at the Tower of Babel that was Western Civilization's first clarion call. With this understanding it will be clear that all human souls have the right and the means for salvation regardless of what form of righteousness is held as their sacred paradigm. The War in Iraq will become a completion if the Journeys of Jonah, Job, Jesus, Quetzalcoatl, and every Messiah of Man, and Western Civilization will be saved from the War in the Heavens.

The following information reveals the coming of the Alpha-Omega in 2004 AD.

The Prophecy of Nefer-rohu
Egyptian prophetic vision of the coming Exodus at the end of the Age of Taurus

Is Nibiru Planet Christ?
(html essay on the beginning and end times of the Age of Pisces)

(2.1 mb MS Word Document published at the University of Virginia in 1998)

Mandala of the Denderah Zodiac.pdf
(5 mb PDF Document illustrating the icons of the Denderah Zodiac and the meaning of the Mandala)

The Nibiru Event, Comet 2004 F4 Bradfield

(11.2 mb Quicktime Movie showing the resurrection of the Messianic Spirit)
{Allow sufficient time for download

The Conception of Horus at the Phallus of Osiris

(7.4 mb Quicktime Movie showing the actual moment of the conception of the New Age)
Conception Chart Constructions Details 0.6mb     C2002 V1 NEAT FlyBy NASA LASCO C3 Reference Images 1.2mb


A Swarm of Comets Heralds the Return of Sebek (Uranus) to Hapi (Aquarius) at the Conception of a New Cosmic Age
Out of the Abyss an Eye of the Sun Declares the Birth of Ra (72 mb Quicktime Movie 551x458 pixels)  
Aquarius&Father&Sun.mp4 (8 mb low res 320x240 pixels)
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The work performed and documented in began in November 1997 with the goal to identify the place where mortal man becomes God. May 2004 brought the final analysis of the results of research that had restored all the ancient Egyptian constellations, save one. A swarm of comets that had come during the same time span were then analyzed in the same manner that the ancients prescribed. The result was that the Ben-ben of Egypt was unveiled and the wellspring of the God of Egypt was laid open for all to see. I had stretched the cord with Seshat and my name became Neb-Maat-Ra; Golden-Truth-Creator.

To show that the sky can talk, a QuickTime movie was created. The movie was 300 mb, and its length demonstrated the Egyptian problem. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a movie of a thousand pictures could not be placed in a book. Cosmic Wisdom has no bounds. An initiate begins in an Abyss and struggles to keep from being swamped by the grandeur of The All.

The Egyptians clearly presented the way of a Creator in the self enlightenment of Ra in the primal abyss. This self stimulating act produced the man-child called Shu, whose element is air and whose spirit is rational identity. But, unsatisfied with the loss of balance caused by rational creation, Ra spewed Tefnut from his mouth and the waters of emotion were thus created as a woman-child. And woe was her addition to man, for rational beings comprehend not the chaos of their emotions. Then, as offspring are prone to do, Shu and Tefnut ran off with the Eye of Ra and accomplished the sacred act of the genesis of righteousness and brought forth the inspiration of Nut, and the submission of Geb. This concluded the first third of the process of creation as the Almighty Universal Being takes form. But, the treachery in self creation is in form not function. The process of the first generation is that of restoring parents and grand parents. In the Great Primordial Abyss, it is the ancestors who are lost. The children toy with themselves only to come to realize that they duplicate their ancestors, first genetically, and then habitually. Creation is the process of becoming cognizant of the Primordial Light that was hidden in darkness behind the veil of ignorance. We are not born ignorant. We are born with weakness of recall and cognition empowered by the genetic sentiment to survive. As we create cognition of self, we duplicate our ancestors and that is how Ra gave birth to his father and mother, Shu and Tefnut. It is also how Shu and Tefnut gave birth to Nut and Geb.

The five primordial spirits are again brought from Nut and Geb as Osiris, Hours the Elder, Seth, Isis, and Nephthys. However, in this generation of adolescence, cognition is inactive, and Horus the Elder simply watches without meaning. It is not until the Man of Inspiration is sent down a stream of consciousness for the sake of ego rationalization that this generation responds to Seth's death dealing act on Osiris. In her search for her lost brother and consort, Isis demonstrates the life giving spirit of sentiment. When she finds her lost consort, she becomes with child by him posthumously, which is always the way of sentimental journeys. The strength of her sentiment gives life to cognition as Horus, the son of Isis and Osiris. This Horus, though never with a woman in a carnal way, had four sons. These four sons are the missing ingredients of every form of cognition prior to arising from the abyss. They are the same spirits of Shu, Tefnut, Nut, and Geb, but they are carnal, and thus, they represent the Re-Incarnation, as it was in the beginning when the Creator conjured existence at the place of the Moment of the First Occasion. That place is identified as the star field of Cetus, where the presence of the Eye of Ra can be established by the tears at the Wailing Wall. Those tears are the Nazarenes of Pisces and the Reeds of Egypt where the Vernal Sun begins to rise.

The five entities make up the five apexes of the Ben-ben and the soul of all creation. The last Egyptian constellation that was discovered was that of the Abyss the Greeks called Cetus. This is the Reed Sea and asterisms of two fishes bound by a knot, the modern Pisces, revealed the key to a Creator's Accomplishment. Belief in the soul of the self is that power. Creativity does not cause action ex nihilo for the simplest of all reasons. That which was, is and ever shall be. Creation is the process by which cognition rationalizes order in a flood of emotions that finds the ideal place in which to cause a mundane entity. But, if the flood is void of faith, then the Gordian Knot, which is the restraint to creation, binds the uncreated self into a bondage to self identity called ego compassion. The only way off the voyage of any ego trip is to go on a sentimental journey. The proof that Man can be God is revealed in the story of the Nazarenes and the monsters that lurk within the Sea of Reeds. When a seeker finds the tears in the Sea of reeds the seeker will understand that creators do not cry themselves into oblivion. Rather, they play at the game of living a dream and find a self they had never known.

When this revelation came, this writer knew one undeniable fact. Creativity cannot be taught. Creativity can only be passed on through the Ka of the soul as the material accomplishment gives faith to those seekers who should follow. We do not learn any other way, but by example. All learning that provides no example is simply an ego trip to perdition. Such trips produce but do not reproduce. And, as it was stated at the beginning, creation is not a process produced ex nihilo. As such, a productive man simply reproduces the path of ancestors, and that path reproduces the path of the Primordial Cognition when a Cosmic Creator said, "I Am." From that instant onward, no mortal has ever lived alone. And, since it is impossible for a mortal to live alone, the Original Intent was that called sentiment. The Creator did what was done, not for the sake of the mortal, but for the sake of the Immortal. It is in this sentiment, and this sentiment alone, that the adze of Egypt restores the voice of Osiris to any mortal man who can see that Mortality is the state of Man being God. The empty heart that knows not the essence of the self, knows that is knows not God. But, every heart that has accepted the sentiment of being is no less a being than Almighty God. In the Beginning, Now, and until Forever, all Mortals are God. The only ingredient missing is the tears left behind in a Sea of Reeds where the whole idea has its beginning. That is the well of sentiment which our ancestors have guided us toward.

The difference between and is that the former was the Net of Neith when found turned and exasperation and tempestuous wondering into a tranquil sea filled with awe. And what is awe if not the sentiment that say, "God, I can't believe it, you loved me!" Rational words do not express the awe of creation. In fact, rational words drive all men inspired by Heaven's Grace to fall from the very thing they seek to bind. That which we seek to bind is the Love of God to our mortal soul. But, God is immortal. As a result, the only way we can bind God to our mortal soul is to accept that we are no different than God, for God had a beginning in all mortal enterprises, and that is where God is today, in the mortal enterprise of inspiring awe into beings yet unborn. Aquarius hold the reeds that bind the individual to the precession of the Vernal Sun, and only when we acknowledge the compassionof the "I Know" will we get beyond the Reed Sea on the Love Boat of Ra.

The Eye of Siloam transcends the Death of Osiris and Birth of Horus

(5.2 mb Quicktime Movie revealing the Fish that consumed the phallus of Osiris
the Sea of Reeds Nest of Horus at the opening of the Eye of Siloam)

Cutting the Gordian Knot
Escaping Bondage in the Sea of Reeds


Khufu is Father Time
The Nine Faces of Khufu's Clock
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